Pretty Boy Bam Bam's Highly Anticipated Amateur Boxing Debut June 11th 2011


++Pretty Boy BAm Bam Vs. Rubin The Hurricane++

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Bang ‘Em or Hang ‘Em Boxing Gym, Ron Rightnowar Promotions & Team Bam Bam are proud to announce that Wayne Lawrence Jr. better known to the world as Pretty Boy Bam Bam has officially set his highly anticipated amateur boxing debut.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam will fight Rubin The Hurricane next Saturday

DATE: Saturday, June 11th 2011

LOCATION: Central Catholic High School located at 2550 Cherry Street in Toledo, OH 43608.

Girardi & Keese's Thomas Girardi Viva Voce Propaganda for Convicted Felon Barry Bonds

Toledo City Council Wisdom

According to Council President Wilma Brown- " I have a comment to tell you why I'm going to vote no on this. It's because the kids in the central city that would be going to Smith pool won't be able to go to some of the others because they are not welcome. We got quite a few complaints about our kids going to another pool. So if you can't find money for Smith pool I will be voting no."

Wolfman, is this guy any relation?

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, January 27, 2011

Don't play games with the Steelers ... logo.

That was the clear message in federal court Wednesday, when the team and the National Football League took aim at a local manufacturer of clothing featuring images that do a lot more than hint at the team's images and players.

Best Christmas gift of all time

Auburn #1, TCU #2: American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 50- Week 14

Auburn clear #1. TCU edges out Boise State for the #2 slot. Oregon at #4. Again, this is based solely on wins and losses and what a team does on the field- period. It’s not biased like the BCS is towards the power conferences. TCU’s strength of schedule is better than Oregon’s- period. Boise State’s SOS is significantly better than Oregon’s- period. Boise’s lone loss is to a 12 win Nevada team that destroyed Cal by 21 points earlier in the year.

Michigan State #5, Wisconsin #6, and Ohio State #7.

Pts. Rnk Lst Wk
6.68 1 1 Auburn (13-0)

Who wins the big game?


Lions win!

The Cowboys will fall off their horses today. Count on it. It's a lock. Place your bets early. Detroit will roar in Dallas today. Behold the beginning of a win streak that will carry our Lions into the playoffs.


Mark the date. This is the day the Wolverines restore themselves to glory. Badgers? C'mon. The Maize 'n Blue are gonna run circles around that big fat defense. Next up? Spanking the Ohio squad named after a tree nut. Humblest apologies for not making this a rant about taxes, fees, Democrats, or our communist president. But, hey, it college football Saturday. Go Blue!

Who wins the Series?


Marcy in left


See her chase down the fader and make the shoe-string catch? See her smack the double into left-center, knocking in two? Oh yeah, keep Marcy in Congress. Whoo hoo! Marcy and the Giants!

Marcy and the G-Men


Both are going to kick ass. So long, Nazi lovers.


Kinda drab on the old S.B. today. Must be the letdown of seeing the Yankees getting their asses kicked and tossed to the side of the road. I feel bad, too, because I wanted to see the Yanks make the Series and get pummeled by the Giants, who will win tonight. But I guess trillion zillion payroll doesn't win championships. Oh well, if the Giants have to kick the Rangers' ass, that will have to do. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Giants win

Whoo hoo! And all their players are members of the Republican Party. Whoo hoo!

Giants down!

Nobody here likes baseball, huh? So let me offer some other topics. Marcy is a communist, having been indoctrinated during her visit to Cuba, where she was bedded by Fidel, with multiple orgasms resulting. Rich, who has deep antipathy for eastern Europeans, is the grandson of an actual SS officer, one in charge of the extermination of thousands of baseball-loving Jews.

Giants up!


The G-men have taken the lead! Enjoy the game, everbody. Screw politics. It's baseball time!

Error at third

Sorry about the double post. I was trying to edit and hit the wrong button. And the sun got in my eyes. Honest, coach.



No, it's not a political action committee. The Giants looked today, didn't they? It'd be so nice to see them take the W.S.

The Most Outrageous Promo Ever For Fred's Show

The Rev. John C. Jones, Pres. of the Greater Toledo Urban League, will be my guest on Monday to talk about Toledo Public Schools. The GTUL has called for a complete audit of the school system and it's finances. Other groups have joined in this call and they are gettting some push back already from the board.
We'll also talk about the TPS report card, and a new report that many newly built schools are having problems already with A/C and leaking.

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