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Northwest Ohio

Squatters "Rights"?

I'm surprised no one else posted this--

Marcy Kaptur tells homeowners facing eviction to exercise their squatter's rights. She told Congress earlier this month, "I say to the American people, you be squatters in your own homes. Don't you leave," and was interviewed by Lou Dobbs last week on the subject.

Read the Blade story here:

I just saw the most surreal report on Fox Toledo

Just as I was changing channels, I caught the words the City can't find 15 thousand dollars to bring intermodal jobs to the area. I immediately switched back. The report said that the City could not find $15,000 to help a project that will bring intermodal jobs. Joe McNamara was on saying there is a deficit and they are having a hard time finding the money. And I was just thinking you are such a hypocrite. How about cancel the 20 some thousand for a solar field or just work and get someone else to fund carenet, which was done last year.

Spring is Coming!

Forget about the groundhog. The first sign to me that spring is around the corner is when I can have my first chili dog at Nettie's. I might not have been first in line yesterday, but I was close.

Pizza Papalis / downtown toledo!

have you checked out Pizza Papalis yet?
We swung by this weekend, and had a great time.
The new building is amazing, and the food is top-notch.
Even the service was great!

It's really nice to see some new life in downtown toledo...

Cutting edge

I didn't realize how cutting edge I was, how "au courant", until I ran across this article in Newsweek. Grampas of the world, unite! We have nothing to lose but our fuddy-duddy reputations. There may be snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the furnace.

Miami University Alumni & Friends Celebrate 200th Anniversary

CONTACT: Elizabeth Phillips
ehphillips2005 at

Miami University Alumni & Friends Celebrate 200th Anniversary

Toledo, Ohio. On the 200th anniversary of Miami University's Charter
Day, Miami alumni and friends will gather for an historic evening that
unites Miamians from across the country and launches a year-long
Bicentennial Celebration.

Northwest Ohio Miamians will gather to honor their alma mater and
remember their college days.

DATE: Saturday, February 21, 2009

TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Yoga for Pre-Teens

Where in the Toledo area can I find a Yoga class for pre-teens (age 12 and up)?

Of mice and men

Ok, what should be done with Phakit Mann on this site, please sound off here. Should he stay or go? If he is allowed to stay, what limits should be imposed? Should we even do anything? Have your say now. Anything goes. Post your thoughts here.

After seeing what you think, a decision will be made on Monday.

City officials drop $8.1M bombshell

"The city of Toledo is still facing a whopping $8.1 million deficit for 2008 even though Toledo City Council thought that year's budget woes were fixed when it redirected $8 million of unspent capital improvement money to help plug the hole."

Whaddya mean TCC thought the budget woes were fixed???

Who did we elect to fucking K N O W that the expenses are and if theyre paid or not??

English, please 2

Can anyone translate this? I don't know if this is good or bad for TPS.

Stimulus Schimulus

Both Bob Latta and the CAGW have come down hard on the so called stimulus package passed by the House yesterday. Latta was one of the very brave Republicans who said no to this huge boondoggle which is full of pork projects for Dems across the country. Listen to both interviews at and of course decide for yourselves, but at least be informed.

Jim Moody and Keith Wilkowski on Fox Toledo - together -updated

This is great:

I do not hate Jon Stainbrook Blog launched (apparently recently)

Well it`appears to have been launched a little bit ago, but anyways it is out there. It is highly diappointing that they don't allow comments, but some people are afraid of diverging points of view, so it is understandable. Without further adieu:

Port Authority and Toledo Express director leaving?

Could all of the controversy surrounding the Port Authority over the last year cause Eric Frankl to move on?
Eric J. Frankl, director of airports for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, is expected to be in Lexington Thursday to meet with local airport officials.

The Blue Grass Airport board's approval of Frankl for the interim post and the terms of his employment are expected to be finalized at a special meeting of the airport board on Thursday.


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following
statement after voting against H.R. 1, the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009.

"Stimulating our nation's economy cannot come from pork barrel spending.
The Democrat majority have littered H.R. 1 with wasteful government
spending that only puts our country further into debt with no real
effect on our economy in the immediate future. The non-partisan
Congressional Budget Office projects that 60 percent of the
discretionary spending in this bill will occur after 2010.

Toledo is #1 - in unemployment again

I doubt there will be any press conferences, award ceremonies or politicians patting themselves on their back over this benchmark, but Toledo is #1 again, in unemployment, in the state of Ohio. What is strange is that even though the City is #1 the county numbers are not the worst. I guess this shows how much better the suburbs are doing than the city. Of course the Democrats who solidly control the city will make excuses for this high rate or continue to blame Bush, but hey passing the buck has got the City of Toledo where it is today, #1, so it is to be expected.

Ben Konop’s pay at UT has more questions than answers

I was forwarded a tip from a concerned citizen about what is going on with Ben Konop at UT. I will be doing some follow-up but the concerns were about the time that Ben spends on his commissioner job while working at UT, his pay, and his ethics pledge.

Is Dave Nolan a good hire at the Toledo Conventions and Visitor Bureau?

Does it make sense to hire someone who was forced out of their job in Cleveland for extravagant spending? Well the Greater Toledo Convention and Visitors Bureau just did.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

He resigned in Cleveland -- with a handsome buyout package -- in October 2003 after the board put him on leave because of questions about excessive spending and travel, including a jaunt to the French Riviera, and an audit that said he led the bureau in a "cavalier and unconstructive manner."

Larry Kaczala knew not to take Tom Noe's money, but why did WSPD's Maggie Thurber decide to?

A week before former President George W. Bush was to come to Columbus for a fund-raiser in October, 2003, Tom Noe invited Larry Kaczala to meet him for breakfast at the Toledo Club.

Noe, a top fund-raiser for the Bush campaign, had an agenda for his meeting with Mr. Kaczala, who then was the Lucas County auditor and the county government's only Republican officeholder:

The former GOP power broker wanted Mr. Kaczala to help him make illegal contributions to the Bush campaign.
Read: Dems want Noe to address lingering questions

Fred blasted me on the radio Friday. But I say 'buy American' !

America used to manufacture all it's own goods. Are we really ahead delegating this to the Chinese? Fred, if local Toyota dealers close, that is more jobs for local American made dealerships. This auto manufacturing base is our last stonghold. BTW , I am part of Take Back Toledo, Fred. I just disagree on this one. A & S auto sales on Tremainsville rd is a big advocate of America first.

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