Where's the Beef, Mr. Pres?


Unless he's hidden something in the details, it looks to me like most of the stuff gun owners are against has been deferred to Congress. So have a few things that gun owners support: tougher laws, more cops, more concern over loonies not getting guns, and so on. I think this has been a bad day for the pinkos.

It's happening--obamacare is forcing doctors to be more selective with the patients they treat

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew that re-electing Obama would result in assuring that Obamacare would proceed on its course to destroying the American health care system. Instead of citizens being elevated to a higher standard (never a priority for Obama), health care would be degraded to the lowest common denominator.

Obamacare, which is so terrific that Congress exempted itself from it and Obama made sure it wouldn't totally set-in until after the 2012 election, is now hitting home. Over the past two months, family and friends have told me about a local physical therapist, general practitioner, urologist, and podiatrist who have informed their patients that they will no longer be treating people who have government health insurance. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, and the Obamacare exchange.

It was inevitable that Obamacare would drive a bigger wedge between the quality of health care of the government dependents and the privately insured.

Obama's Gun Control Proposal is racist


Twenty children and six adults were killed in the horrendous school massacre in Connecticut. It's interesting that this tragedy has motivated President Obama to demand new gun control laws. It's worth examining some facts.

According to the 2000 census, the population of Newtown, Connecticut, is 95 percent white. The median household income is $90,193.

Chicago, Illinois, is 55 percent black or Hispanic with a median household income of $38,625.

In 2012, the average number of murders per month in Chicago was 40--with 78 percent of the victims being black.

So why is it that when hundreds of blacks (including children) are murdered every year in Chicago, it doesn't motivate Obama to propose new gun control laws--but then 26 murders in a rich, white community does? The only logical conclusion is racism. It's expected that inner-city blacks in Chicago commit murders, but that's unacceptable for upper-class whites. We can't control the criminal use of guns in ghettos, but we need laws to protect suburbanites.

surviving obama--chapter one

DISCLAIMER: The following is NOT intended for people who 1) have no clue what is going on in this Country; 2) voted for Obama because of his skin color; and/or 3) expect the government to provide them with food, housing, child support, phones, and health care.

It was confirmed in 2012--you can't change stupid, but you can change how you react to stupidity. Obama was re-elected by the entitlement crowd, which sadly makes-up a growing percentage of the U.S. population. It's time for the productive, non-union, taxpaying population to plan out a strategy for the next 4 years. Here are a few Obama survival techniques:

1. Spend a significant amount of time and effort learning about tax loopholes, tax shelters, and tax deductions. Set-up an office in your home; be sure you take every possible deduction that is due to you.
2. Re-evaluate your charitable donations. Do you really want to donate to organizations that assist the very people who are responsible for giving us 4 more years of Obama? They're already getting your tax dollars, how much more should they expect from you?
3. Buy a safe. Desperate people do desperate things. It's only going to get worse in Lucas County. As the thugs branch out from the inner city, you'll want to have valuables locked away in a safe that is bolted to the floor and wall.
4. Don't buy union. Did you read about how the Chrysler UAW employees are getting a $1,750 bonus? Are you getting a bonus this year? Were you given a choice when your taxes were used to save these unskilled workers' jobs? Unions perpetuate the liberal agenda by donating to Socialists like Obama. Don't shop at Krogers, don't buy UAW-made cars, don't send your packages via UPS or USPS, don't hire union electricians or carpenters, etc. Cut-off the money supply to the unions.

obamas plan 20-day vacation that will cost taxpayers $4 million

I can't think of a family who deserves a vacation more than the Obamas--can you? Life has been very tough for them with all of those financial cliff and Benghazi distractions. Then the president was forced to pretend like he cared about the Hurricane Sandy victims--that can take a lot out of a guy.

So the Obamas are taking a relaxing vacation in Hawaii--on the taxpayers' dime. Here is a breakdown of some of the costs:

Round trip on Air Force One--$3,629,622
Housing for security personnel--$176,400
Presidential staff accommodations--$129,600
Local police and first responders--$260,000



Emanuel on Fox News: ‘Shut the F**k Up. You Lost’

Nov. 07, 2012

Chicago mayor and former White House Chief-of-Staff Rham Emanuel tore into Fox News host Sean Hannity tonight on live television.

Emanuel was on the conservative network to offer his opinion on the night 's election results, which saw his former boss Barack Obama reelected to the presidency for another four years.

A devastated Hannity, however, was intent on using the occasion to vent his rage at the nights events and incessantly provoked Emanuel 's ire:

Obama is more important than god--you better believe it--amen!

Remember the Constitution? Remember how we were all supposed to have the freedom to pursue our religious beliefs? That freedom went away with the advent of Obamacare.

Hobby Lobby, a company owned by a Christian family, filed a lawsuit challenging the Obamacare mandate requiring the firm to provide their employees with insurance coverage for the morning-after and week-after birth control pills. Although the Hobby Lobby owners indicated they supported other forms of birth control, these two pills were analogous to abortion, which the owners oppose.

As has been the case with the liberal judicial system, the court ruled against Hobby Lobby.

So companies no longer have the freedom to decide what benefits they offer to their employees--even if they are paying for it. Obama has rendered our Country unrecognizable. How any Christian could have voted for this man--well, it would have required a big dose of rationalization (or a skin-color trumping).

