Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio

Highland Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting

Please remember to attend the Highland Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting this THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12 AT 6:30 AT THE TOLEDO HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY. Come to the front door please.

Mr. MiKe Badik, City of Toledo Housing Commissioner will be on the agenda to discuss the HUD grant Toledo received to rehabilitate foreclosed homes in this neighborhood.

Also on the agenda – Neighborhood flower gardens, Spring cleanup and plans for the triangle area at South and Airport.

Please come and bring a neighbor and bring your concerns. Together we can improve our neighborhood.

Town hall meeting: swan creek watershed

WGTE Studios, 1270 S. Detroit, on Tuesday, February
10, at 8:00 p.m. to watch Liquid Assets, a national documentary
that tells the story of essential water infrastructure systems.
Then stay to be a part of the live studio audience for WGTE Public Media’s local Town Hall Meeting: Swan Creek Watershed and Local Water Infrastructure.

WGTE, with support from the Toledo Metropolitan Area
Council of Governments (TMACOG), will examine the plan for
remediation of the Swan Creek Watershed and local water
infrastructure. The Swan Creek Watershed plan details how

Toledo ranks at the bottom of best places to start a small business - surprise - goes backwards in rankings since 2005

Is this any surprise with councilmen and mayors that go after businesses and have silly plans on turning around the economy? So for the Joe McNameras and mayors out there who don't know why we are suffering and think that solar fields with capital improvement money will change things, how about making it easier to start a business, lower taxes (Tina Skeldon Wozniak), and quit trying to take over businesses or senselessly regulate them (e.g. the convenience stores)? But if they had a clue, they would already be doing this.

'Home rule' residency law up to court

This should be very interesting..
The Ohio Supreme Court might decide this spring if state legislators can overpower municipal "home rule" powers that cities got in the Ohio Constitution in 1912.

The legal arguments are whether the court can negate a law initiated by state Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chester Township, to ban big towns like Cleveland from requiring that all employees reside in the city.

In Lake and Geauga counties, most town halls don't force all public employees to reside in a city or village.

Hey, the Mud Hens are not this bad

I think this is an insult. In talking about the ARod steroids situation:

He knew what human growth hormone could do to his warning-track power and a first-to-third speed that was never going to advance him beyond a Toledo Mud Hens' lineup card. He still decided against cheating himself and the game, and this is what he gets...

Leaning To The Right With President Of Institute For Liberty Monday Morning On WSPD

Monday morning Andrew Langer of the Institute For Liberty joins me at 7:30 to talk about the stimulus bill. God, the name Liberty even sounds like it leans to the right doesn't it? The Institute focuses on free markets and government powers that are limited and transparent.....boy there's some righty ideas for you. Check out the website at

In Democrat-led Toledo, talk radio still leans to right

And the last election proves a "fairness doctrine" is not needed. Radio stations should be allowed to do what they want to do.
It starts at 6 a.m. every weekday in Toledo and continues nonstop for hours, a persistent drumbeat on the radio air waves:

Barack Obama's stimulus plan is larded with corruption, pork-barrel politics, and waste.

More Joe the Plumber news

Joe the Plumber proves you can't keep a good man down:
Joe the Plumber now advising the GOP on the economy -

Conservative Internet TV Brings Joe the Plumber to D.C. -

Joe the Plumber to address GOP Hill aides -

Sale of Lima station complete

LIMA - Lima's Fox station is now officially a part of Block Communications Inc., the parent company of NBC station WLIO.

The sale of TV 67 Inc. - which includes WOHL Fox Channel 25 - to Block Communications was finalized Thursday, said Bruce Opperman, president and general manager of NBC Lima.

Marcy Kaptur home this weekend, should she be?

Stopped at Sofo Foods on Monroe St. this evening, and as we got to the register, the wife says to me "I think that was Marcy Kaptur two people in front of us". Lucky for Marcy, I wasn't paying attention, but sure enough, I see a Ford Five Hundred sedan with the plate MCK 9 backing out of a parking space.

