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Paul Newman passes

For my money the greatest American actor ever and by all accounts an all-around great guy.

Pastor Speaks About The Republican Party and Sarah Palin!

You have to see this!

There have been many pastors speaking about the upcoming election.

Now a pastor from Baltimore, MD; Pastor Jamaal Harrison-Bryant of Empowerment Temple speaks about the Republican Party, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Pastor Bryant makes reference to Sarah Palin being bipolar as well as beng a product of a trailer park.

You can view it on YouTube:

Conservative columnist: Palin should quit

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker tells it like it is: Sarah Palin is in over her head and needs to go:

Sarah Slideshow

OK, couldn't resist this one. Extremely funny Sarah Palin slideshow that skewers many others besides her:

Palin 'blessed', 'protected' from witchcraft

Now that we know this, we can rest assured nothing bad should be able to infiltrate Sarah's mind and soul now as she bones up for the upcoming debates (if there are any):

Chrysler switching gears, to add electric car by 2010; 3 prototypes include Jeep Wrangler

The mountain-climbing, desert-traversing Jeep Wrangler could be headed on a new adventure: to an electric outlet.

Manufacturer Chrysler LLC yesterday unveiled an electric-drive prototype of the Toledo-built model intended to go 400 miles — about the distance between northwest Ohio and Knoxville, Tenn.— on eight gallons of gas.

Michelle Rhee raised here, leads Washington DC schools

Here is a good story that has has completely been lost locally. I was familiar with Michelle Rhee's appointment to lead the troubled DC school system, but it was only today I found out she grew up in the area (apparently Rossford).

AAA Michigan says gas prices down 28 cents

DEARBORN, Mich. — AAA Michigan says gasoline prices have fallen about 28 cents a gallon over the past week to a statewide average of $3.89.

Gas prices had risen quickly across the country with Hurricane Ike leaving refineries and pipelines idled and destroying offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. But prices eased amid the hurricane cleanup.

Care2 is proud to announce America's Favorite Animal Shelter contest!

It's here, animal lovers! Care2 is proud to announce America's Favorite Animal Shelter contest! Help your favorite animal shelter or rescue group win $10,000 by helping them get the most votes in our new contest!

How the contest works:

Need for heating help rising amid federal fund cut

With rising fuel costs and a stagnating economy, officials are anticipating more people will need help paying their home heating bills this winter through HEAP, the Home Energy Assistance Program.

But federal funding for the program has declined, meaning Ohio has about $55 million less than it did last year, said Chris Kozak, spokesman for Columbia Gas.

Toledo football franchise to join Walleyes in arena

A new species will soon be joining the Walleye in the fish tank.

The formation of a new arenafootball2 franchise that will begin play at the new downtown sports arena in April, 2010, is expected to be announced today at an 11 a.m. news conference.

Impact of election in Alaska-

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits

In stubbornly independent Alaska, the sudden intrusion of a political campaign into so many corners of state government -- not to mention Wasilla, where a dozen or more campaign researchers and lawyers have also begun overseeing the release of any information about Palin's years as mayor -- has touched a raw nerve.

Bush says government role essential to ease crisis

"This is a pivotal moment for America's economy," Bush said. He said that a financial contagion that began with low-quality home mortgages had "spread throughout our financial system."

"This has led to an erosion of confidence that has frozen many financial transactions including loans to consumers and to businesses seeking to expand and create jobs," Bush said.

What Russia Wants

The recent blowup between Russia and Georgia has ruffled feathers in Washington. Condi Rice has threatened a new cold war and warned that Russia will see itself isolated from the world community. Here is a great analysis of what this brouhaha is all about.

Moscow is not bent on world domination, just regional influence.
By Ted Galen Carpenter

Sarah Palin's glasses

I just found these glasses to inspiring....that I have contacted the manufactuer and added my name to the six-month-long waiting list. Hey, if it was good enough for Colin Powell...

Toward the end of video the glasses' designer says something interesting.

0bama's Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac connection,2933,423701,00.html

Tell me again how it's all the Republicans fault.
Of particular interest, this paragraph;

Even GOP says McCain must accept earmarks

Out on the stump, John McCain gets wild applause each time he promises as president to veto every spending bill that contains an earmark.

But McCain will find it almost impossible to live up to his vow, and gridlock would result if Congress refused to go along with such an executive branch power grab.

And that’s what members of McCain’s own party are saying.

John McCain: changing his tune

John McCain, the phoney 'maverick', is dancing to a different tune now that the financial meltdown is upon us:

Seeking Federal Loans, Automakers Cite Alternative-Energy Goals

Published: September 10, 2008

DETROIT — A proposed $25 billion federal loan program to help retool the American auto industry would speed the development of electric cars and other alternative-fuel vehicles, a Chrysler executive said Wednesday.

General Motors says federal dollars could help advance its electric Chevrolet Volt, whose chassis was on display in January.

Gov. Palin won't meet with TrooperGate Investigators

Governor Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate, has refused to meet with investigators concerning the TrooperGate issue. Is this a sign of things to come and didn't Kwame do something similar? Do we not learn by other's mistakes?

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