It's time to SERIOUSLY fund Schip and Road repairs. Now it's "legal"

Now that it is proven to be "legal" to tax people for purchases they DO NOT make, it's time to SERIOUSLY fund schip and roads.

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (Schip) is currently under funded because it only applies to taxes on the purchase of cigarettes. Those NON-smokers do not pay their "fair share" into schip and therefore MUST be taxed for not purchasing tobacco products.

Stikii: A Perfect Fit – Every Time!

Hello friends and fans! Are you interested in learning a bit about Stikii’s latest and greatest innovation? We’re pretty sure you are. One of the many new things that we have developed to make our customers shoe-wearing experience more enjoyable is the creation of the “Stikii Size Chart”. The piece is fun, vibrantly colored and serves a very practical and useful purpose!

If the Stikii shoes fit, your child might just become famous!

Is your kid special, does he or she like performing, modeling, singing or acting? Does your child like to be on camera or take pictures? Is your little one-not-so-little? Are they outgoing, easy to get along with, a natural leader? If they are NONE of those things, are they just plain CUTE AND ADORABLE? Would they like free Stikii shoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get your children involved with the Stikii Kids Club contest.

Who wins?

The Republican Party and Cannalbalism

H-I=L=A=R=I=O=U=S! Nothing and I mean Nothing has been more entertaining than watching the Republicans cannalbalize each other! Mitt bites off Newt's head, Rick "oops" Perry takes a leg off of the Donald and dines on that. Bachman takes a bite off of everybody cause she is just plain nuts! Hermain "999" Cain just disappeared, body missing! Everybody hates Ron Paul all of a sudden and bites his legs off from under him.
Sarah, oh Sarah where for art thou?

Sliding off the seat

Did Ohio's own Boehner, a well known frequenter of D.C. bars, show up drunk for the State of the Union address? Noticed how he slouched in the leather chair, could not sit up, and tried to clap whether it be Dems or Repubs leading the applause? I watched the speech, waiting for Sloop John B. try hard not to fall to the floor. Thankfully, the Speaker made it through the speech. When he wakes up, the lobbyists will be there to make coffee and stuff more cash into his pockets. Damn, I'm so happy the Republicans have control of the House again.

Where's the Toyota threads?

Just curious why we haven't seen a posting on Toyota's terrorist plot to kill Americans.

You wouldn't know it, but this isn't the first recall ever.

But I have a question - The federal government as well as GM are piling on. UAW is in on it too.

Is it because of the seriousness of the issue and GM wants Toyota's customers, or has this crossed the line into nationalism with shades of jingoism because Toyota is a foreign company?

Burnt Bridges: How The Blade Tried to Smoke Toledo's Pro-Public Smoking Group

The Newsmeister, George Tanber, will be shining a light on the Toledo Blade in a series of stories. The first story is a look on the Blade's actions on the smoking issue in 04.
TOLEDO, Ohio - During the week before the November, 2004 election, editors at The Blade met for their daily news meeting in the third-floor conference room at the newspaper's North Superior Street offices.

Supreme Court Upholds $79.5 Tobacco Award


The Supreme Court today dealt a blow to Philip Morris, saying it would not decide the cigarette-maker's challenge of a punitive damages award brought by the widow of a longtime smoker that now is worth nearly $150 million.

The court's decision, announced in a one-sentence order, was a surprising and anticlimactic ending to a case that has bounded back and forth through the judicial system for nearly a decade. When an Oregon jury awarded Mayola Williams nearly $80 million following the death of her husband Jesse, it was the largest award of its kind.

Tobacco tax increase expected to reduce smoking


how much would the taxes have to increase in order for smokers to quit? :)

WASHINGTON — For the estimated 20% of Americans who smoke cigarettes, the impact of a federal excise tax increase that takes effect Wednesday is already being felt.
Earlier this month the manufacturer of Marlboro, Parliament and Virginia Slims, Philip Morris USA, increased prices by 71 cents a pack, 9 cents more than the federal tax increase. The maker of Camel, Kool and Salem cigarettes, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, bumped wholesale prices up by 44 cents a pack and reduced discounting.

Smoking bans have a new powerful foe………labor unions

Clearing The Air: Smoking bans have a new powerful foe………labor unions

This time the special interest funded smoking ban activists (Nicoderm
marketing department) may have met their match.

Smoking Ban at Caterpillar Fires up Unions (story link)

Two unions have filed unfair labor practice charges against

Are the smoke nazis setting off fireworks?

One has to wonder. My neighborhood is filled with smoke from fireworks. I think this year is worse than before and has even made it into our house. Will the smoke nazis stand up and protect us innocents from secondhand fireworks smoke, which unlike smoking is actually illegal?

Eye on Toledo tonight: Senator Bill Seitz and your calls

Ohio Senator Bill Seitz will be on Eye on Toledo tonight to talk about the pro business smoking amendment - SB 346. It will be mosh pit Friday and you can call with what you want to hear or what concerns you. Call in at 419-240-1370 or 1-866-321-1370. Senator Seitz is one of my favorite Senators in the General Assembly.

Study: Restaurant tobacco bans influence teen smoking

BOSTON - A Massachusetts study suggests that restaurant smoking bans may play a big role in persuading teens not to become smokers. Youths who lived in towns with strict bans were 40 percent less likely to become regular smokers than those in communities with no bans or weak ones, the researchers reported in the May issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Illinois smoking ban tamps down puffing at pipe convention

ST CHARLES — There will be no indoor smoking at a large convention for pipe smokers in Illinois.

A new Illinois law bans smoking in public places. That's taken some of the steam out of this weekend's Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show in St. Charles.

Smoke gets in your eyes -- Ohio lawmakers want to close down anti-smoking agency

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House wants to shut down agency that has sued the state to keep its anti-smoking program going. more from the AP story and link to Blade's Sunday story on cost to enforce the ban

I'll be blowing smoke rings soon -- VERY SOON.

I'll beat Darkseid to it...

39 Whirlpool workers suspended over smoking lies

A Whirlpool Corp. factory in Evansville, Indiana, has suspended 39 workers who signed insurance paperwork claiming they don't use tobacco and then were seen smoking or chewing tobacco on company property. Now, some could be fired for lying, company spokeswoman Debby Castrale said.

Post-Smoking Ban, City Gains 10 Million Lbs


New York City residents are growing obese at a rate nearly three times that of other Americans, prompting some who cited a link between weight gain and smoking cessation to question whether the city's crackdown on smoking may have had an unexpected result.

Proposed Law Would Ban Outdoor Smoking

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio -- Some people in North Royalton are fuming over a proposed ban on outdoor smoking.

The proposed law would make it illegal to smoke in parks, fields, parking lots and outdoor seating areas.

Council members said the outdoor ban is in response to complaints about people smoking around children during youth sports games.

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