Blatant Media Alert-State Auditor Mary Taylor With Fred Tuesday Morning

State Auditor Mary Taylor visits Tuesday at 7:30 to talk about the State of Ohio budget which is now in the Senate.
Taylor also will talk about a recent audit of the Medicaid program in the state and her report which shows how we could save $122.2 million. The state reps refused to include the savings in the budget passed on to the senate.
Taylor also has some strong thoughts on the huge deficit we will be facing in three years because of Strikland's spending this year.

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Chris,     as I get older,  I follow the obituaries more and as I can.

  Is there any way  SB  or any blog site could get the obit stats  ?   It doesn't seem right that the  big newspaper gets all the obit info .

   Readership here would increase too. 

Support Wagoner and Sears

With November 4 just a day away, State Senator Mark Wagoner and State Rep. Barbara Sears are finishing their elections strong, eager to get back to Columbus and serve Northwest Ohio citizens. This effort has been recognized by local community members, such as Jan Lowe from Waterville via a letter-to-the-editor in the Maumee Mirror Newspaper:

"To the Editor:

Senate bailout bill keeps growing, pork-filled, over 450 pages so far

  I'm writing Voinovich and Brown -  vote no !

State senator sues God

State senator sues God
Lawmaker asks court to ban Almighty from 'harmful activities,' 'terroristic threats'
Posted: August 05, 2008
9:12 pm Eastern

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Panel calls for new war powers legislation

WASHINGTON - Former secretaries of state James Baker III and Warren Christopher say the next time the president goes to war, Congress should be required to say whether it agrees. The co-chairmen of a bipartisan study group have proposed legislation that would require the president to consult lawmakers before initiating combat lasting longer than a week, except in cases of emergencies.

Report: Rockefeller said Saddam's WMD's are serious threat


The Senate report pointed at Congress too. They also said we must take out Saddam.

The Senate committee gave a divided report.


During boom in crop prices, lawmakers harvest subsidies

With food prices soaring, it takes some gall to force Americans to pay billions of dollars to millionaire agribusinesses. Yet that's what the latest farm bill would do.

Troy Neff Show: Ohio State Senator Mark Wagoner

In an exclusive interview, Mark sheds some light on the Marc Dann sex scandal, if impeachment will happen, and the future for the Ohio Democratic Party.

Mark Wagoner

Check out more interviews @:

FISA Amendments Act of 2007

Both Clinton and Obama decided not to vote on this issue.

The Senate passed this intelligence bill that would revise U.S. surveillance laws and grant retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the government conduct warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens

Voinovich votes for torture

McCain also voting against banning it.

Congress on Wednesday moved to prohibit the CIA from using waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods on terror suspects, despite President Bush's threat to veto any measure that limits the agency's interrogation techniques....[more]

Voinovich votes for telcom amnesty. Weak on civil liberty...

The Senate on Tuesday approved new rules for government eavesdropping on phone calls and e-mails, giving the White House much of the latitude it wanted and granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies...[more]

New Senate minority leader has not filed a report since 2005

The new minority leader of the Ohio Senate, who assumes the role of chief fundraiser for the Democratic caucus, is facing legal questions about his own campaign's fundraising.

Voinovich hears pleas for federal aid on infrastructure projects

Mr. Voinovich met with government and economic development leaders from northwest Ohio yesterday for a single purpose: to gauge which of their infrastructure projects most deserve federal funding.

But during the meeting, Mr. Voinovich offered an array of anecdotes that fell on all sides of the political aisle, including his quasiprediction for the country's next commander in chief.

Senate Approves Resolution Denouncing Ad


Craig moves to retract his plea

Senator says anxiety clouded his judgment

MINNEAPOLIS -- U.S. Sen. Larry Craig filed court papers Monday seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in an airport sex sting, saying he entered the plea under stress caused by media inquiries into his sexuality.

Bird-dog the Candidates

Who's Talking?


First Hindu prayer said at U.S. Senate

"His prayer was briefly interrupted by three Christian protesters in the Senate gallery.

Here's an Idea

Tester aims for Senate transparency online

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Whether it's a visit to the gym, a meeting with the founder of the Montana Meth Project, or an interview with Wolf Blitzer, staff for freshman Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, post his entire schedule online each workday -- a Senate first.

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