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Battle of the Best Places to Do Business Rankings

So what does everyone say about the best place to do business? Here is a battle of the business rankings.

FDi - Toledo 1 - Most business friendly - Cities of the future
Forbes - Toledo 189 out of 190 - Best Places For Business And Careers
Inc. - Toledo 336 out of 393 (-2 from 06) - The Best Cities for Doing Business

I've Been Silent for 13 Years

I've been silent for 13 years," said Shultz, who has served on City Council since 1994. "The citizens of the city need to know about it."

This gem of an announcement was made to the Toledo Free Press by Toledo City Councilwoman Betty Shultz.

Gun advocates find in massacre a call to arms

Ohio State University senior Matt Green is angry and frustrated that the students at Virginia Tech died unarmed and defenseless.

Since hearing news of the massacre Monday, the 22-year-old Sylvania Township man has joined hundreds of other college students across the country in calling for students to have the right to be armed on their campuses.

Toledo Human Trafficking Capital?

Caitlin Royster, a senior majoring in Social Work, conducted a presentation entitled "Human Trafficking Awareness," along with seniors Joy Cox and Shantae West.

"It is a growing problem in the U.S. About 800,000 people are trafficked annually around the world, and 17,500 men, women, and children are trafficked into the U.S. every year," said Roystaer.

Blade finds 79 digitally altered photos

...An intensive investigation of Mr. Detrich's work, conducted by Nate Parsons, The Blade's director of photography, found that since January of this year, Mr. Detrich submitted 947 photographs for publication, of which 79 had been digitally altered.

TARTA Mutiny: Now Rossford

ROSSFORD -- First it was Perrysburg, now it's Rossford that's considering dropping public bus service from the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority. It's all about how taxpayer dollars are spent. Both Perrysburg and Rossford officials think they're paying TARTA too much.

Rossford is tired of the 400k they pay TARTA every year.

Toledo Supermarket Workers Joining Nationwide Call for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care

Toledo Supermarket Workers Joining Nationwide Call for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care
Unified Action Hitting Grocery Stores Across the Country

The past repeats itself, over and over and over again

I use a web site to look up items related to Toledo, before I moved here. What I find stunning is the history and antics of our Mayor.

Like an actor with many credits listed in a biography we see the listing of his antics, how ever well intentioned at the time.

And I cannot help but wonder why does is he reelected.

Accomplishments or personality cult.

Who is right -- the Toledo Free Press or Judge Ray?

....Arguing that young Jobe

Human Chain of Dignity & Justice

One Day to the Historic Event

It's the Human Chain of Dignity & Justice

Be a Part of History -- Bring Your Friends, Your Family, and Your Neighbors!

Come One Come All

See you at the Chain!

Where: One Government Center
Time: Friday, April 13th, 2007
Time: 4.p.m.

Dr. Francis I. Dumbuya, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Rolling Stone: Artist to Watch: We Are the Fury

There are plenty of "garage" bands on the scene, but few take the label as literally as the young men of Toledo, Ohio pop-punk out fit We Are The Fury. "We still live at home -- we make the rounds practicing in our parents' garages," confesses lead singer Jeremy Lublin, 24.

Read the rest, watch their video and listen to some home grown music at:

Get A Free House -- With A Catch

Anybody looking for a free house? Will be razed if no free takers. Bellevue is a short jot down Rt 2.

BELLEVUE, Ohio -- There's a man in Ohio who wants to give away his house. But there is one big catch.

It's in Bellevue, about 45 miles southeast of Toledo, and whoever takes it will have to get it out of there.

Bleak dating scene for educated singles imperils Toledo's future

What do you think?

Loss of young professionals who can't find mates could hurt Toledo economy

Are you a young, single, and university-educated professional in Toledo who goes to the gym and enjoys outdoor activities but is having trouble finding a quality date?

Lucas County bloggin

Welcome to the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog

View thoughts posted directly by your officials, respond to comments and read profiles of the members of Lucas County government.

Would you support a farmers market located outside of Downtown Toledo, say Perrysburg, run by local businesses/entrepreneurs?

Yes, absolutely provided there are plenty of choices (produce,meat,deli,flowers,artist displays,etc.)
42% (18 votes)
No, the Erie Street Market didn't work, why should this one.
42% (18 votes)
12% (5 votes)
Don't Know
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 43

Marcy a back-bencher?

Today's Blade editorial. I believe one of the posters here asked the same question a month or so ago.

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Revenue lost in Toledo, coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Thinking about the stagnation of revenue versus expenses in Toledo and reading this headline, "Rhode Island gambling center expands"

I thought back to the Slots imitative in Toledo and how it was defeated....and thought what if....

Some more bubbles up about the alleged discrimination in City Hall

The Blade has mentioned in articles on and off about events that happened in 1989 with little more than a sentence or two.

Now comes this;

"We're not here to showboat, Frank,"

Well, they are at it still....

"Toledo residents blast trash fee, ambulance service plans"

"When Mr. Szollosi tried to talk about a report he had compiled on the growing local tax burden, following the mayor's opening presentation, the mayor refused to give him the floor."


Are there any persons interested in community activism who would like to become part of DIRT?
Who wants to set aside political differences and work for the benefit of the community?



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