obama chomps on gum during d-day memorial



Right-wing media's JANUARY petition to Free Bergdahl "by any means necessary"!_1-2014-_PJ_Media_Encourages_Readers_to_Sign_Petition_to_Free_Bergdahl_By_Any_Means_Necessary/comments/

PJ Media being one of the big right-wing Teabagging outlets, lest we all forget.

Whoopsie! Guess all our Swamp Bubbles Tea-Tards were for it before they were against it, eh?

6 U.S. Soldiers killed while searching for "Bowe"

Here are their pictures.

Safe prediction - McBomberjacket will never live this one down.

Tea-Tard Favorite Dr. Ben Carson proves to be an asshole, calls VA "scandal" a "gift from God"

“I think what’s happening with the veterans is a gift from God to show us what happens when you take layers and layers of bureaucracy and place them between the patients and the health care provider,” Carson explained. “And if we can’t get it right, with the relatively small number of veterans, how in the world are you going to do it with the entire population?”

So in other words, this asshole is HAPPY that this is going on and his God is an asshole who WANTS shit like this to happen in order to benefit His Chosen Republicans?


Right-wing Pussies like DTOM, Fred, Galt, GZ, and MikeyA To #OccupyDC Starting Today

Yes it's true, tens of millions of Teabaggers are going to magically appear in DC today and take over the government by camping out and demonstrating. You know, like #Occupy but with old fat nutjob armed Teabaggers riding their Rascal scooters around and waving their misspelled, racist signs.

ADMIN EDIT - taken off the front page for inappropriate post, but kept up as an example of what is wrong.

Is this SwampBubbles or

If we wanted to read entire articles from, we'd visit the site, not have someone I shall not name post THE ENTIRE ARTICLE here with a link to the site at the bottom of it.

If that's legit behavior on this site, then I expect there shall not be any whining from the "other side" if articles are posted wholesale from DailyKos and DemocraticUnderground and so on.

Birtherism/Racism on SwampBubbles

Yet another Birtherism post on the front page by yet another right-wing nutjob. Who else is sick of this racism and irrational, idiotic, right wing crap?

The good news about 8 zillion people signing up for Obamacare on the last day


Just as Obama was counting on the stupidity of Americans to elect him President (and they didn't disappoint him--twice!) he knew that he could rely on the dinosaur media to get out the propaganda on what a success Obamacare turned out to be (and for those same ignorant Americans to believe it).

Ain't it great that close to 500 million Americans--or something like that--were able to get on the Obamacare website (even though it wasn't really working) and register on the day before the deadline?

The good news is if this group of people was able to navigate an application process that required persistence--GETTING A PHOTO ID TO TAKE TO THE VOTING BOOTH SHOULD BE A PIECE OF CAKE! We will no longer need to talk about how disenfranchised these people are and imply that we just can't expect them to meet the same standards that we have set for the rest of us.

Reply to DP's "Putin" post below


Apologies in advance, but until Chris is able to fix some obvious HACKER DAMAGE to the site, I will have to do any "replies" as original posts. I see that other posters are able to "reply", while I can make OP's only, but not post replies. Well (trollie wollie), there is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say...)

the disaster that is obamacare hits home

Okay—I’m bragging here. I’ve never been the type to have the latest electronics, Nike shoes, or cool sunglasses, but I’m proud to announce that I have joined the “in crowd” of U.S. citizens who have been negatively affected by Obamacare (eat your hearts out)!

Yep, I’m one of those people who Democrat Harry Reid described as “lying” about how Obamacare has impacted my life. Here’s my situation:

I received a letter from my health insurance company stating that “While updating your account in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) we received inaccurate information from the Department of Health and Human Services. As a result, you were overcharged for 2014 medical procedures by $314.64. We are diligently working to 1) correct these inaccuracies and 2) refund your money. You should receive your refund check by May 1, 2014.” I suppose to prove that my health insurance company really wasn’t to blame, they included a copy of the document they received from HHS explaining the mistake.

So due to incompetent Obamacare, I have paid $300+ out of my pocket that I should not have—and it will take two months to receive a refund.

54 SEPARATE VOTES to repeal Obamacare, here's the list

What's the definition of insanity again?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Dear "Fiscally Conservative" "Republicans" on SB: Please tell me how the taxpayer dollars spent by the House GOP in pursuit of their futile goal have NOT been wasted and are in fact completely justified.

Republicans against States' Rights and for More Laws and Spending!

Yup, here it is, a Republican bill that makes the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BIGGER in order to piss all over STATES' RIGHTS and spend more money on another losing war.

Republican hypocrisy at its finest. Disregard states' rights, disregard the will of the people, forget libertarianism, regulate the market. Welcome to the GOP, Hypocrisy Central.

John Kerry to the rescue!

Thank God John Kerry is on our side!

The one-time skipper of a swift boat is showing us what a great leader he and the President are by striking fear into the hearts of the Russian despots.

Today they have drawn a line in the sand. From that line... you... shall.... NOT.... PASS!

That's right folks. The administration has issued it's ultimatum to the Russian government. Reverse course.... or else.

more obama hypocrisy



Obama--anatomy of a hypocrite

So President Obama is planning on vacationing at the Ocean Reef Club in Florida (unless that pesky Ukraine thing gets in the way). This exclusive club is described as a "millionaires' playground." Thank goodness that Obama could take a break from his "Income Inequality" tour to partake in some much needed relaxation (heck--it's been at least six weeks since he returned from his last vacation.)

This resort touts 36-holes of golf, a dozen restaurants, and a 175-slip marina. As Obama soaks in the sun at this paradise that 99.9% of Americans couldn't even dream of visiting, let's look at some of the recent things he has said:


"Making sure our economy works for every working American. It’s why I ran for President."

"But this increasing inequality is most pronounced in our country, and it challenges the very essence of who we are as a people."

"And the result is an economy that’s become profoundly unequal, and families that are more insecure."

obama is an arrogant schmuck!


How was your last 17-day vacation? Or maybe, when was your last 17-day vacation? Or how about, have you ever had a 17-day vacation?

If your answer to the last question is “No,” then you need to aspire to becoming the President of the United States. Yep, President Obama just came back from a 17-day vacation with his family in Hawaii. It’s difficult to decide whether this is more exasperating because most Americans are struggling to parcel out their incomes to satisfy living expense obligations or that Obama is so arrogant that he doesn’t care about the negative perception of a bureaucrat imposing his tax and spend will on the “little people” while living the high life in paradise. What a schmuck (yes, I said it)!

According to U.S.A. Today, here’s the cost of a 17-day Hawaiian vacation for a family of four (just the necessities--not the golfing, sightseeing, etc.):

$596 per day for food and lodging (x 17 = $10,132)
$3000 for round trip airfare
$900 for a rental car
Total $14,032

Can't We All Just Get Along Like Our Leaders?!
Reminds us what the true spirit of Christmas is

Presidential Health


As an admitted past recreational narcotics user, would it be appropriate to have a fully public drug testing of the current President?



RUSH IS RIGHT -- & This lie was obvious back as far as 2010

... at least that far back. But people (particularly liberal people) were mesmerized into thinking that the AFFORDABLE Care Act was going to either 1) be free for them, or 2) make insurance premiums AFFORDABLE.

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