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Northwest Ohio

Young Republicans support lower taxes, unlike Jon Stainbrook and the "New Party"

If this is an example of the "New Party", then we are in for only more disappointment. It sounds very Rinoish. Thank goodness that the Young Republicans (I am Vice President) are standing up for lower taxes and good government. If you did not hear Jon this morning on Fred's show you should.
Young Republicans oppose Republican Party Levy Endorsement

Knifed by the Blade

I don't have a high regard for either popular party -Dem or Repub-, but I have to say that The Blade is doing its usual dirty work regarding Joe The Plumber. The paper has done another "in depth" piece to politically assassinate someone it doesn't agree with. This behavior is all too common with JRB, publisher of the Toledo Blade. He'll kill you if he doesn't like you.

Young Republican Chairman Friday On 1370 WSPD

Jeff SImpson, head of the Young Republicans will be on with me Friday for a discussion of his group's decision to oppose the Lucas County Party position on COSI. As background be sure to listen to the Stainbrook interview at the podcast site Pay close attention to the caller at the end of the interview and what he says about the tie vote breaker.

Waterville Mayor On Eye On Toledo Tonight

Derek Merrin, mayor of Waterville, a member of the Lucas County Republican Party was reffered to this morning on my show as "the whiny mayor of Waterville" by one of Jon Stainbrook's operatives. He also claims that the mayor has not volunteered to help on the McCain campaign.

Stainbrook Interview EXCLUSIVE On 1370 WSPD

Lucas County Republican Party leader Jon Stainbrook tells me in an exclusive radio interview why the Executive Committee voted to endorse the COSI Levy last night. According to one caller who was in attendance Stainbrook cast the deciding vote. And according to some reports it was his second vote on the matter.
The interview is podcast at Enjoy!

Who won the final debate tonight?

John McCain
42% (40 votes)
Barack Obama
37% (35 votes)
Joe "The Plumber"
21% (20 votes)
Total votes: 95

McCain Coming To Toledo-Stainbrook Coming To WSPD Thursday Morning

Following the debate Jon Stainbrook will appear with me on Thursday morning to talk about who won, and to give details on the McCain visit on Sunday. I was thinking about asking the mayor to come on despite the ban but then realized he would just lie anyway.
Also Jared Davis the founder of Check 'N Go on Issue 5 on the ballot.
Should be fun.

Lindsay Webb Delivers - October 2008 Report

October 15, 2008 Quarterly Report 419.245.1050

Army Corp of Engineers to Study Point Place Harborlands Initiative to Create Habitat Restoration Units

Charter Schools

A poster on another local blog, GlassCity Jungle, made some ignorant remarks about charter school accountability. I won't post his stuff here but did want to point out :

The Toledo Blade IS communist-big time!

The Toledo Blade is SOCIALIST,not quite COMMUNIST,close though.Proof is ample! They crybabied when Champion Spark Plug, was looking for incentives to stay in Toledo.NONE was offered.!!! So,to earn an extra $9 million a year in lower taxes,lower electric rates,lower health care costs,etc., they moved to Iowa!

Newsbusters takes on the Toledo Blade

In an interesting piece titled "Toledo Blade Pleads for Obama to Institute Communism?" Warner Todd Huston of News Busters writes:

One Sylvania-One Show


Interesting discussion this morning with two of the proponents of OneSylvania. Podcast is available at Enjoy! Hopefully other media outlets will follow suit and have this discussion so voters can be informed.

Ohio group among those who file complaint with US Department of Health.

I got a call from Bill Delaney this afternoon. He told me that another official complaint was filed with the Office of Research Integrity, Health and Human Services against Ex-Surgeon General Carmona's 2006 Report. This report is the one that errantly states that one breath of second hand smoke increases a person's blood pressure and starts hardening cardiac arteries.

Darlene Dunn's controversial mailings

Here are the controversial pieces from Darlene Dunn.

1. (economy.pdf) is the one that the Ohio Chamber has a problem with in the previous post and talks about Sears' response on workforce development.
2. (fifi.pdf) is taking Sears response on the Chamber survey and saying that this means she wants millionaires to have another tax break.

Carty has his list of life on Mars, how about we create our own list?

If you did not read Carty's response to the Toledo Free Press, you should. You get a sense of what the Martian land rovers see on Mars. Of course everything is fine and dandy if you read the 17 positives Carty wanted to highlight (is this the launch of his re-election and his 17 points of success?). So I thought, why don't we come up with our own list?

Reports: Chrysler, GM discuss merger, acquisition

DETROIT - General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have held preliminary talks about a merger or an acquisition of Chrysler by GM, according to published reports.

Sale of $18.7M in notes calms officials' concerns

Toledo officials are more confident —— after the sale of $18.7 million in short-term notes for capital projects — that the city will weather the financial crisis and deterioration in credit markets better than some other cities across the nation.


Obama to speak at SeaGate Convention Centre

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will hold a campaign rally at 1:30 p.m. Monday at the downtown SeaGate Convention Centre.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m., and for security reasons no one is allowed to bring bags into the rally. It is suggested that personal items be limited. No signs or banners are permitted.


COLUMUBS, OH – The Ohio Chamber of Commerce today called on Darlene Dunn of Sylvania, Democratic candidate for state representative, to denounce a factually inaccurate campaign mailing that voters in the 46th House District recently received. The mailing misrepresents Rep. Barbara Sears’ position on job training and workforce development funding. Rep.

Obama, McCain, Or This Guy?

This could be the year for a complete political upheaval. Check it out....

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