Republicans Push for a Double-Dip Recession

Bob Samuels
President, University Council - AFT
Posted: July 1, 2010
It is clear from recent legislative actions that the Republicans in Congress want to ensure large electoral gains in November by undermining any possible economic recovery. This cynical ploy needs to be called out by Democrats, so that the American people will see how Republicans will do anything to gain political power.

Larry Kaczala, Dead at 53

The Blade is reporting that Larry Kaczala died after jumping from a Toledo Hospital parking garage.

Jobs! Yes, that's right jobs!!!!!

JOBsolutions of Hancock County announce the taking of applications for general warehouse associates at the newly built Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center in Van Buren.
Go to or Be sure to take the Boycott Home Depot sign off your front lawn.
Or visit JOBsolutions of Hancock County
7746 County Road 140 Suite B
Findlay, Oh 45840
Wednesday 9a-11a and 2p-4p

Good luck

VOTE, Please Vote, and VOTE NO !

The streets are bad enuff. If we vote for moving funds from the capital improvments fund to the general fund, the streets will be Even Worse ! VOTE NO !


And Vote no on the school levy too! Way to many taxes, and there all to darn high already!

Toledo Blade to publish from stolen LCRP Chair notebook

Jeff Simpson Announced that He, and Others, Have been Approached by a Blade Reporter in Possession of Simpson’s Notebook filled with Confidential Republican Information.
Jeff Simpson, the Lucas County Republican Party Chairman, announced that he regretted that names of innocent people might be published in the Toledo Blade in an upcoming story.
“It was an accumulation of some ideas I had for the Republican Party, and a list of people who might be willing to help,” said Simpson. “To say the ideas were preliminary, and the list incomplete would be a vast understatement.”

BLATANT MEDIA ALERT- LCRP Head Jeff Simpson On WSPD Thursday MornIng

According to a release this afternoon a Blade reporter has approached Jeff Simpson with information taken from Mr. Simpson's personal notebook which went missing after a Young Republican meeting in February. The notebook was delivered to Tom Troy of the Blade. Simpson met with Troy and asked for the return of his property. So far only copies of certain notes have been returned.
Jeff will be my guest Thursday morning at 7a to discuss.

Latest Stainbrook saga, judges recuse themselves

2 justices step away from GOP feud cases
COLUMBUS - A pair of Ohio Supreme Court justices have taken themselves off the bench when it comes to deciding a pair of cases stemming from feuding factions of the Lucas County Republican Party.

U.S. Bishops’ final plea to Congressmen: Do not pass pro-abortion health care bill

Washington D.C., Mar 20, 2010 / 09:41 pm (CNA).- In a final, urgent plea to prevent the passage of the current form of the Senate health care bill, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on Saturday evening sent a letter to Congressmen asking them to vote “no.”

“For decades,” the letter says, “the United States Catholic bishops have supported universal health care. The Catholic Church teaches that health care is a basic human right, essential for human life and dignity.”

Call Marcy Now

This in via e-mail by the Toledo Young Republicans:
Call Marcy Kaptur!
Her vote might decide the fate of ObamaCare
President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are hell-bent to pass their health care takeover despite a tidal wave of opposition from the American people, and Marcy Kaptur may be the one who casts the deciding vote to determine whether or not you get fined for not having "government-approved" health insurance in the future.

Call, fax, or Email Congresswoman Kaptur at the information below and insist she OPPOSE this bill:

Ohio Office

Stainbrook Garbage for the Week of March 20

Here is what the Former chair of the Lucas County Republican party is doing:

New Central Committee chair adds legal challenge

Brunner defends her pick; Local GOP case in top court

Rich Iott to attend Children of Liberty Rally Today in Downtown Toledo

News Editors, Reporters, Producers: This is only an advisory that businessman Rich Iott, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Ohio's 9th District, will attend the rally sponsored by the Children of Liberty in downtown Toledo this afternoon.

The rally is to voice opposition to the national health care bill under consideration in Congress.

