This is one of the smartest books of the decade!

This is one of the smartest books of the decade! It is thoughtful, entertaining and enlightening. Written by an investment industry “insider”, the author reveals industry weaknesses and hidden secrets,-notably how they pile on fee after fee, effectively lowering investor’s returns by up to 80%. I can warmly recommend this book to any person interested in improving the return on his or her investment portfolio performance. Kneisley’s thoughts are in line with academic research.

What might the long-term impact of having gambling casinos in Toledo look like?

What might the long-term impact of having gambling casinos in Toledo look like?

April 15th tax day tea party in Toledo - Updated

Taxed Enough Already!?

Tea party on April 15th in Toledo at International Park.

Confirmed speakers:

Bob Latta

Kevin Coughlin

Fred Lefebvre will be host


International Park
26 Main St.
Toledo, Ohio
Located directly across the river from
Promenade Park.

Wood County Perrysberg Tea Party

Perrysburg Ohio Tax Day T.E.A Party

City: Perrysburg
When: April 15, 7-8pm
Where: Hood Park- Louisiana and Front

Learn more at:

Would Popular Protest Get Carty to Resign?

If we really believe that Carty is the problem with Toledo, then why have there been no mass protests? Eastern European nations faced the guns of their police and armed forces to protest their governments, and get them removed. Perhaps it is time that thousands of Toledoans took to the streets, and protested the lethargic response to governing from the 22nd floor of Government Center. Will we wait while TBT glacially moves to solve this problem, or gather to protest the governance of this city?

Fires Fires Fires!!!!

Has anyone noticed all the Arson fires through out the city? Every night a vacant house goes up in flames. I find this just a little curious, especially at a time when safety forces could be reduced. I would be curious to know if last year at this time how many vacant house fires there have been. Very interesting........

Council Playing It Close To Vest On Contract Proposal

Rather than rely on TV soundbites I spoke with more than half the council members today about Tuesday's meetings. All said they either were undecided, or unwilling to go on record with their vote until it actually comes before council. My sense in speaking with each of them is that none favors the contract proposal the mayor wants, but will wait to see if something happens before they have to vote on it that will change the situation.
Only one said he actually is urging his fellow councilpeople to vote against it, even though he himself said he was undecided.. Kind of odd I think.

BLATANT MEDIA ALERT! Wagner Confirms More Cops To Retire On WSPD

Dan Wagner of the TPPA says more officers will be leaving before Monday and many will wait to see what council does on Tuesday. Wagner says possibly 30-40 by Tuesday. He also regrets the support given to Finkbeiner when the mayor was running for reelection,but defends the choice based on Finkbeiner's opponent at the time, Ford.
Full interview is now podcast in case you missed it at

The Mortgage Equity-Equalization Program - Tax breaks for lost value

An interesting idea.
“Finally... A Solution that Helps Main Street”

End Foreclosures.
Empower Individual Homeowners.
Turn “Toxic” Assets Into Valued Assets.

"The Mortgage Equity-Equalization Program"

West Islip, NY – A bold new program to end the mortgage foreclosure crisis was announced today. The “Mortgage Equity-Equalization Program” will end the foreclosure crisis by giving individual homeowners “credits” that are equal to the lost value of their real estate.

Marcy Kaptur home this weekend, should she be?

Stopped at Sofo Foods on Monroe St. this evening, and as we got to the register, the wife says to me "I think that was Marcy Kaptur two people in front of us". Lucky for Marcy, I wasn't paying attention, but sure enough, I see a Ford Five Hundred sedan with the plate MCK 9 backing out of a parking space.

I wish I'd realized it was her. I doubt she gets to talk very often with an actual constituent who hadn't been cleared by her staff. I would have loved to share my opinion on the "Porkulus" bill, though I doubt it would change her mind.

All in Fun!

A friend forwarded this to me today. The note says it is an authentic e-mail sent to Sen. Tom Harkin. I'm not so sure. Thought I'd share--

The Honorable Tom Harkin
731 Hart Senate Office Building
Phone (202) 224 3254
Washington DC, 20510

Dear Senator Harkin,

As a native Iowan and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you.

Privatization vs. Automation of Trash Pickup

This link,, to a report in the Toledo Blade mentions two possible options. Privatization which would save $3.6 million, and “a second option, which would save nearly $3 million a year, is to spend $12.2 million to buy 40 new automated refuse trucks and continue with city workers collecting trash and recyclables “. I prefer the first option, but I wonder if we should keep the trucks, and lease them to the private sector (in case we find out that it is not working).

Trash fee is now a tax

Are`we`surprised? No, but since it is now a tax, we can now say those on council who supported it, voted to raise taxes.


Toledo Young Republican Club Shovels Snow to Help People Impacted by Conveyance Fee Increase

*** NEWS RELEASE*** Stop by and join us!

TOLEDO, OH — The Toledo Young Republican Club will hand out flyers Saturday, December 20 letting residents with homes for sale know that the Club will shovel snow at their properties to offset the recent increase in Lucas County’s real estate conveyance fee.

Pete Gerken raises taxes again - to support pet LCIC

Only Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon Wozniak Jingle Heimer Schmidt et al. can somehow think that taking money out of the working class' pockets when they sell a house can be a plus. Here's hoping that their name will be next to the fee when you go to closing so everyone knows who to thank. With the sorry state this area is in, especially in housing stock, this is one of the most dumbest decisions I have seen although it is not a surprise.

If you got religion, pray.

The latest news about The One via that paragon of even handed news treatment, the NY Times: Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale

And Charity For All

The Republican Party had overwhelming won elections in both houses of Congress in November, 2010. President Obama had failed to route the Great Recession (no one talked about Depressions anymore, but everyone snickered about this euphemism). General Motors had “married” Chrysler, and had failed to market the electric Jeep properly (or perhaps the American people said one thing when they meant something else). The Chyrsler-GM brand was no more.

Troy Neff Show: Forget death, let's talk taxes

They say only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. WCWA 1230-AM morning radio host and financial planner talks about the latter in this edition of FOX Toledo Rant and Rave.

Check out more interviews

Send your T-mails to

The Walking Cure: Read my column: No new taxes

As I contemplated the election, a couple of things were disappointing. I have a question for you people, what damn taxes don’t you like? Is there a tax you don’t like? If there was a tax that could be increased, you people did it. What the hell were you thinking? Where’s the money going to come from with more people losing their jobs every week?

Real growth not government sponsored wealth transfers

I am under the weather right now but given the time sensitive nature of this, I wanted to post the latest Toledo YR e-mail:
December 2008A Public Hearing December 2, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Hearing Room, One Government Center.


This week Toledo YR Club President, Jeff Simpson and
Club member, Mark Kidman will speak out against the
proposed real estate conveyance fee increase at a public
hearing in front of the county commissioners.

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