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How can Carty's spokesperson help when he thinks Carty is digging his political grave? - updated

Jason Webber, the current spokesperson for the City of Toledo, must have a difficult job. On Jason's Myspace blog he says Carty is digging his political grave in a post titled "Workin’ for the man...":

Paul Harvey Dead, Will Taylor Kia Show Respect???

RIP Paul Harvey,2933,502645,00.html

I'm hoping that Steve Taylor at Taylor Kia/Cadillac will now find a new way to get people in his dealerships. I've always found his "celebrity voice" commercials offensive, especially since there's been no "celebrity voice impersonated" disclaimers. Here's a great opportunity to add some class to your dealerships. Please take it.

Top 15 Twitter users in Toledo

Here are the top 15 Twitter users in Toledo:

Rank Name Bio Followers
1 allenmireles

Moody's City Financial Speech Pt.1 & 2

Toledo start up company can make you 3D in less than 2 min

TechTol Imaging, LLC has developed proprietary software and an imaging studio that can
capture a 3D rotational image of any object in seconds. TechTol can produce 3D images of
items such as shoes, watches, and clothing featuring live models if desired. The
technology stands to revolutionize presentations by a multitude of industries including :
Distance learning
Clothing retail
Social Networks
Medical fields
Museum archiving
Their website http:// features a video demonstrating the process.

Please check us out and give us your feedback,
Zak Ward

The Stainbrook tapes

Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press pens this week's column on the "Stainbrook tapes". An interesting read if you are following the whole saga. Also of fun are the proposed messages that Jon may have on tape.


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), a member of the
House Agriculture Committee, made the following statement today in
response to the Obama Administration's position on eliminating direct
payments to producers.

"Agriculture is the backbone of Ohio's, and our nation's, economy. Our
farmers already struggle to maintain daily operations and during this
time of economic uncertainty safety nets exist to provide support to
ensure our nation's food supply is bountiful and safe.

Provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill provide these safety nets and while

Toledo lobbies for expansion of rail project

Toledo lobbies for expansion of rail project

"One individual project that we spent a fair amount of time discussing was the intermodal proposal which we've been talking about for a couple of decades," Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said yesterday as he recounted his trip to the state capital Wednesday to lobby for a share of the $787 billion stimulus plan.

A couple DECADES???

CARTY - gets things done??

Printing machine model numbers on Cleveland schools invoices are phony, sheriff's detective says

Apparently the printers on the invoices never existed. Did I mention how good it is that this happened in Cleveland? At least we will probably hear the rest of the story.
Not only did the Cleveland schools fail to receive six printing machines at the center of a state and county investigation, but a detective says the equipment never existed.

Model numbers on the invoices are similar to some used by Ryobi, the company listed as the manufacturer. But the numbers are phony, Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Detective David Lisy said.

Income Tax Hearing

I have received many, many emails inquiring about the proposed ordinance that would increase the income taxes for people living in Toledo but working in the suburbs.

Toledo City Council's Committee of the Whole will be discussing this issue and will take public testimony at a meeting Monday, March 2nd at 4:30 p.m. The committee meeting will be in City Council chambers at One Government Center on Jackson and Erie.

Tom Waniewski

Sears talks about the budget process

As the 128th General Assembly begins the task of improving Ohio's
suffering economy, the state operation budget is the focus of
deliberation here at the state capitol. As a member of the House
Finance and Appropriations Committee and the Human Services
Subcommittee, I am working to pass a budget that will create jobs for
Northwest Ohio, better fund our schools, protect our communities and
serve our citizens effectively.

The state budget is the basis for government operation for the next two
years. It is the foundation and the controlling document for the

The best explanation of the mortgage crises so far………………..

The best explanation of the mortgage crises so far………………..

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Berlin. In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers - most of whom are unemployed alcoholics - to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed in a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).

Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi's bar.

Tom Skeldon announces Paris Hilton to provide consulting service to office, promises to recalibrate staffers

In response to the outrage over the senseless death of the vicious dog, Princess, Dog Warden Tom Skeldon has hired Paris Hilton as a consultant for the Lucas County Dog Warden office.

Tom Skeldon stated, “Paris is an expert on dogs like Princess, and her expertise will be invaluable to the other deputies of the office. She can provide us handling and cornering advice that we clearly lack.”

Marcy Kaptur's earmarks in the 2009 Omnibus spending bill

The earmarks for the 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act were released. Below are the earmarks that Marcy Kaptur requested with your money. Do you see anything interesting in the list?:


Latta's statement on Obama's address to the joint session of Congress

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following
statement after President Obama's address to the joint session of
Congress this evening.

"President Obama's address to Congress and our nation tonight provided a
sober reminder of the struggles we face as a nation. However, President
Obama relied on tired rhetoric of pointing fingers of blame on past
administrations and fixing the problems we struggle with by introducing
massive government spending, oversight, and regulation.

Unfortunately, President Obama's proposed tax and spend policy outlined

Toni Morrison will speak at UT

Just an early note that author Toni Morrison is coming to The University of
Toledo in April:

The College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Toledo presents

Toni Morrison
Friday, April 24
7:30 p.m.
Savage Arena

Part of the 2009 Edward Shapiro Distinguished Lecture Series

This will be free and open to the public. A few thousand seats will be
available on a first come, first-served basis.

Deanna Woolf
Senior Marketing Specialist
The University of Toledo

Highland Heights has a new Blog

To enhance communication among South Toledoans interested in strengthening their
neighborhood, Highland Heights Neighborhood Association has founded a blog. Go to:

Our latest posting is reprinted below, but for maximum effect, see the site and post a
comment of your own. Signed comments are preferable. If you live in South Toledo and
would like to add a posting (article) to the blog, please contact me.

Carol Scheiber


Take Back Toledo petition event Dave's Home Cooked Foods

Weekly TBT event at Dave's Home-Cooked Foods 1855 S Reynolds Rd Toledo, OH 43614

for more information

Holding TPS accountable for stimulus money press conference

Four Toledo, Ohio groups, concerned with the plight of black students ask U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to hold the Toledo Public School's Board of Education accountable for any "stimulus" funds coming into the district. President Barack Obama has demanded accountability from Mayors and promises to "call out" stimulus recipients who use monies to further their own agendas or to perpetrate fraudulent distribution of funds. We promise the same scrutiny and accountability.

Marcy Kaptur in her own words on special interests, lobbyists and campaign finance

Back in 2007, I noticed that special interests were creeping into Marcy's
campaign funds
. Of course Unions are special interests, but I was referring specifically to lobbyists. I found a quote from Marcy and put it in that story suggesting that she should heed her own words. Well she did not and continued accepting even more money to the point that a lobbying firm was her biggest donor during the 2008 cycle. Some have wondered why single out Marcy? The reason is simple, because she has been very outspoken in the past about special interests and the problems it creates, yet here she is right in the middle of the problem.

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