Iott is opposed both to the health care bill itself and to the manner in which the Democratic leaders in the House are considering passing it by "deeming it to have passed" without an actual vote.

Week of Stainbrook trash in one post

Republican Ben Marsh appointed to the Board of Elections

Jon most likely gambled that if he were to drag the decision in the court, he would get appointed by default. Looks like Brunner sent a large lump of coal to the Stainbrook group by appointing Ben Marsh to the Lucas County Board of Elections.

In the Blade:

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner on Monday appointed Republican Party veteran Ben Marsh to a disputed vacancy on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

More detailed story:

Jon says the Toledo Fire Department caused delay

In the article in today's Blade, Jon is saying the Fire Department caused the delay and even suggested they were in cahoots with the Jeff Simpson faction to get the meeting closed down. You can see in the story a clearer picture of what went on (view the full story). I wanted to provide some more background now that I see how the article went and Jon's take on the event. At no time did Jon or anyone say what was going on downstairs. If there was an issue, why not send someone upstairs and explain the delay? For the whole 40-45 minutes during the delay, no one said what is going on or why there is a delay, it was only after the meeting started that Jon and Megan came up and said why there was a delay. The fire department inspectors were only upstairs for 3/5 minutes, at that time everyone wondered what was going on and it was a period of time after they went downstairs (10-20 minutes) that where we thought Jon would never start the meeting, especially after what appeared at the time that he called the fire department. So for Jon to say that the meeting started in violation of the fire inspectors is assuming he actually had the skills to communicate what was going on.

Latest Stainbrook news: Bullet dodged and petitions filed

Prosecutor drops GOP signature fraud case
Cuyahoga County Special Prosecuting Attorney James A. Gutierrez released a report Feb. 26 in which he stated, “criminal prosecution is not appropriate” in the GOP signature fraud investigation.

Jon goes back to the courts

Who would have thought that Jon would go back to the courts. How many times will the court accept this? Jon has filed in almost 3 jurisdictions now and they all said the same thing.
Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook has lodged an appeal to recognize him as the legitimate chairman and to force Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to appoint him to a vacancy on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Lucas County GOP precinct committee races

The Lucas County Republican Party will appear to have an interesting central committee election again. Of course some of the contested races are a bit strange, like Jon Stainbrook running against one of the Manson Girls Kelly Bensmen and there are a few other races of Stainbrook supporters challenging other Stainbrook supporters. Once the lists are certified, then we can see who is actually challenging who and who is a supporter and who is not. Until that time, you can get the uncertified list at:

Brunner seeks intervention in Stainbrook case to fill seat on county elections board

As promised, Jennifer Brunner, the Ohio Secretary of State, moved to intervene in the Lucas County litigation over political power in the Republican Party — except she was too late.
Ms. Brunner on Thursday asked to be part of the Lucas County Common Pleas Court case only to solve one problem — to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Judge Charles Doneghy on Friday overruled the motion, saying he had already terminated the case. The case ended when he denied a preliminary injunction sought by Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook on Thursday.

House GOP to Attorney General: Challenge the Federal Health Care Proposal

COLUMBUS—Ohio House Republican members today issued the attached letter to Attorney General Richard Cordray urging him to join their caucus in an effort to challenge the federal health care legislation that is currently being discussed in Washington D.C.

“As more details emerge from the compromises that are being brokered behind-the- scenes, I grow more concerned for the state of Ohio and the hardworking tax payers of our state,” State Representative Matt Huffman (R-Lima) said.

Judge rules against Jon Stainbrook...again

This just in from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press: Like all of the other courts Jon has tried to argue his case in, they are all saying the same thing. Why is it that Jon does not want to bring his case to the Ohio Republican Party? Is he afraid of the result? Thankfully we can move on with this now that Judge Doneghy has ruled. When the story is posted, I will go ahead and link to it. The judge has ordered the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee to take the case and to move forward as prescribed by law.

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