Kathleen Sebelius' Ohio connections--makes us proud!

If we had a U.S. President who actually cared--and possessed one iota of leadership qualities--Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius would be out-of-work today. The disaster of the ObamaCare website rollout should be enough to fire Sebelius. But then that would require Obama to make a decision.

Sebelius was born in Cincinnati and is the daughter of former Ohio governor John Gilligan. As an Ohioan, I feel proud.


let's just say it--Obama doesn't cut it as a leader


I was having lunch with a friend who had just finished reading Obama's book Dreams from My Father. He was discussing how the book was filled with hate-mongering toward whites. If you've read the book, you know that Obama berates a black male acquaintance for not being a "conscious brother" and speaking like "Beaver Cleaver." He also relates how he stopped making public his mother's race because "by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." Those are just two of the more tame examples of his stereotyping of whites.

Anyway, during lunch my friend lowered his voice and said something to the effect of "Obama just doesn't have the skills to lead or manage." The content of what he said wasn't news to me, but I thought it was interesting how he felt the need to almost whisper this comment. Hell, why not just state in your normal talking volume the truth about Obama--he's an arrogant, incompetent, cry-baby who conveniently uses his blackness to get ahead or repel criticism.

It's time that we all forget about Obama's black skin and the potential charge of racism when we criticize him. Call us whatever you want when we point out that he is an aloof liberal snob who wants us all to be totally reliant on the government.

Enough of having to whisper our distaste for his lack of leadership and socialistic beliefs. If the only retort the liberals have to this is "you're a racist," well that's their problem.

What was BO really doing when he says he was at Columbia?

I mean, considering that nobody appears to remember BO from classes at Columbia during the time he "says" he was there. I just came across this article (appears to be a couple years old).

Totalitarian Governance Hinges Upon the Dependence of Zombie Dupes

Is a quote from the end of this article:

If you are a conservative, you have heard lots about Saul Alinsky's "rules for radicals" recently all over talk radio. I was not familiar with Alinsky. The above article pretty much condenses and explains. I'm not going to waste a lot of time researching somebody I am pretty certain resides in hell, but understand that he dedicated one of his "works" to "Lucifer".

Wherever he is, one thing is certain. Saul Alinsky now knows that Jesus Christ is Lord.

BO's Brainwashing of the American public

apparently is not working:

And Sebelius (after not being able to convince John whats-his-name on his daily show)... went on to preach to 100 people in a MUCH LARGER VENUE - Heinz Field. Again - that was 100 people showed up at the Steelers' Heinz Field. Word is that Sebelius is blaming that non-turnout on Heinz Field. I'd laugh if she were not so all-around pathetic.

IMAGINED conversation at the White House (i.e., this is satire)...

African American "Rush" says Obama is a Dictator

Of course he is - Why else would America's truckers be converging on D.C. this weekend, backed by, among others, the overpass Impeach Obama group? Other than die-hard dems, people now see him for what he is.




Illegal aliens welcomed on national mall, but veterans--not so much

The Obama tantrum took another turn today when the supposedly closed National Mall opened-up for thousands of illegal aliens and one actual alien--Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, the WWII and Vietnam veterans memorials remained shutdown.

The "Camino Americano" (I'm pretty sure that doesn't translate to "You're in this Country so speak English") pro-immigration rally was given permission to utilize the National Mall by Obama. I''m certain it has nothing to do with the fact that the SEIU, which donated $27 million to Obama's campaign, was one of the rally's co-sponsors. This is despicable!

. Letter from Abraham Lincoln to the Hon. J. T. Hale Springfield, Ill. Jan'y. 11th 1861.

"My dear Sir---Yours of the 6th is received. I answer it only because I fear you would misconstrue my silence. What is our present condition? We have just carried an election on principles fairly stated to the people. Now we are told in advance, the government shall be broken up, unless we surrender to those we have beaten, before we take the offices. In this they are either attempting to play upon us, or they are in dead earnest. Either way, if we surrender, it is the end of us, and of the government. They will repeat the experiment upon us ad libitum."



