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School Board

01/27/07 Board Retreat Citizen Report

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Tom Maher as a candidate for Super.

This is from a news story from my Local paper: "SCHOOL BOARD A BATTLEGROUND

The controversy over the dismissal of Indian River County School Superintendent Tom Maher in late 2005 continued through 2006 as a divided school board battled over school construction plans, personnel and school sites. This led to voters electing three new members in 2006."

TPS Superintendent Candidate has Controversial Past

Turns out that one of the finalists for the TPS Superintendent job has a history... links:

WSPD: Controversial Past for TPS Superintendent

WSFA: Purcell Resigns from Montgomery County Schools

WSFA: Purcell responds to criticism.

Barnett voted TPS board's president

The Toledo Board of Education unanimously agreed last night to elect Deborah Barnett as president, replacing Darlene Fisher, who held the office during 2006.

But that's where their agreement ended.

Though the five board members signed a pledge of unity near the start of the meeting to work together, they began the new year much the same way they operated last year: with rancor and disagreement.

Board travel account- does it matter?

The TPS Board recently voted to increase spending allowance for the service fund.

In the Toledo Blade today we find:

Ms. Fisher again cast the lone dissenting vote. She said $15,000 for a school year should be sufficient and each board member should be limited to $3,000.

Instead, she said, more than $7,000 has been spent on Mr. Sykes' travel since he was elected while she has spent none.

Toledo Public Schools

14% (1 vote)
29% (2 votes)
57% (4 votes)
Total votes: 7

Who is to blame for the Toledo Public School Board problems?

Deborah Barnett
0% (0 votes)
Darlene Fisher
27% (8 votes)
Steven Steel
0% (0 votes)
Larry Sykes
47% (14 votes)
Robert Torres
0% (0 votes)
None of the above
7% (2 votes)
All of the above
10% (3 votes)
The voters
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 30
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