School Board

School Board

Chris Myers to Announce Business Education Plan

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers, candidate for Toledo Public School Board, announces that he will hold a press conference to present his blueprint for business education initiatives for the Toledo school district.

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Time: 1:15 p.m.

Place: Kent Branch Library
3101 Collingwood Blvd.

TPS Board agrees to enter into contract with Harner

Originally posted 2/20 - The board voted 5-0 to enter into contract negotiations with Bill Harner. While there was not much public school board meeting tonight, it went long behind closed doors. Audio and video will be posted soon. I missed the first part of the meeting, but you will be able to see the video.

While Harner was selected, the process is not over yet. If you remember when Sanders came in, in Toledo and in Cleveland it was after the search process. Hopefully things will go well and they will hire him, but it won't surprise me if things get messed up.

The past repeats itself, over and over and over again

I use a web site to look up items related to Toledo, before I moved here. What I find stunning is the history and antics of our Mayor.

Like an actor with many credits listed in a biography we see the listing of his antics, how ever well intentioned at the time.

And I cannot help but wonder why does is he reelected.

Accomplishments or personality cult.

Detroit/More school closings...

More school closings ahead
Some ask: Why not cut once, stop bleeding now?

April 9, 2007



For the fourth year in a row, Detroit Public Schools has voted to close buildings despite a frenzy of protests from parents and community members.

Assaults in schools and Panic mongering at its' finest

After reading this little article I'm forced to were the survey respondents selected? Did the TFT pick and choose the responses that would paint the most bleak picture possible to justify their requests/demands for better pay and new school buildings. I'm sooooo confused.

TPS School Board Citizens Report

Tonight's meeting was not that exciting. Yes there was the normal fighting but no real issues came to the front. Yes there were the normal faces that can be expected at the board, but overall the board was not that bad, comparitively speaking. Some of the UT students there for credit for the classes were blown away by certain board member's behavior, I guess this shows how jaded I have become.

Ahem - Toledo? - welcome to your future....barring change

Plan to ax Detroit schools rejected
26 buildings spared for now, but future closings inevitable; 1,800 layoffs threatened.

This appears to be an example of the mind set of those at TPS

From the Toledo Journal story, TPS MOUs number 1,800 pages

Ms. Barnett said she also couldn't understand the newspaper's thinking. She said if The Journal believed there was a problem at TPS, it should wait until the board announced that it had a solution to the problem.

Lafe Tolliver Unplugged: Weeping and crying all night long have got to read this. Lafe Tolliver does not leave you guessing how he feels. Go Lafe!

Weeping and crying all night long


Chris Myers Declares Candidacy for Toledo Public Schools Board

Chris Myers Declares Candidacy for Toledo Public Schools Board

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers announces that he will hold a press conference to announce that he is a candidate for the Board of Education, Toledo Public Schools, for the election in November 2007.

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time: 1:15 p.m.

Place: One Government Center

What is going on with the negotiations with Harner?

Let me tell you a little tale that I hope does not come true.

New TPS boss may hit salary ceiling

From the story in the local daily:

David McClellan, president of the Toledo Association of Administrative Personnel, told The Blade that an agreement between the school system and its unions prohibits the board from paying Mr. Harner more than former superintendent Eugene Sanders until union members get a raise.

Harner has supporters in Greenville

From ... There is always more than one viewpoint.

Toledo is getting great superintendent The students and families of Toledo have every reason to celebrate the unanimous selection of their new superintendent, Dr. Bill Harner. I am thrilled that those board members have the judgment to recognize an excellent leader in their midst!


Safe schools? Apparently not yet - school shootings in Cleveland....

Safe schools? Apparently not yet
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eugene Sanders' soaring rhetoric about academic standards ran smack into real ity this week.

TPS Board struggles with confidentiality and Web sites at retreat

First I want to preface my report with I did not record the event. It was impossible to because the room was big, the air conditioning was turned up (loud) and there was no real good place to record. Also, below are summaries of what was said. I did not get all of the conversations and I could not hear every board member talk. I ended up getting there at 9:11.

Judge denies motion to dismiss

We thought we should bring you up to date on the Sunshine Complaint against the 3 for Children Coalition (Barnett, Steel & Sykes) by Steven Flagg on behalf of the Urban Coalition. On February 1, 2007 Judge James Jensen DENIED defendants' motion to dismiss the complaint filed June 28, 2006.

Sanders to the rescue - maybe not

For once we are starting to get the real story.

What you read in this article sure is reminiscent of the entire tenure of Sanders as superintendent for TPS. He has rolled out the same game plan in Cleveland. The big difference: news reporters that actually do investigative reporting and look at all sides of the issue.

School boards hard to contact

I saw a reference to this on I think it is great the Cinci Enquirer is doing this investigation and they are taking a stand on board being accessible to the public at meetings and virtually. These stories sound oh, so familiar.

For the Teachers

The Toledo Journal has an interesting article in this week's edition titled "For the Teachers" -

In the article there is information on the cost of the retroactive payment due teachers. The supporting documentation can be found at

I just rec'd this Press Release from the Concerned Citizens Group...




Date: Monday, February 05, 2007

Based on the:

01/30/07 School Board Report

OK here is the scoop from the meeting:

School Board Candidate Finalists:
1. John Foley
2. William Harner
3. Thomas Maher
4. Creg Williams

The board acted incredibly nice today. It was weird actually. Maybe this is a trend?

The board approved to extend the Union contracts another year.

The audio is on at

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