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As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he

As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he called me names from his seat as president, I had been silenced when Larry Sykes was the president, and now that Steve Steel is president the rule is that if I ask a question the board members just look at me and don’t say a word. I guess this is some sort of intimidation tactic.

Toledo Board of Education approves fact finder report 4 to 1

The Toledo Board of Education voted 4 to 1 early this morning after 1.5 hours in executive session. Darlene Fisher stated she supported teachers and the economic settlement based upon assurances from the Treasurer that money was available and that the budget would remain balanced through the 2010 school year - the length of the contract is two years.

Troy Neff Show: Chris Myers & Lisa Sobecki discuss the fact-finder report

Troy and Chris chat about the TPS boards’ decision to vote on the fact-finder report Friday. On the other hand, Lisa is a little more reserved with her comments.

Are they just going to rubber stamp it just to avoid a strike during the school year, or for personal gain?

Chris Myers

Troy Neff Show: Steven Flagg wants to set record straight

Steven wanted to address the issues on a local blog about the fact-finder report. We have linked Friday and Monday interviews.

Steven Flagg: Monday Interview Part 1

Teachers approve fact-finder report, strike authorization

John Foley

Any thoughts on the interview with John Foley on the Toledo View?

Those that heard it, what are your thoughts????

Those that did not, you may go to the Toledo View to listen.

John Foley Interview

The interview link with John Foley has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may now log onto the Toledo View to hear the entire interview with Mr. Foley.

In the interview, TPS Superintendent, John Foley - Sets the record straight about TPS, Scott High School and much more!

To listen, log onto...


We have done an extensive study of The Toledo Plan and feel that it should be abolished as it is supposed to rid the school system of “bad” veteran teachers through evaluation, instead it is being used to rid the school system of first year teachers through peer mentoring. Its target, primarily, is the non traditional first year teacher.

Criminalizing Home Schoolers

Parents of the approximately 200,000 home-schooled children in California are reeling from the possibility that they may have to shutter their classrooms — and go back to school themselves — if they want to continue teaching their own kids.

Read More Here:,8599,1720697,00.html

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

So why did the board take time to do interviews ? Its seems they had their person pre-picked , and they sure don't listen to the voters' selection. I emailed all the board members, and didn't get the courtesy of even a reply from any of them.

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

Posted: Friday, March 07, 2008 at 8:24 a.m.

Police: Teen fatally shot self in front of some 150 students

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- Classes at a Mobile, Alabama, high school will go on Friday after a student shot and killed himself in front of about 150 classmates during a school assembly.

You may read more here:

Toledo Public School board appointment interviews - No public decision tonight, maybe Friday

Here are the board appointment interviews. The audio is in raw unedited WMA format and goes about 3.5 hrs. I am releasing the audio from copyright, feel free to use it as you want. It would be nice to credit, but it is not mandatory. The starts out with the first candidate and ends with the last one. There are a few 10 minute breaks in between.

Vote Tomarrow and VOTE NO !

Vote NO on ALL Tax Issues !

Vote NO on the Oregon School Property Tax !


Remember Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!

TPS Tax Renewal For The Purpose Of Current Expenses..Will The Levy Pass?

49% (21 votes)
51% (22 votes)
Total votes: 43

Get Out The VOTE !

Get Everyone you can to go Vote next Tewsday! We need as many NO Votes On ALL Tax Issues as we can get. So call your family, friends and co-workers. Get them out to Vote NO. Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!

Abduction investigation caused by TPS student release

A Toledo elementary school secretary is now on suspension after the school district said she released a nine-year old student into improper care, triggering a two-hour abduction investigation.
The incident took place at Fulton Elementary on Melrose Wednesday.

Read more here:

Public Education, Or Lack The Lack Of It?

It is a shame. It is an absolute shame that we have allowed the Public Schools, the most precious gift of human kind in the world to be virtually destroyed. We have allowed this institution which was built upon the proposition, that everybody should have an excellent education, to be destroyed!

What is the real financial condition of TPS?

Just posted at TPSINFO.COM: February 28, 2008 - Just what is the true financial condition of TPS?


Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

Show that they cannot scare you with their BS lies and tactics. Show them who is BOSS !



Issues with Toledo Public Schools

Attention Swamp Bubbles:

Do you know of any stories or issues with TPS in regard to the quality of education or issues pertaining to students? If so please post them here.

I am not talking about fabricated stories but actual issues that exist. There are alot of issues that happen on a daily basis in the Toledo Public Schools that go unnoticed. They get swept under the rug.

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