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Northwest Ohio

Take Back Toledo Kick Off Tonight

Take Back Toledo kicks off it's campaign for better, more responsive governance here in Toledo tonight. The event is open to the public and begins at 5:30 at the Erie St. Chowder House inside the Erie Street Market. Ironic isn't it?

Joe the Plumber is here, and he ain't happy

Joe is making news in Israel, from the Jerusalem Post:
Samuel Wurzelbacher of Ohio, aka Joe the Plumber, arrived in Sderot at noon Sunday to show local and foreign reporters how to do it right.

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, has arrived in Israel to cover the war in Gaza.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," he told foreign reporters.

"You should be patriotic, protect your family and children, not report like you have been doing for the past two weeks since this war has started," he said.

I got a phone call this morning

my sister tells me it's SNOWING!


It's going to be a looooooooooooong week, huh?

Well, right now it's 70 and clear as a bell and we're off for a round of golf on the Municipal Course, then to the beach for a lovely Saturday afternoon of watching porpoise in the intracoastal. Going to be the same for Sunday as well!

Hope that visual warms ya up, cuz it looks like an awful lot of snow.

I don't miss that at all!

The new Crucible of Crime: Chuck E. Cheese

Looks like Chuck E Cheese is becoming a crime haven. What is the world coming to?
During the past three years, Fairlawn police have been called to the Chuck E. Cheese's on West Market Street 49 times.

That's more calls than any other stand-alone business in the city — including bars.

Only Summit Mall, a 120-store behemoth, produces more police reports.

Apparently, this is not particularly unusual. The Chuckster seems to be developing a national reputation for disorderly conduct.

Read the rest at:

Moody Announces Mayoral Candidacy

On Tuesday, January 13th, Jim Moody will be announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Toledo.

At 10am, Moody will make his announcement at LA Signs and Design, a locally owned small business located at 1232 Flaire Drive, Toledo. Flaire Drive is approximately 1 block west of Reynolds Road South off Dorr. There he will outline his vision for Toledo.

Latta does not like the Democrats removing opportunities to speak out on legislation

WASHINGTON- On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed H.Res. 5, a rules package for the 111th Congress which limits the amount of debate legislation will receive. Specifically, H.Res. 5 eliminates the ability to highlight key policy differences during floor debate. After voting against H.Res. 5, Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement:

The Newsmeister is reporting Amy Finkbeiner broke her arm

George Tanber is reporting the Mayor's wife will have surgery on her broken arm.
TOLEDO, Ohio - Ice and the city's First Lady have a thing going on - a thing she could do without.

For the second time in a decade, Amy Finkbeiner took a spill on a slick surface, breaking her arm. The most recent incident occurred Christmas Eve on the front steps of the South Toledo home she shares with her husband, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

COAST, Americans for Prosperity take red light camera ban to Toledo

For immediate release: January 6, 2009

COAST, Americans for Prosperity take red light camera ban to Toledo

Organizing meeting is Monday, January 12 at 7 PM at Point Place Branch Library

COAST and Americans for Prosperity-Ohio, two partners in the coalition that enacted a ban on red light and speeding cameras in Cincinnati in 2008, are taking their campaign to Toledo this year. Their goal is to place on the November 2009 ballot a Charter Amendment banning red light and speeding cameras in that city.

Blatant Media Post- Ann Coulter On Brian Wilson Thursday At 5p

Author, and lightning rod Ann Coulter will be on with Brian Wilson Thursday at 5 to talk about her new book Guilty. This will be her only Toledo interview.
At 4:30 mayoral candidate Jim Moody sits in with Brian.
Next Tuesday Keith Wilkowski will join me on the Morning News at 7:30a Enjoy!

Joe the Plumber: War Correspondent?

TOLEDO, Ohio--Joe the Plumber is taking on a new job.