I wish I'd realized it was her. I doubt she gets to talk very often with an actual constituent who hadn't been cleared by her staff. I would have loved to share my opinion on the "Porkulus" bill, though I doubt it would change her mind.

CNN Breaking News: 100 idiots trapped on ice near Toledo

You just gotta love it..... Flipping thru channels, and as I pass CNN, I see a map of Lucas County on the screen. I stopped and went back (like I'd watch CNN, puh-leeze), and sure enough we are currently breaking news. 51 degrees here, and 100 idiots decided to go ice fishing. Gee, the ice is breaking up and they are trapped..... Apparently both Lucas and Ottawa Counties are involved in the rescue.

Water commisioner retires over lewd text messages - nothing done for 6 weeks

The Newsmeister, George Tanber, is reporting on Toledo's own text messanging scandal. You can hear more on Fred's show on 1370 WSPD at 7:30am.
TOLEDO,Ohio – When the city's water commissioner, Willie Perryman, Jr., suddenly retired on Sept. 23 from his $65,000-a-year job, there was little surprise at City Hall.

Perhaps Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and his top aides, Tom Kroma and Robert Reinbolt, encouraged him to leave. Or maybe Perryman, the longtime pastor at Jerusalem Baptist Church on Dorr Street, had had enough after a tumultuous six weeks.

We will take 2nd place

Fitch downgrades Oregon City School District Bond rating to A- negative

Oregon City has been downgraded to a A- negative, which is worse rating than Toledo got last week.
NEW YORK - (Business Wire) In the course of routine surveillance, Fitch downgrades the rating on Oregon City School District, Ohio's (the district) $42 million outstanding unlimited tax (ULT) general obligation (GO) bonds to 'A-' from 'A+'. The Rating Outlook is Negative.

UT College Republicans to Help Local Businesses

The University of Toledo College Republicans have started an effort to give back to the community by choosing local businesses to visit each month to bolster their sales totals with the large group and are asking other community organizations to participate. Tonight, the UTCRs will be heading to Murphy's Place in downtown Toledo around 8 pm.

Interstate 73 may get a new look


Interstate from Toledo to Columbus? Would they convert 23 into 73?
Among other projects that could get a new look are two interstate highways last proposed in the early 1990s.

Interstate 73 would provide the first interstate link between Toledo and Columbus, continuing on to Portsmouth. A proposed 84-mile Interstate 74 would link Cincinnati to I-73 at Portsmouth.

13abc digs through some of the less than $10,000 expenditures

Can Toledo's 2008 budget deficit be blamed on some small-ticket items the mayor approved?

13 abc's Bill Hormann dug into a list of nearly 2,000 expenditures and found some items that raise eyebrows. He examined the vendor payment lists for October and November of last year.

Husky/BP joint venture problems?

It appears that the Husky OilSands agreement may be running into a rough patch. Husky Energy is only going to spend less than 1/3 what they originally planned in the Oil Sands. BP says if need be, they will refine crude from other companies in the Oil Sands project.
CALGARY _ BP says it would have options for its refinery in Ohio if joint-venture partner Husky Energy Inc. (TSX:HSE) decides not to go ahead with its Sunrise oilsands development.

Have you noticed the roads falling apart?

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have watched roads really get eaten up this winter by the temperature differences. I have also seen a couple of roads develop frost heaves and I have watched roads visibly degrading over the last couple of weeks. Have you noticed the same thing? Sound off about your neighborhood. If you have not done so, be sure to report your road condition:

Economic fears snuff out smoking bans

We'll see whether David Grossman and other Ohioans get this message, but probably not. ***The economy is getting so bad that lawmakers are now rethinking smoking bans in an attempt to help businesses. "As recently as last year, many states and major cities seemed ready to adopt complete indoor smoking bans. But the movement to kick all smokers outdoors has stalled as the recession worsens and lawmakers fear hurting business at bars, restaurants and casinos."

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