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G. Edward Griffin Interview Of Yuri Bezmenov

This is an interview done by G. Edward Griffin in the early 1980's with Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov on what the one worlders and the Soviet Union were doing inside the United States political structure. This is a must see video.

Law of Unintended Consequences???

I'm not sure if this is how a boycott is supposed to work...

Investors flee Carbonite after Limbaugh announcement

Since Monday, Carbonite stock has fallen roughly 12% while the Nasdaq has only been down around 2.5%. Yesterday, Carbonite showed the 18th biggest decline of 8.74%, while the entire Nasdaq index was down only 1.36%.

Could CEO David Friend be rethinking his decision? (see below the fold)

Romney wins Ohio, Super Tuesday.... on way to nomination

It is 10pm my time, 1am in Ohio and Romney has been declared the winner and the spread is more than the spread that requires an automatic recount.

With Ohio, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Idaho the Romney campaign will now pad his pledged delegate lead. Barring no candidates dropping out, I don't believe any will, this gives Romney enough momentum to push him to the nomination. (Alaska has not closed it's polls as of this time)



This is the latest I could find on the popular vote count in yesterday's primary, which also indicates that both Santorum and Romney are likely going to be awarded 14 delegates apiece.
(this is a cut-and-paste from Wikipedia - the actual chart looks better at wikipedia, with shading, etc.)

Michigan Republican primary, 2012 [11] [12] [13]
Candidate Votes Percentage Estimated voting national delegates
Mitt Romney 409,120 41.07% 14
Rick Santorum 377,144 37.86% 14
Ron Paul 115,778 11.62% 0
Newt Gingrich 65,002 6.53% 0
Uncommitted 18,843 1.89% 2
Rick Perry 1,906 0.19% 0

Romney bussed in and paid for CPAC supporters


"Occupy" CPAC--the Real Story

UPDATE--at 7:20, all is quiet at the Marriott. Apparently, the Occupiers must make a final trip to Starbucks before it closes.

NEWSFLASH--at 6 p.m., about another 25 Occupiers showed up at the Marriott where CPAC is being held chanting something incomprehensible (but very catchy!). Police arrived and they scurried back to the street--to await further marching orders from George Soros. SCORE: Occupiers 45--CPACers 11,000

Right-to-Work Slavery and our Founding Fathers


Ron Paul's Sugar Daddy

This is bound to make some Ronulans very, very upset.

Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier

The gay libertarian tech investor Peter Thiel, enthusiast of post-national ocean states, backed the SuperPAC.

Honestly, I couldn't make this stuff up...even if I tried. See below the fold for the full story.

Compare and contrast

An Interesting Time for Talk Radio

It became apparent to me the other day that the 2012 election represents an interesting dilemma for talk radio. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of talk radio. While growing up in Toledo in the early 1970s, I would take my transistor radio to bed with me and listen to stations from as far away as Boston--stations that would come through clearly late at night. For the last 20 years, I have listened to Conservative talk radio for about 30 hours-per-week. While listening to Glenn Beck last week, I found myself... (read more)

A Pro-America Foreign Policy???

Definitely not something I expected to see headlining a page on the Ron Paul 2012 website. Similarly surprising was the statement that followed:

"As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government."

Especially considering, as noted by Accuracy in Media, that Dr. Paul views accused traitor Bradley Manning as a "political hero" and a "true patriot." Nevermind the whole breaking of the law thing by leaking classified information. I'm guessing if you ask ten random people on the street if that sounds like a pro-America foreign policy, at least nine of them will laugh in your face. Thankfully, Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee for president.

Ron Paul Says Accused Traitor is a Patriot

The Bain of Mitt Romney’s campaign


A company that laid off hundreds of employees. A federal “bailout” to rescue a failing bank. Mitt Romney, at the center of it all.


Just had the "opportunity" to listen in to the Brian Wilson show. Brian was noticably missing. Before you get started on my not having the wherewithal to or knowledge on how to change the station, just so you know 1370 AM is very entertaining to me and also very educational to whoever else is in my vehicle (usually a child). Whenever I am driving, I am drawn to the station, something like passing an accident and your eyes just naturally look. Today, (while I was listening) the subject matter, was just plain irrational and unbelievable.

To Christian Conservatives who have fallen by the wayside.....

As we come into this holiday week, a week full of retrospection and what should be a reflecting back over this last year full of Christian conservative rhetoric, I want to offer this song by Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores and ask the question.......WWJD today?

What is Wrong with Rush Bimbaugh, I mean.......Limbaugh?

Today I was listening to Rush Bimbaugh and he was talking to a 32 year old "long time listener, first time caller." He was explaining that Mitt or Newt was a populist and then started to explain what that meant. Then out of the blue he said, "blueberry tea" and went on a diatribe about the taste of blueberry tea. I thought he was going to tie blueberry tea to a populist presidential candidate. But he didn't, just talked off handidly about blueberry tea? The he started talking about something else that had nothing to do with blueberry tea or a populist presidential candidate.

The Republican Party and Cannalbalism

H-I=L=A=R=I=O=U=S! Nothing and I mean Nothing has been more entertaining than watching the Republicans cannalbalize each other! Mitt bites off Newt's head, Rick "oops" Perry takes a leg off of the Donald and dines on that. Bachman takes a bite off of everybody cause she is just plain nuts! Hermain "999" Cain just disappeared, body missing! Everybody hates Ron Paul all of a sudden and bites his legs off from under him.
Sarah, oh Sarah where for art thou?

Stainbrook Puppet resigns from the Board of Elections

Ben Roberts gone so soon? Resigned just this afternoon? Where's the party in celebration going on tonight?

This one is just too bizarro world to ignor. The Board of Elections has been turned into a Peyton Place by the puppet master of the daily local.

Will the Secretary of State and State Attorney General ignor this? Perhaps a few phone calls from Pittsburgh will take care of that.

Why has Roberts resigned? Perhaps it just became too hot for him to be around. How many felony 5 charges he amassed is to be seen.

Herman Cain's Nose Is Growing and His Eyes are Blinking.

Herman Cain is at it again! As in the words of his wife, "here we go again." Ginger White, a good friend of Republican candidate Herman Cain (the village idiot) (this one is for you Maggie) has claimed that they had a 13 year affair that she says was fun, intriguing and exciting.

His attorney states that this is not harassment, not an assault but a "private affair." ROFLMBO literally.........relative issue or non relative issue?

Cut and Paste

30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died

By Michael Moore

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