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School Board

TPS Failing to Comply with NCLB Federal Law

Toledo, Ohio. At his press conference today, Chris Myers, Republican candidate for Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, spoke regarding academic problems at Pickett and Fulton schools, NCLB and ORC laws, TPS

Myers campaign opens Second Life HQ and announces event

CONTACT: Chris Myers

chris at
Second Life Name: CAM Mu

TPS Candidate Chris Myers Announces Virtual Campaign Headquarters

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers, candidate for Toledo Public School Board, announces the immediate opening of a campaign headquarters in Second Life and a campaign meet-and-greet event in Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world.

Date: Monday, July 23, 2007

Time 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Place: Myers for School Board Campaign Headquarters
AV Business Suites on the Isles of Ituana in Second Life

Improving TPS's Budget Process Press Conference

You are all invited to attend:

Chris Myers for School Board * Citizens for Myers
1952 Talbot Street * Toledo OH 43613

MEDIA ALERT July 12, 2007

CONTACT: Chris Myers
chris at

Chris Myers Announces Plan to Improve TPS Budgeting Process

6/29/07 TPS Board Report

It was an interesting meeting. A fuller draft report will follow.

Get the audio at:

The Scoop:

TPS Budget

Another year another budget from TPS. The local daily carried an article today about the proposed budget.

Proposed TPS budget would trim 47 positions

Candidates interview for open Toledo Board of Education position

Four individuals interviewed today before the Toledo Board of Education to fill the remaining term of 7 months for a vacancy created by the resignation of Deborah Barnett who resigned effective May 25, 2007. The Board will meet again this coming Tuesday to vote on her replacement.

05/29/07 TPS Board Report

This board meeting was rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy long. Starting at 5:30 and ending at around 10:20. Those of you there, feel free to add your own comments or link to your resources.

The board narrowed down the interim candidate list. The finalists are:

1. Francis Dumbaya
2. Patricia Henry
3. Jack Ford
4. Lisa Sobecki
5. Richard Brown

Jack Ford among 10 applying for TPS board seat

Former Toledo Mayor Jack Ford was among 10 people who applied by today

Mayor calls for leaders to steer TPS

Apparently a group - not sure who all is included in this "brain trust" wants to recruit candidates for school board. The Mayor has said the group has come with a 3 point plan (no mention in the Blade about what that plan is).

I have to admit I agree with one statement made by the Mayor: "We want two people to serve 4 years with distinction."

Barnett Resigns!

I am stunned, but I don't know why! This just lets me go on believing that there is much to be ashamed of taking place with some of the board members!


7 local districts seek funding for operations, building needs
Anthony Wayne emergency levy described as 'critical'


Read the story here:

Blade Editorial: Bowing to mediocrity

"Every last member of this amateurish collection - all five of them - should resign. If they don't, they deserve the scorn of every public official in the area, including Mayor Carty Finkbeiner."

Mr. Foley may even have been the right person to serve as interim superintendent, offering a measure of stability while the school board tried for once to get something right.


The TPS Board went into executive session at a little past 8 AM today for about 1 hour. When they returned, Robert Torres made a motion to suspend the search until January 2008 (a new board would be installed at that time) but there was no second. The motion died.

Dad who lost son to undergo exam before trial starts
Article published Friday, April 20, 2007
Dad who lost son to undergo exam before trial starts

Ford: Time for Sykes to take a break

Toledo Public Schools needs to retool its negotiations with William Harner. We are at the point where the credibility of TPS is clearly on the line. And, as much as I admire the extensive work of Larry Sykes at LMHA, at TPS, at the Metroparks, it is past time for Sykes to take a break and catch up on some peace and quiet.

I know Sykes has the heart of a lion but enough is enough. Larry, you have meant more to the community in your cumulative effort than just about anyone else in the past 25 years. Your served the schools, on the city parks board, Metroparks, minority banking

STEVEN FLAGG disorted truth, Blade, TPS, and Harner

Mr. Flagg should be ashamed of himself for such
one-sidedness and is being a hypocrite.
He faulted a Toledo Blade reporter, Mr. Messina, for
paraphrasing, but after my own academic review of the
source material and the article on Saturday, I found
the highest level of unbiased journalism in the
Saturday morning article to which he referred in an
earlier post.
see it here:

Today, (Tuesday) Mr. Flagg sings the praises of Bob
Stiegel, of the Toledo Journal, for his reporting. But

This is what I call reporting!

In their own words - Bob Stiegel should be commended. I read all the emails as most of you have and this is an accurate reflection of what I read.

E-mails suggest intent to discourage Harner -

And here is another interesting story -

The TPS Board is starting over for the superintnedent search - no reconsideration of Dr. Harner

Looks like Dr. Harner is out of consideration and the school board is starting over.

Was it the residency requirement? We don't know b/c the "Executive Session" was private. Will we find out? Maybe...

Read the emails and make your own mind up - what really happened in the Harner negotiaions!

April 27, 2007 - Here is the correspondence received with regard to our open records request. The information is not in chronological order, but in the order received by us. Apparently this is a compilation from several sources. It would appear that Board Members Sykes, Barnett and Torres did not have any email correspondence to contribute.

Harner speaks out- Should the board reopen negotiations?

From the Blade - Would-be TPS leader said he didn't seek private tuition for daughter

"Mr. Harner also said: "The Harner family was truly excited about moving to Toledo, and I was expecting to have already been working in April

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