Tea-Baggers afraid of Kaptur?

The Tea-Baggers' hit list was revealed. There are several Ohio Democrats on this list....but no Marcy Kaptur??? What's the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken??

Election board not required to verify rival list

Secretary of State refuses to back Stainbrook claims on sending the list to Columbus.

The Ohio Secretary of State's Office ruled yesterday that the Lucas County Board of Elections was not required to verify the list of officers and committee members turned in by a faction of the Lucas County Republican Party seeking to oust Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

The written opinion doesn't directly address the argument Mr. Stainbrook has been using to defeat the challenge to his leadership: that the opposing group filed a "fraudulent" list of committee members.

Bates asks Ohio Secretary of State to step in into the Republican party leadership question Toledo

In the Blade:
After weeks of confusion in the Lucas County Republican Party over who’s in charge, Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates Thursday said the dispute is tying the Lucas County Board of Election in knots and asked Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to step in.

In a two-page letter to Ms. Brunner, Mrs. Bates said she’s aware of "significant irregularities in this intra-party dispute which I believe warrant your intervention." Both elected officials are Democrats.

Carl Rove meets with Simpson faction

See Free Press site for photos.
Karl Rove met with Jeff Simpson and other area Republicans before the Lincoln Day Dinner on Jan. 21.

“Its very exciting to meet Rove and have the opportunity to sit down with him,” said Simpson, chairman of one Lucas County Republican Party faction. “This is the fun stuff, the gravy. This is why we get involved, why we go out and support candidates.”

Jon Stainbrook now picks on Children of Liberty

Jon has a unique talent of making enemies and also more proof that the more conservative you are the more Jon hates you.

Library officials say contested Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook recently filed a complaint alleging a local conservative group was violating library meeting policies. Stainbrook told Toledo Free Press that is “untrue.”

Stainbrook Refuses Tickets To Simpson Again

Just in on my cell. Stainbrook has once again refused to sell tickets to Jeff Simpson for tomorrow's Lincoln Dinner. Luckily Jeff is our guest tomorrow morning at 8a on 1370 WSPD. Should be fun.

Judge imposes delay in GOP battle

Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook won some breathing room yesterday in the fight to hold onto his position after a judge approved a 10-day freeze on the proceedings.

Fallen Timbers Republican Club back Simpson

The Fallen Timbers Republican Club members at their regularly scheduled meeting, January 13th, 2010 voted unanimously to recognize Chairman Jeff Simpson as the newly elected Lucas County Republican Chairman.

Jason Webber now....

the new mayoral spokesperson in Dayton. Congrats Jason! It will probably be a much more peaceful position for you. Dayton Daily News has the latest.

DAYTON — A former public information officer for the city of Toledo has been hired as confidential commission aide and secretary to Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell.
Jason Webber will earn $20.19 per hour, or about $41,995 a year.

Leitzell believes a single staff person will be able to provide the needed support for his office.

Stainbrook seeks TRO against BOE, state committee - updated with complaint

Jon is now seeking a temporary restraining order against the BOE and Ohio Republican Party. Free Press has the latest and I will update this thread with the latest (there will be more). If you missed it, the Board of Elections certified the lists of both parties and sent them to the State today.

Jon Stainbrook declares that Board of Election members have resigned

Jon is saying the Board of Elections members have resigned by participation in efforts to oust him. See attached. FYI look at Jon's signatures on this one.

Blatant Media Plug For WSPD Morning Show-Read At Your Own Risk

This week Jack Smith will be on Wednesday to discuss his run for the House seat currently held by Marcy Kaptur, Friday Rich Iott will be in to do the same. Should be fun.

Judge denies Jon's restraining order, sends debate back to BOE

Looks like the debate is back at the Board of Elections. On 1/12, the Board of Election meets and we will see where it goes from there. I sense Jon's days are coming to an end.
A U.S. District Court judge Friday afternoon denied a request for a temporary restraining order sought by Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

Latest on the Lucas County Republican Party

Wow what a day. One thing after another. Jon tries to take his battle to court, court does not fall for it. Jon Stainbrook really makes the legal system earn its money and the latest is today. Given road conditions, I did not make it until the meeting adjourned, but everyone said the meeting went well. Fox Toledo was the only news station to hang around until the end.

So onto the drama:

Republican Party fight in a court-supervised truce

GOP legal battle flares in court filings

Sexting Legislation Silenced

Teens Face Felony Charges While Bill Sits Idle in Committee

COLUMBUS—State Representative Ron Maag (R–Lebanon) today decried the inaction of Chairman Tyrone Yates and Democrats in the House Criminal Justice Committee on House Bill 132, legislation carefully crafted to address sexting(1) between minors in the state of Ohio.

Jon has receipts

After 41 days late, Jon comes up with the correct amount. We will see how this goes. Read more:

Is Ben Konop muscling aside competition?

People are telling me that JR Block threatened Democrat Party Chairman Redfern. Redfern was told that if Konop has an opponent in the primary everyone will suffer the consequences. Can anyone confirm this? What have you heard? JR wouldn't have done this without Konop's approval. It's despicable but I won't be surprised to learn that Konop is rigging his reelection through intimidation. And with Stainbrook's long-standing relationship with JR that our "leadership" is part of this.

Hottinger Legislation Affirmed by Judicial Branch, Aids Thousands of Ohioans

COLUMBUS– State Representative Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today heralded the decision of the 10th District Court of Appeals that affirmed the constitutionality of House Bill 544.

“I am pleased that the 10th District Court of Appeals has upheld the authority of the Ohio General Assembly to set the budget for the state of Ohio,” said Hottinger. “Although I would have preferred that these funds been utilized for job creation more than 18 months ago, I am hopeful that these funds will soon be able to be used to assist in improving the health of tens of thousands of Ohio residents.”

Strickland, House Democrats Gamble With Education Schools Targeted As Political Pawns Throughout 2009

COLUMBUS— One year to the day House Democrats took the majority, State Representatives Jarrod Martin (R-Beavercreek), Seth Morgan, CPA, (R-Huber Heights), and Gerald Stebelton (R-Lancaster) summarized the 2009 legislative year as time of unfunded mandates on schools and damaging funding cuts to poorer districts, charter schools, e-schools and Catholic schools.

House Dems Tax & Spend Policies Cost Jobs 200,000 Ohio jobs lost in 2009

COLUMBUS— One year to the day House Democrats took the majority, State Representatives Todd Snitchler (R-Uniontown) Lynn Wachtmann and characterized 2009 as a year of devastating job loss and industry deterioration. With Democrat control, true economic reforms have failed to be established to further benefit Ohio’s national competitiveness and job climate.

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