The Ohio man, who became famous during the U.S. presidential campaign after asking Barack Obama about his tax plan, is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for a conservative Web site called

Dubbed "Joe the Plumber" by McCain's campaign, Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher was held up as an example of an American worker who would be hurt economically by Obama's election.


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) took his Oath of
Office for the 111th Congress today and released the following

"I am humbled and honored to represent the constituents of Ohio's Fifth
District in the United States House of Representatives. I look forward
to working with my colleagues to address the challenges our great Nation
faces. As we begin debate on many important issues, I hope we can reach
bipartisan agreement to achieve energy independence, lower taxes, and
obtain responsible government spending while reigning in our increasing

Jon Stainbrook's 6 month tally

I composed this tally for thread on Glass City Jungle.
Talk about ineffective leadership, let’s look at Jon's accomplishments in the last 6 months:
-Forgets to file paperwork to get Jan Scotland on the ballot, blames everyone and their uncles. His own mistake cost citizens the right to a second choice. Of course that is a “rookie mistake” although I can’t remember any other rookies making this mistake in the past.

Politics 101: Don't try to rewrite history with someone who made it

There is something wrong with someone who writes to clarify the record, has the record rewritten on behalf of the “President of the Toledo Board of Education”. That sums up what Steven Steel tries to do in a response from a community member trying to clarify some misconceptions.

Drawing the lines on TPS budget cuts and redistricting

Because I believe there are going to be drastic cuts and redistricting that will affect black and poor children in the Toledo Public School District, I am making this e-mail public as an Open Letter to Mr. Jim Gault, the Superintendent of Middle and High Schools. Mr. Gault received this letter as an e-mail on December 8, 2008 and there was no response. I then hand delivered a hard copy to him on December 16, 2008, there has still not been a response. This Open Letter could include the District's administration, and teaching staff, but because the meeting took place with and involved Mr.

2008 according to Chris - updated

Carty continued to make news in all the wrong way when he publicly sparred with Brian Mcmahon who were trying to get an intermodal at the Toledo airport. And publicly sparring with the backers of Take Back Toledo as well as leading the effort to remove Jim Hartung from the Port Authority. Carty's defense of the Erie Street Market failure also caused much unneeded friction with many groups.

Black Swamp Conservancy to Host Farmland Preservation Meeting

Perrysburg, Ohio (January 2, 2009) - Black Swamp Conservancy will host an
informational meeting about farmland preservation on February 3, 2009, at
5:30 p.m. The meeting is open to anyone who owns farmland in northwest Ohio.

The meeting will be held at the W. W. Knight Preserve in Perrysburg. The
preserve is located at 29530 White Road, near the corner of White Road and
East River Road (State Route 65).

Representatives from the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Office of Farmland

Major problem with the site

Chris, we have a major problem with the site.  I read HistoryMike's recent post with great sympathy because it had happened to me before.  Just now (twice) it happened again.  It has to deal primarily with the "post" function of a previously saved piece that one is trying to save from one source and import into your site.  In my case, I was trying to import the source http of my editorial.  If it isn't done as your site wants it done, it loses everything one has written...

Launch of

 A few months ago, when I launched, I said he was not the only person getting a dedicated Web site. The other one I had in mind was Carty. I voted for Carty in 05 and even supported him, but after the Marine incident, keeping WSPD out of press conferences, and how he does as much if not more damage than help, well enough is enough.

There's still time to vote...


There's still time to vote for Dickipedia's Dick of the Year.  (JtP is currently 8th)

WSPD'S Maggie Thurber fined $9,300 for illegally funneling to Bush campaign

More than three years after a scandal that rocked the Ohio Republican Party, current and former officeholders have been hit with hefty fines from the Federal Elections Commission - all for helping Tom Noe gain prominence in Washington.

A current Toledo city councilman, a former Lucas County commissioner, and a former Toledo mayor are among seven "Noe conduits" who were fined thousands of dollars for contributing money to the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign. The contributions had been given to them by Noe.

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