Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio

Would you support a farmers market located outside of Downtown Toledo, say Perrysburg, run by local businesses/entrepreneurs?

Yes, absolutely provided there are plenty of choices (produce,meat,deli,flowers,artist displays,etc.)
42% (18 votes)
No, the Erie Street Market didn't work, why should this one.
42% (18 votes)
12% (5 votes)
Don't Know
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 43

Marcy a back-bencher?

Today's Blade editorial. I believe one of the posters here asked the same question a month or so ago.

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Revenue lost in Toledo, coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Thinking about the stagnation of revenue versus expenses in Toledo and reading this headline, "Rhode Island gambling center expands"

I thought back to the Slots imitative in Toledo and how it was defeated....and thought what if....

Some more bubbles up about the alleged discrimination in City Hall

The Blade has mentioned in articles on and off about events that happened in 1989 with little more than a sentence or two.

Now comes this;

"We're not here to showboat, Frank,"

Well, they are at it still....

"Toledo residents blast trash fee, ambulance service plans"

"When Mr. Szollosi tried to talk about a report he had compiled on the growing local tax burden, following the mayor's opening presentation, the mayor refused to give him the floor."


Are there any persons interested in community activism who would like to become part of DIRT?
Who wants to set aside political differences and work for the benefit of the community?



Rough seas for the coming fiscal year and the Captain has few plans

Stagnant revenue puts city budget in choppy waters - Wage, pension givebacks hinted

Westgate shopping center - Despite our Economic Development leader

Driving by the Westgate Shopping center today I could not help but notice the line of cars at the Starbucks all queued up and with customer all waiting for their java.

This in spite of the road blocks our Economic Development leadership threw up to block the renovation of the plaza.

Budget tight/cuts/down sizing/lay offs/perfect time to hire!

Carty does it again at a time when it is noted that the budget is in trouble and cuts have to be made and lay off's of managers, the administrative restructuring would eliminate 124 jobs

Toledo hires in-law of mayor's top aide: Post filled despite plan to cut jobs

Election 2007

This message thread is the place to discuss who is running for what elective office in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area during the year 2007 from official announcements to the "unofficial word about town." Have you heard anything lately about who is, who might, or who isn't? Tell us the latest.
Feel free to express your opinion about who should run or not run.
Bring it on.

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