Arizona gun shop refuses to sell to Obama voters

An Arizona gun shop has posted a sign on its door that warns customers that if you voted for Obama "turn around and leave." The owner states that anyone who voted for Obama has proven they aren't responsible enough to own a gun.

This is where anti-Obama citizens can exact their power--they are the business owners and--in most states--they have the ability to refuse service to customers. Is it possible to precisely enforce this, no. But in this case, the message is at least as strong as the potential for action. The gun shop owner holds all of the cards here--admit you voted for Obama and he can use his power not to sell to you. Don't admit that you voted for Obama and buy something--money in the owner's pocket.

The owner also took out a full-page ad expressing his sentiment in the local newspaper.

Republicans will never win the presidency again--but it doesn't matter

I was examining the Lucas County 2012 Presidential election voting results--and they are amazing. Not only did Obama, who has overseen the longest streak of consecutive months of high unemployment in U.S. history, receive 64% of the total votes in the County--95 precincts had 80+% of the votes going to Obama.

It made me think of the fact that my spouse and I spent about $2,000 on contributions to Conservative candidates and worked countless hours volunteering for various campaigns. I don't feel like it was a waste of time and money--rather it was a learning experience. What I learned is that there is no reversing the opinion of someone who feels that successful people are a threat to them, and that the Democrats have perfected the art of capitalizing on that emotion.

So, why not let the liberals run the federal government and we conservatives can do what the union leaders accuse us of--making and spending lots of money. Why do we play down the fact that we are smart, ambitious, hard working, and successful? I'm done with that. We can manage circles around liberals and shouldn't be ashamed if that results in perks.

Our future will be to own, operate, and/or manage the businesses, which if we so deem, we'll hire the liberals who think that raising our taxes is the "patriotic" thing to do. They'll control the government, but we'll control any hope they have of breaking free of government oversight.



Swamp Bubbles and a Potty Mouth

I want to commend Chris Myers for still providing a venue for people to express themselves in North West Ohio. However, this site which I have belonged to since forever has become a beacon for the not so sane members of this website. I have never been the most popular person, writer, commenter etc. on this site but I have enjoyed visiting here to see what is going on in Toledo and all points north. I now am a FaceBook junkie but stop here every once in a while.


After billions of dollars in political advertising, we ended up on November 7 in the same situation we were in on November 6--Obama as president, the Democrats in charge of the Senate, and the Republicans in charge of the House.

Here's the reality--there is no way that the Democrats won't get a large majority of the Black vote in presidential elections. They have Blacks snookered into thinking that Republicans would bring back slavery, stop all welfare, etc. The Black community's either unwillingness or inablity to see through this isn't going to change.

Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Party Members/Libertarians need to focus on what they can control. Here are a few things we can control:

1.Purchasing non-union products and services. Unions have brought/bought us 4 more years of Obama. Everytime you patronize a unionized company, you're putting money into the campaign coffers of liberal politicians. Just by doing a little research, you can buy products and services from non-union companies.

If you buy a new car, buy a non-UAW auto. You can buy an American-made Honda or Toyota. They put non-union Americans to work.

This Christmas, use FedEx instead of unionized UPS to send your packages. Send cards by email instead of the public union U.S. Postal Service.

Stop shopping at unionized Krogers and go to Andersons or Sautter's.

(If you have other non-union shopping ideas, please respond in the "Comment" section of this blog.)

It's great to be black...

Have you ever seen two black people pass in a hallway and give each other a nod? I asked a black co-worker about this phenomenon and he told me I wouldn't understand because it's a "black thing." So, in other words, skin color is the trump card for determining how you act toward someone.

Well, Obama would not have been re-elected had he not been black. Someone with such a pathetic record would have lost in a landslide had he been white. But, Obama knew that all he had to do was put out an APB to blacks and they would show up in large numbers (it also helps to provide pizza and donuts to keep people waiting in line as Obama's lackeys did in Dade County Florida). They vote for Obama because he's black.

Now..,the rest of the story,

A new twist on the cover up.. read this,
apparently there may be more to the story.

The continued lies, cover up and totally clueless explanation leaves everything open to possibility. Throw in the connection of gun running to Syrian rebels via Turkey , Iranian elite military forces as the attackers and Russian deployment of missile defense systems in Syria to thwart possible no fly zones and you have a major international incident.


You may recall the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988 (WARN). That’s the Act that requires employers with 100 or more employees to provide 60 days notification in advance of plant closings or mass layoffs.

Each state has its own website where it posts the names of companies that have complied with the WARN Act indicating that they intend on closing a plant or laying off large numbers of employees (I supply the link to the Ohio WARN website at the end of this article).

In reviewing the companies who submitted WARN notifications to the government, it’s interesting to note that there was no significant difference between union and non-union companies—they both were affected by massive layoffs and plant closings.

Also, the site shows that the M&M Restaurant Supply business in Toledo will be permanently closing on December 9, 2012. This will affect 105 employees—many of whom are Teamsters (what does Kaptur have to say about that).

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Mitt Romney Tells CEOs To Influence Employees' Votes, Suggests Threatening Their Jobs

Could the next Pres be neither Romney or Obama!?!?!?

As we get closer to Election day more and more importance is being put onto the electoral college maps.

Right now it depends who you talk to as to which are swing states and which are not.

If we look at the Real Clear Politics averages of the states we see of the most cited swing states Romney leads in three: Florida, Virginia, every so slightly in Colorado.

So imagine if the following scenario took place.

A close election. Romney wins the above three but also manages to squeak out wins in Nevada and Iowa.

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