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Education, The Doorway to Life

Why is our public education system failing our students? Most of today's school children can barely read or write. They can't perform math problems without a calculator. It's pure and simple: today's children aren't coming out of school with an education.

Read more in Sojourner Truth paper:

Troy Neff Show: Interviewing TPS Applicants

Troy Neff Show: Interviewing TPS Applicants

Troy is interviewing TPS applicants. Interviews completed so far: Chris Myers, Cheryl Catlin, Jim Whiteman, Bob Vasquez, and Vince Hornik.

Check the interviews out at

Toledo Board of Education applicants - resumes and more!

At TPSINFO.COM we have the resumes of applicants for Toledo Board of Education. We believe one candidate should be excluded due to a conflict of interest issue - Angelita Cruz Bridges who is Director of Operations/General Counsel for the Lucas County Auditor

Bishop Stephen Ward's Security Measures For TPS

Tips to School Security for Toledo Public Schools

There was once a time when smoking in the boy's room was the infraction of the day. Those days are today's public school, officials must deal with violence, sexual harassment, statutory rape, drugs, weapons, gangs, bombs, shootings, computer hacking, theft, irate disgruntled parents and domestic violence.

Bishop Stephen Ward's Possible Remedy to TPS Issues

This is my (Bishop Stephen Ward's) remedy for some of the issues within TPS

Anti Violence/Drug Committee

Tax Levy and Your Home

I read this in an old metro press, interesting facts !

I am just a normal middle class person living in Oregon, Ohio. I have lived here for the past 17 years. Our family of four loves this community, but we, like many other families in Oregon and other areas I am sure, just cannot pay any more taxes. We may have to sell our home to move to an area with lower property taxes.

My application for the open TPS board position

Tonight I e-mailed my resume and cover letter to the Toledo Public School district for the opening on the board. I have attached it here for you to see if you want.

Will Chris Myers get Schooled?

The application process has started for TPS. Troy interviews Chris Myers about his qualifications for the job.

Listen to full interview:
Chris Myers Interview

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

Vote NO NO NO on the Oregon School Levy. Tell the School Board to fix the problem, Not Tax our Homes. Let them know that No means NO !

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!


There will be a special TPS board meeting tomorrow February 13, 2008 at 7:30 AM to discuss the procedure for filling the vacancy left by Robert Torres.

A retired TPS teacher speaks out!

Avie Dixon concludes her article , A Body Without a Head Is... in The Truth with a plea to the Toledo Board of Education:

To members of the Toledo Board of Education,

Is the Urban Coalition for or against the upcoming school levy?

15% (4 votes)
19% (5 votes)
noncoalition members for levy:
37% (10 votes)
noncoalition members against:
30% (8 votes)
Total votes: 27

Toledo Board of Education President Steven Steel - conflicted or not?

A lot has been said and written as to whether Steven Steel has a conflict of interest or not, well we did some research.

The Urban Coalition has investigated the situation including the definitions of a Conflict of Interest, Ohio Ethics Commission advisory opinions, the Ohio Revised Code, why public service unions such as the Toledo Federation of Teachers participate in selecting their “bosses” through election and much more.

And the walls came tumbling down

Steven Steel proves he does only work for those who donate to his campaign-namely TFT

I came across this blogger's recent conversation with Steven Steel. I do not know who this blogger is and I don't even think I have seen him at school functions, so this is a conversation with a normal citizen. Other than the shear rudeness of the conversation, I think it provides some insight into Steel's beliefs. I believe in a Blade, Journal or Free Press article, he continues to deny that those that help him, namely the TFT, have any special privilege. Well that is not what he tells the blogger Omar the Great:

Finance report trips up Canales and 3 others

The Lucas County Board of Elections refused to certify the November election of Lisa Canales to the Washington Local Board of Education because of problems with her amended 2005 campaign finance report.

"This could potentially be a huge problem for the Washington Local board," said John Borell, a Lucas County assistant prosecutor.

Toledo Free Press reports on Democrats failing to follow party bi-laws and possible laundering of money to candidates

If you did not hear on 1370 WSPD or on Fox 36, the Toledo Free Press will be tackling Lucas County Democrats who violate party bi-laws by contributing to non-endorsed democrats. Some of the questions that were asked were if the D's allow them to violate the contributions without sanctions, then the party is a party of men, not rules.

All of TPS' problems are solved, now they want to focus on how businesses do business

I can't believe I am reading this. The district has so many things challenging it (such as actually compiling with the law and working to fix the 54% of schools with a D or F ranking) and they want to collect diversity stats to check the diversity practices of the financial institutions? This type of ignoring the issues almost harkens back to trimming trees and other programs while the City sinks. I wonder who's harebrained idea this was?

On March 4, 2008 will you vote for or against the renewal of the TPS levy which provides TPS about $16 million for operations

TPS Levy in March

The Toledo Board of Education voted this morning (Thursday - 12/20) to place a renewal levy on the ballot. The levy will be a 6.5 mill renewal for a five year term (although we understand that there was discussion about a continuing term) that was last renewed in 2003.

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