Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell says, "My opponent is the ultimate insider politician. He has surrounded himself with the same faces that have been in charge for years and led us to where we are today."



House GOP Leaders Offer Alternatives to Tax Increases

Columbus – House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder released the following statement in response to this morning’s announcement from the governor who has proposed rolling back income tax increases for the next two years, costing tax payers nearly $850 million.

Cut Government Waste, Reduce the Debt - Barbara Sears

As a mother, I have always taught my sons the necessity of living within their means and avoiding accumulating debt. Especially with the onset of the economic recession, I have stressed the importance of trimming down excess expenditures during an unstable economy. But as the government continues to grow its power and become increasingly embedded in our everyday lives, it also continues to inefficiently consume our tax dollars. As Ohio’s families struggle to make ends meet, the last thing we need is for government growth and spending to spiral out of control.

Politicians Take A Page From Teamwork Toledo's Strategy

It seems as if some politicians have taken a page from the strategy of Teamwork Toledo.

Endorsed Democrats Joe McNamara, Adam Martinez, Terry Biel, and Aji Green have banded together to spread their message of change and new ideas. They call themselves "Hungry4Change."

They will be campaigning together throughout the city.

McNamara, Martinez, and Biel are endorsed Democrats for Toledo City Council At-Large; Green is an endorsed Democrat for the Toledo Board of Education.

There website is:


Senate Passes Husted Redistricting Legislation

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Senate achieved another step today in reforming Ohio’s partisan system for drawing legislative districts with the passage of Amended Senate Joint Resolution 5, sponsored by State Senator Jon Husted (R-Kettering).

SJR 5 restructures the current commission that draws legislative districts by creating a seven member board and requires a bipartisan, five vote supermajority to pass a new legislative district plan.


COLUMBUS—The first official step in reforming Ohio’s partisan system for drawing legislative districts was achieved today with the passage of Amended Senate Joint Resolution 5, sponsored by State Senator Jon Husted (R-Kettering). The Senate State & Local Government & Veterans’ Affairs Committee voted this morning to favorably recommend the proposal to the full Senate for passage.

SJR 5 restructures the current commission that draws legislative districts by creating a seven member board and requires a bipartisan, five vote supermajority to pass a new legislative district plan.

Board of Elections - Problems With Election Ballots!

The Toledo Blade is reporting:

The Lucas County Board of Elections has 1,092 ballots that could be added to last week's Toledo primary election count, putting the final results for Toledo City Council in doubt.

The additional ballots include 166 absentee ballots accidentally left uncounted last Tuesday, Director Linda Howe said Monday.

She said two employees, a Republican and a Democrat, have received reprimands in their files and have come up with procedures to avoid a recurrence of the neglected ballots.

Used and Abused by Bernadette Noe in her never ending quest for attention

Hey there, I was surprised to see yet another blog entry on the now infamous ex politico wife of Tom Noe, "St. Bernadette", haha, as recently as last July. Just curious how many of you out there have had the experience of having worked for or befriending this woman? How many lasted until the end of their usefulness to this mistress of narcissistic users and been outed by B. Noe. I mean those of you other than her ex?

House Republicans bolster economy with “The Future of Ohio”

GOP Leader Batchelder to Dems: start the conversation today, Ohio can’t wait

Columbus—House Republicans today announced in press conferences across the state the Republican alternative to failed Democrat leadership, the “Future of Ohio” plan. House Republicans engaged stakeholders in discussions with the business community early this summer on their ideas for jumpstarting Ohio’s economy. The resulting package of proposals was announced at the press conferences. House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder issued the following statement:

Join State Rep. Sears Monday, Sept. 21, 2009

Dear Constituent,

Since the commencement of the 128th General Assembly, I have received countless phone calls, letters and emails from concerned citizens within our community regarding the deepening recession in Ohio. As more jobs are lost and businesses continue to move out of state, Ohioans are relying upon their elected voices more than ever to make difficult decisions during challenging times.

Sue Frederick Strikes Again

Sue Frederick the intrepid ticketer of illegally parked cars has struck again. As WSPD reported early this afternoon she is now stealing campaign signs from her neighbors lawns.

$104 Million Expansion Circumvents Process

Columbus – State Representative Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today spoke out against 21 State Controlling Board requests that increase state spending by more than $100 million and contradict the legislative authority of the General Assembly.

State Reps. Adams, Amstutz and Morgan Announce Lawsuit Regarding Video Lottery Terminals

COLUMBUS – State Representatives John Adams (R-Sidney), Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster) and Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) today announced that they have joined with the Ohio Christian Alliance in filing a lawsuit with the Ohio Supreme Court to oppose the unlawful expansion of gambling in Ohio.

Great Depression Story Project


Great Depression Story Project - Volume 1

* Food, Cooking and Eating During the Great Depression
* Schools and Education During the Great Depression
* Self-Sufficiency, Resourcefulness and Frugality
* The Comforts of Home
* Jobs, Schemes and Other Ways to Make Money
* Family, Community and Kindness Toward Strangers
* Lessons, Values and Advice from the Great Depression
* Then v. Now


Columbus, OH—State Senator Jon Husted (R-Kettering), candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, today received the endorsement of the Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee. The committee is comprised of 66 members; one male and one female from each state senate district.

“I am grateful for the support from the leaders of the Ohio Republican Party,” Husted said. “This is certainly an important endorsement of my campaign and I look forward to building on this support during the months to come.”


Early this year, when he was the only declared candidate for mayor of Toledo, I met with Keith Wilkowski for a talk on politics, the economy and Toledo’s future.

Wilkowski is a deliberate thinker, one who seems to process complete thoughts before speaking — “uh” and “um” are not among his linguistic handicaps.


As Toledo City Councilman George Sarantou told Toledo Free Press Sept. 5, “We are in a fiscal emergency, and we would like permission from voters to use Capital Improvement Funds (CIP) for safety.”

We believe Toledo voters should give council that permission by voting “yes” on Issue 1 on Sept. 15.

We maintain great respect for councilman Tom Waniewski and councilwoman Lindsay Webb in their efforts to reduce government through passage of Issue 2, but we disagree with their stance.


The Toledo Free Press Endorses Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell.

There is a world of difference between leading through intimidation and leading through inspiration. Mike Bell is the best of a great field of candidates because he understands that difference.

Bell literally put his life on the line for Toledo, and he has parlayed the respect and experience he earned into a career that took him to Columbus as the state’s fire marshal. He is a proven leader with experience at the top of city government, and no one else has that the inside view.



On the Sept. 15 ballot, voters will choose six of 23 candidates for Toledo City Council. The top 12 vote getters will move on to November’s ballot. If Issue 2 passes, that number will be reduced to six moving on to November’s ballot.

Some candidates declare a party; some do not. Toledo’s municipal elections are non-partisan; on the ballot, there will be no party affiliation noted.

Bell, Wilkowski Enter The "Lair Of Rush Limbaugh" On Thursday

Mayoral candidates Mike Bell and Keith Wilkowski will be on with me in the morning for final interviews before the primary on next Tuesday. The "lair" line comes from young Ben Konop who on his first scary visit to WSPD uttered those immortal words.

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