Would you Vote for A NO Means NO Law ? On Taxes or a Tax Levy ?

Yes, if voted down could not be ANY levy for 2 years.
77% (27 votes)
23% (8 votes)
Total votes: 35

McNamara proposes a Recycling bank...and a higher trash tax

Council president Joe McNamara proopsed increasing the trash fee and partnering with Recycle Bank.

The proposal would reward us in points for every pound recycled. These points would be awarded in the form of gift certificates or vouchers that we can exchange for product.

According to 13-ABC News, the regional sales manager of Recycle Bank. said "The average recycler will earn $240 a year in savings. Our maximum recyclers are earning about $540 a year in savings."

Oregon School Board Wants Levy AGAIN ! What !

The Oregon School Board wants to put the levy back on Again! Don't they understand that No means NO ? It was defeated by over 77%. 77% said NO! And of the yes votes many of those were teachers and other school workers.

School Board Web Site:
Call them all and voice your NO!

Marcy Just Plain SUCKS !

Marcy just plain sucks. She will look you in the face and just tell you what you want to hear. And still just do what she wants to do. No matter how we feel about it. I thought they were to represent us. Not just vote the way they want. It's all just a big pile XXXX - admin edit.

I Voted.

I just got back from Voting. I Voted NO. No on the Oregon Property TAX Levy! I just wish that there was a HELL-NO button!

Cash For Clunkers

According to Chuck Shumer the Cash For Clunkers program is a "success". Here's raw video of what a huge success it is. These cars will be destroyed because the govt. says they need to go.

Moody And Right Wing Propogandist Force Agenda On Listeners Monday On WSPD

Monday Moody, 7:30 on WSPD listen and you may learn.

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill in Congress

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill being fast-tracked by Congress.

Take note of number 50 and number 65!!

Right Wing Propaganda Thursday With Martinez And Lopez On WSPD

The right wing onslaught continues on Thursday when Adam Martinez, Democrat candidate for council visits to talk about his non partisan effort to defeat the Nine Is Fine proposal. I will try to spin it so it looks like Martinez is being controlled by Dick Cheney.

Kaptur's pork makes Drudge

The pork Kaptur added to the climate change bill which no one was allowed to read totals 3.5 billion.

Because of the price tag of this bill alone is essentially guaranteeing it won't pass the Senate but it's important to note it will essentially end up a tax.

However, with all the talk of unneeded pork in the struggling economy our esteemed representative added in 3.5 billion for environmental projects in Ohio and "other midwestern states".

Ohio BMV stamps 1 million new plates, decides NOT to issue

Okay, so the Strickland administration decided Ohio needed a new look for our license plates. A basic design was created, Mrs. Taxin' Ted made some changes, and the design was finalized. Apparently the Ohio BMV created over 1 MILLION sets of plates, because we were going to go through a mandatory "replate". Personally I think this was a good idea, because many older plates are no longer reflective, rusty, and illegible. Most states do have some kind of mandatory replating after 5 to 10 years.


I feel bad for the young people who voted for Obama. Because of all of his and his Dem congress' spending they have a dismal economic future...much more than th

Monclova and TARTA bruhaha

Monclova says "No", Tarta says "Yo". See both here.
On May 11, Monclova Twp. officials sent a letter to Toledo and the nine community members of TARTA asking them to oppose a reported countywide sales tax to support the transportation system. Monclova Twp. trustees voted 3-0 to oppose the tax on May 4. That resolution and the letter to TARTA community members are posted at .
Read more:

TARTA's response:

The Economic Impact of Federal Spending on State Economic Performance: An Ohio Perspective

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions recently released "The Economic Impact of Federal Spending on State Economic Performance: An Ohio Perspective." This study illustrates the damaging effects higher federal spending has on the nation's economy and estimates that an additional 91,000 jobs could be lost in Ohio as a result of the federal "stimulus" bill.

Ohio Hospitals Cannot Afford New Taxes

With Ohio’s unemployment nearing 10 percent, and Lucas County specifically nearing 12 percent, state legislators cannot afford to worsen the financial burden of Ohio’s citizens and businesses. As elected representative of the 46th Ohio House District, I will represent your views earnestly and support policies that will incite Ohio’s economic recovery.

Blatant Media Alert- Ty Daniels With Fred Wednesday On WSPD

The latest candidate for council at large seat, Ty Daniels, will join me on Wednesday morning. I will pepper him with right wing extremist questions while telling you about my favorite restaurants (star diner, carrabba's) where to buy flowers ( and filling you in with traffic, weather, and the mayor's latest idea for Southwyk- horses.
Plus the latest on the dead horse that is the Erie Street Market. We are now being sued by the local unions, and it appears the mayor may have struck another secret deal with Rob Croak and Moussa Salhouk to run the ESM.

Blatant Media Alert-State Auditor Mary Taylor With Fred Tuesday Morning

State Auditor Mary Taylor visits Tuesday at 7:30 to talk about the State of Ohio budget which is now in the Senate.
Taylor also will talk about a recent audit of the Medicaid program in the state and her report which shows how we could save $122.2 million. The state reps refused to include the savings in the budget passed on to the senate.
Taylor also has some strong thoughts on the huge deficit we will be facing in three years because of Strikland's spending this year.

The U.S. Tax System Is Not as Progressive as You Think


Interesting stat--

"The total federal, state and local effective tax rate for the richest one percent of
Americans (30.9 percent) is only slightly higher than the average effective tax rate for
the remaining 99 percent of Americans (29.4 percent)."

Raising Fears, Raising Taxes: Let's raise hell

I posted this at, the other day> I've not ventured into the Swamp much lately, so I decided to try this blog feature and cross--post here.

When Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday was criticized for witholding the run-down of Police Department layoffs, he explained, “The last thing that I think that anybody responsible should do in the city of Toledo is raise the fears of our citizens.”

So, why was fear the first thing that he, Toledo City Council, and the Toledo Blade turned to when the 3/4% income tax was up for renewal in 2008?

From a Feb 25, 2008 Toledo Blade newstory:


UT College Republicans To Host FairTax Information Session

Toledo, OH, 4/19/09 -- On April 28, the University of Toledo College Republicans will be hosting an informational presentation on the proposed FairTax bill. A representative from the Ohio FairTax Association will discuss the issues and inefficiencies with the current
tax code and the positive solutions that the association feels the FairTax could provide. Admission to the event is free and will be held in the University's Student Union room 2591 beginning at 7:00 pm.

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