So Obama recently said that he thinks the Washington Redskins should change their name. Yep. Next thing you know he’ll want the New England Patriots to change their name because “Patriots” represent a time in American history that he despises.

I say—why stop at just changing the teams that have Indian-related nicknames? We need a full sweep of team names that might have a remote chance of hurting someone’s sensitivities. Here is a good place to start:

Washington Redskins = Washington Obamas

Cleveland Indians = Cleveland Native Americans

Chicago Blackhawks = Chicago Doves of Undetermined Color

Miami Hurricanes = Miami Global Warmings

San Diego Padres = San Diego Agnostics

Milwaukee Brewers = Milwaukee Teetotalers

Green Bay Packers (name refers to meat-packing industry) = Green Bay Vegans

Notre Dame Fighting Irish = Notre Dame United Nations

Michigan Wolverines = Michigan Endangered Species

Cincinnati Reds = (no need to change, Obama LOVES that nickname)

American citizens and taxpayers ignoring barricades

And the more this foolishness goes on, the bigger this protest is likely to get.

I think Mark Levin is right (quoted at the end of the above article). I think he IS capable of mustering up a big protest crowd.

Chicken Hawk Barry Soetoro Obama Still setting up fake Barry-cades

And Congressmen are taking them down:

Again - and this can't be posted too often...

These fake, moveable barricade fences are being set in place by Chicken Hawk Obama for revenge. These are open public spaces and sidewalks that never have fences or barricades, and are always open to the public. Up to now.

Still can't get on Obamacare website

Per the message I received last time I attempted to get on the Obamacare website, I tried to access it at an off-time for all of the U.S. time zones--6 a.m. Eastern. Here's the message that was on the site at that time:

The system is down at the moment.
We're currently performing scheduled maintenance. Please try again later.



As of 11 p.m., Wednesday, October 2, I still haven't been able to get far enough into the website to check out my options if I am forced to go on Obamacare. At least yesterday I got to the step where I entered my personal information, but not even that far today.

Just moments ago I tried and received a message suggesting, "You might have better success during off-peak hours, like later at night or early in the morning." Apparently 11 at night isn't late enough.

Chicken Hawk Obama Disrespects "Honor Flight" Vets

... while still collecting his presidential paycheck. What thousand different things are wrong with this picture?

Obamacare website is a disaster


I tried to register at the Obamacare HEALTHCARE.GOV website today--and after several attempts where I was told that the site was busy, I finally got through. I filled out the preliminary personal information and created a username and password.

Then I got to the security questions part. I selected the three questions and typed in the answers--making sure they were all different, as I was instructed. I hit the "Submit" button and a screen appeared indicating that two of my security answers were the same--which they weren't; and I was directed back to the beginning of the process to start again! Ughhhhhh! It never did allow me to get to the page where I could view my insurance options.

I checked on the Internet and found other people who experienced the same problem. I can understand the issue of the website being overwhelmed with activity (although it wouldn't have been a problem for most company sites), but how can something like the security question glitch occur WHEN THEY HAD THREE YEARS TO SET IT UP! Not to mention all of the monetary and human resources the government has at its disposal to locate and fix these problems before going live with the site.

Truckers Ride for the Constitution - October 11-13

This should be interesting:

Senator Baucus (D) (soon to retire) may be acknowledging that BOcare is a trainwreck. But I don't think he, or other liberal Dems anticipated that the populace is in a mood to rebel in new ways against oppression.

lies, lies, lies


Obama lied--children died

Way back when Obamacare was just a glint in Nancy Pelosi's eyes, anyone who had two brain cells to rub together predicted that people who didn't depend on the government for their coverage would get far better health care than those who did. Well, reality has just set in for Missourians. Here's a quote from an article that appeared in the Washington Examiner:

Patient advocates say the exclusion of one of Missouri’s top hospital systems from policies offered by the region’s biggest insurer under the Affordable Care Act could hinder treatment for some patients and force others to switch doctors.

The network for the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield plans, which will be sold through Missouri’s “Obamacare” marketplace, does not include BJC HealthCare and its 13 hospitals — among them Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the area’s premier academic medical center, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

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