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Glen Beck can't stop lying !

At an April 27 event at New York University, Beck portrayed his departure as self-initiated and suggested that Fox CEO Roger Ailes pleaded with him to stay, explaining:
"At the end, when we were leaving, it was a long process. Roger said to me, 'You're not going to leave.' And I said, 'I am.' And he said, 'Nobody does,' meaning leave television....And I said, 'I'm fortunate because I haven't been in it that long.' I knew what this big, huge Fox empire brought to the table, and I had to leave before I became too enamored of that."

But Fox News tells it differently:

Twinkees Are Back, Sort Of.

It looks like we will get our Twinkees back.. I wonder what will happen to all the "first model" ones folks were hoarding?

The New Federalist Party


It's a new political party - based on the Constitution and founding principles

Introducing the New Federalist Party


It's been a well known fact that the Democrats have supported homosexual marriage for years (I will not say gay) but now so are the Republicans. Both of the major parties have gone crazy as well as (if you believe the polls) a majority of the American people. This is a good reason for Christians to completely become disentangled from politics and focus on the Scripture and the well being of their own soul. We are left with only one option: praying for all of those who are swept up in this crazy movement.

This story made me smile....a lot!

Bill Maher thinks his taxes are too high! ROFL, hey Bill, "elections have consequences", eat shit and die!

Wealth Inequality in America made easy

Walmart sells a lot of products

But it doesn't look like they stock dignity.

Indicted Aaron Swartz Hires Keker & Van Nest

Aaron Swartz, who faces up to 35 years in prison, recently hired San Francisco-based Keker & Van Nest to represent him, according to court documents filed with the United States District Court of Massachusetts.

Attorney Matthias Kammber of Keker & Van Nest informed the court that Swartz's local attorney, Martin Weinberg, "will be withdrawing as counsel" and will be replaced by Cody Harris, Daniel Purcell, and top gun Elliot Peters, all of Keker & Van Nest.

Gang Members Mug Old Jewish Man During Hurricane Sandy

Man Arrested For Looting During Hurricane Sandy

Donald Trump's Response To President Obama Not Accepting The $5Million Offer

Teacher Suspended Without Pay For Posting Negative Comments On Facebook About Kindergartners


Cee Lo Green Accused of Sexual Battery Courtesy of Power 95.3 (What It Is)

Crazy Woman Rakes Leafs At 50 mph Winds While Hurricane Sandy Arrives

Hurricane Sandy Blows Over 3 Trees And Starts A Fire

Mitt Romney Leaks Barack Obama's Leaked Birth Video

So tired of self-important hollywood actresses who sanction murder

This is murder, and it's horrific. So how BRAIN DEAD do you have to be, regardless of your occupation, be it over-paid liberal politician, or godless hollywood actress - to have zero compassion for the unborn? There is a black dead part of these individuals' hearts. These are people who not only SANCTION this, but turn a blind eye to many of these murdered babies then being chopped up into body parts which are then sold. The Mafia has NOTHING on the abortion industry and its supporters.

Old Dominion University Student Snaps On Police After Being Ran Over By Officer

Shooting At Creflo Dollar's World Changers Church in Atlanta, GA

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Creflo Dollar's World Changers Church International

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