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Northwest Ohio

Dewine's comments in e-mail about Stainbrook

So last night, after my bed time, I received an e-mail that stated the following:

Columbus, OH - Last week, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine
(R-Fairborn) took bold action to reign in Lucas County GOP Chairman Jon
Stainbrook. In response to an e-mail exposing Stainbrook's history of
secretly recording private conversations with fellow Republicans and leaking
them to media outlets, Chairman DeWine issued the following strong words of
"Secretive taping of conversations is distasteful."

Restaurant Association Scolds Council-Rufty On With Fred Thursday BLATANT MEDIA ALERT

Greg Rufty, President of the NWORA, will be on Thursday morning at 8:30 to discuss the letter sent by the group to members of city council. The letter takes the council to task over the possible loss of liquor license by Nick and Jimmy's. After 30 years a complaint about noise has put the restaurant/bar in jeopardy. Talk about business friendly!
Also Mike Bell at 7a.

Sylvania TownshipTen Mile Creek Watershed plan meeting with county engineer Early

Sylvania Township, Lucas County
Media Release: March 23, 2009

The Sylvania Board of Township Trustees will host the Lucas County Engineer, the Lucas County Building Regulations Department and the Lucas County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) at the Sylvania Township Administrative office on April 1, 2009 at 6:00pm to discuss the Ten Mile Creek Watershed within Sylvania, Richfield, Spencer and Harding Townships in northwestern Lucas County.

Mayoral Candidate Jim Moody Comments On Mike Bell's Campaign Entry

Commenting on Michael Bell's latest entry into the Mayor's race, mayoral candidate Jim Moody said that he, "welcomed Mike Bell's entry and looked forward to a candid and frank conversation on the important issues facing our neighbors" Toledo needs candidates who "offer a vision, with specifics on how that vision will be obtained" he said. Adding " Toledo can ill afford to do business as it has in the past including the way mayoral campaigns are won and judged".


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), a member of the
House Committee on the Budget, made the following statement regarding
today's proceedings:

"Now that the President's outrageous spending plan has been revealed we
must focus on massive cuts to the budget to bring this plan anywhere
close to a reasonable dollar amount. This budget plan does nothing more
than dump trillions of dollars on our future generations in debt
payments so that we can fund new government programs right now. As we
speak, families across the country are forced to make tough decisions

PMA Scandal Update, March 24, 2009

Slow start for Pelosi's new watchdogs

PMA Group founder once won earmarks for owner of Yankees

Bell In, Announces Today

According to the release from FLS Mike Bell announces today at 10 that he's in the race for mayor. He'll announce at Station 25 where started his career years ago. He's running as an Independent as predcited on WSPD weeks ago. Following the announcement the Chief heads to the local restaurants to press the flesh. Tomorrow morning he will be on with me beginning at 7a.

James Parlin: The most talked about show that no one saw

The most talked about show that no one saw is how Pennsylvanian artist James Parlin describes the controversy surrounding his exhibit at the Little Gallery on the Firelands branch of Bowling Green State University in Huron, Ohio. Yesterday evening, I got the chance to catch up with Mr. Parlin to talk about what happened and what he plans on doing next.

Blatant Media Alert- Council Candidate Sulewski On WSPD Wed- Mike Bell, Thursday

Still another newcomer to the political circus joins me on Wednesday. Steve Sulewski a block watch chairman and neighborhood activist wants a seat on council. We'll talk at 7:30. On Thursday Mike Bell, former Fire Chief, joins me at 7a for his first on air interview about his run for mayor.
We'll also play another round of "How Big Is The Deficit" for fun and prizes. The question of the day will be "How many Democrats does it take to ruin a city'? No fair cheating and looking at Detroit.

Latta courthouse conferences Seneca and Sandusky Counties

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) will host two
Courthouse Conferences on Friday, March 27th in Seneca and Sandusky

The Courthouse Conferences will provide constituents with an opportunity
to sit down with Congressman Latta to discuss issues that are important
to them, their families, and communities. Congressman Latta's district
staff will also be in attendance to assist with casework or issues
regarding Federal government agencies.

Courthouse Conference information is as follows:

Friday, March 27th
8:30-11:30 A.M.

Human Services Budget Issues

Ensuring that Ohioans have access to affordable health care without hindering them with high financial burdens is a continuing priority for the Ohio House of Representatives. As Ohio's population steadily ages, it is essential that Ohio's legislators continue to protect and deliver care services for the most vulnerable citizens of our state.

Don’t Build an Ark Yet! Help is on the Way!

The dedication and diligence of long-time township resident and property owner Penny Levine is paying off for residents of the Sylvania area. For many years residents of Sylvania Township have been treading water, but since 2008 they are now drowning.

Latta named to House budget committee and Latta files discharge petition on HR 581

WASHINGTON- Earlier today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) was
appointed to the House Committee on the Budget.

"Now more than ever, Congress must get serious about the trillions of
dollars we spend each year in the budget. My constituents, as well as
millions of other taxpayers across the country have made it clear that
they are tired of out-of-control spending in Washington and I look
forward to conveying that message for them as a member of this important
committee," Latta said today after receiving his appointment.

PMA Scandal Update, March 23, 2009

FBI investigates lobbying firm that is generous donor to Dicks, Murray

The Report Card

PMA’s End Is Near, But Firm Keeps Suing

FBI examining ties between campaign donations, defense earmarks

A Toledo Tea Party

When are we going to have a Tea Party here, the kind the news media likes to pretend aren't happening all over the country?,0...

Sears Announces Passage of BWC and Industrial Commission Budgets

COLUMBUS – State Representative Barbara R. Sears (R- Sylvania) yesterday announced the passage of the Workers’ Compensation and the Industrial Commission budgets with full bi-partisan support from the House Finance and Appropriations Committee.

lucas county deputies charged with assault

"Video of the Lucas County Jail shows Mike Mingione being brought in in handcuffs..."

History Documented

There was a great article in the Toledo Free Press about a new site called History Documented

Toledo Free Press

Written by Julie Ryan | |

Toledo-area war veterans no longer need to let textbooks tell their stories. Instead, residents and students can hear and see their narratives and learn from their experiences.

Saving the Lucas County Republican Party

Joe Pellman provides his thoughts on how to save the Lucas County Republican Party.
Nationally, we have seen the media frenzy surrounding a void in leadership of the Republican Party, most notably a clash between Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and radio show host Rush Limbaugh. While the national party fights to find its way, the same battle has been taking place in Lucas County for several years. The Lucas County Republican Party has lost its way, and the younger generation needs to step up and take the reins.

Have you gone to or used the 1 in 15 funeral homes in Toledo?

FTC finds that 1 in 15 funeral homes in Toledo have major violations of FTC rules for questionable practices.

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