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The United States House of Representatives is poised to apologize to African Americans for Slavery.

A historical moment is at hand. The House of Representatives is poised today to apologize to African Americans for slavery, Jim Crow and the after affects of that institution that we, as a nation, still suffer from today.

Tennessee church shooter angry at "liberals"

A man who opened fire inside a church, killing two people with a shotgun hidden in a guitar case, was frustrated at being unable to find a job and blamed liberals and gays, police said on Monday.

Hype: The Obama Effect - Ken Blackwell is featured

Saw an ad for Hype: The Obama Effect and saw Ken Blackwell featured in the promos.

Obama Toledo HQ to open 7/24

This in via e-mail:
Toledo Campaign Headquarters

THURSDAY, JULY 24 at 5 pm

48 South Saint Clair

(next to Downtown Latte)


Crude Oil Falls as Hurricane Dolly Misses Fields, Dollar Gains

July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil fell for a second day in New York after forecasters expect Hurricane Dolly to miss fields in the Gulf of Mexico and the dollar rebounded, curbing investments in commodities.

TV, radio will regret print's plunge

An interesting article appeared in Variety and the Toledo Blade and WSPD were mentioned.
Let's face it: TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their news. So what happens to those "rip and read" broadcasters as print staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs strafing the newspaper industry?

'Bush adm should release strategic petroleum reserve'

WASHINGTON: Accusing the Bush administration of playing into the hands of big oil companies, a Democratic law maker has demanded that it release supplies from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that is now close to 700 million gallons, saying the country cannot go "begging" for long.

Midwest's flood-prone communities consider buyouts

" ST. LOUIS - Debbie Halcomb unpacked boxes as she moved back into her flood-damaged home, but worried that her damp carpet harbors mold. She enjoys the normally tranquil setting of Winfield, a community about three miles from the Mississippi River. But she's had enough. She's hoping for a government buyout so she can move to higher ground.

GM Reveals Plan to Save $15 Billion

General Motors will try to cut expenses by $15 billion by the end of next year through a combination of job reductions, production slowdowns, terminated retiree benefits and salary freezes, the company said yesterday.

mag Diss-Covers Obamas

Obama camp blasts New Yorker cover depicting candidate in Muslim-style outfit fist-bumping gun-toting radical wife ...

Parody or Fear Mongering?

Read Full Story Here

Government shuts down mortgage lender IndyMac

LOS ANGELES - IndyMac Bank's assets were seized by federal regulators on Friday after the mortgage lender succumbed to the pressures of tighter credit, tumbling home prices and rising foreclosures.

The bank is the largest regulated thrift to fail and the second largest financial institution to close in U.S. history, regulators said.

Phil Gramm Is Right

"In serious consideration for ambassador to Belarus." That's the role John McCain joked that former senator Phil Gramm might have in a McCain administration. Gramm is McCain's most senior economic adviser, the one best qualified to lead the finance team of a McCain presidency. Now, however, Gramm faces political exile because he made the mistake of telling the truth.

I've been an oil man all my life

America is in a hole and it's getting deeper every day. We import 70% of our oil at a cost of $700 billion a year - four times the annual cost of the Iraq war.

I've been an oil man all my life, but this is one emergency we can't drill our way out of. But if we create a new renewable energy network, we can break our addiction to foreign oil.

Fannie and Freddie are gonna need a bail out?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two biggest providers of financing for US home loans, tumbled to the lowest in 17 years in New York trading after a former Federal Reserve president said the companies may need a government bailout.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tumble on insolvency fears

Delta severs Toledo connections

Delta Air Lines announced yesterday that it will discontinue all passenger service to and from Toledo Express Airport, leaving the airport with only three airline carriers by this fall and daily flights to just two cities.

120-employee Kmart to close in Defiance

DEFIANCE — A Kmart store at 190 Stadium Dr. in Defiance is to close this fall, taking with it the jobs of 120 workers.

Having been employed as a tech who performed service in Kmart's as well as the other big box stores, the closure comes as no surprise, although I thought it would been sooner than this.

McCain touts plan to create jobs, help workers

PHOENIX (AP) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain acknowledged the steep drop in U.S. jobs and said he would help the economy by cutting taxes, encouraging free trade, building nuclear power plants and launching other initiatives.

Bowling Green State University program helps people, institutions get rid of mercury

BOWLING GREEN - In the last 10 years, David Heinlen and his co-workers have collected more than 11 tons of mercury.

That's 11 Volkswagen Beetles, 22 standard-sized refrigerators, or 4,500 Apple MacBooks.

Chrysler status shaky, analyst says

"DETROIT - Faced with soaring gas prices, a sputtering economy, and rapid U.S. market shift away from trucks, the U.S. auto industry's weakest player, Chrysler, may have to seek bankruptcy or sell its Jeep and Dodge Ram brands as early as next year, JPMorgan said yesterday.

But rivals GM and Ford are likely to get through the rough patch and turn a profit in 2010."

Police wnt u to fight crime w/txt msgs

TAMPA, Fla. - Police in the 1970s urged citizens to "drop a dime" in a pay phone to report crimes anonymously. Now in an increasing number of cities, tipsters are being invited to use their thumbs — to identify criminals using text messages.

Police hope the idea helps recruit teens and 20-somethings who wouldn't normally dial a Crime Stoppers hot line to share information with authorities.

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