The Most Outrageous Promo Ever For Fred's Show

The Rev. John C. Jones, Pres. of the Greater Toledo Urban League, will be my guest on Monday to talk about Toledo Public Schools. The GTUL has called for a complete audit of the school system and it's finances. Other groups have joined in this call and they are gettting some push back already from the board.
We'll also talk about the TPS report card, and a new report that many newly built schools are having problems already with A/C and leaking.

Wolfman reneges on deal

"Wolfman" was notified by Certified Mail this week that he had posted lies about me and my resignation from WSPD and Clear Channel. I resigned voluntarily and any post stating otherwise is a lie.

Wolfman Gets the Axe

Michael Miller seemed to hit the nail on the head with this one. "Brian Wilson's War", Toledo Free Press, August 20, 2010:

"Wolfman often spars on SwampBubbles with WSPD morning host Fred LeFebvre and, as is his right, is unrelentingly critical of Toledo Free Press, WSPD and most local media; he has stated his rather paranoid belief that “The extreme right has control or indirect control of most of Toledo media.”......

Poorly Disguised Promo For Fred's Show On Wednesday

Both Superintendent Pecko and School Board President Vasquez will be my guests Wednesday beginning at 8a. We may have time for calls so please join us, and if you have questions for either you can reach me at

WSPD's Rhetoric Must Realign With Reality

I had an occasion to listen to WSPD today and really felt the need to comment on the idiotic rhetoric that I heard in the brief time that I listened. I don't know who the commentator was but it did not sound like Brian Wilson (thank God).
The main thrust of his commentary is that everything that has happened in America is the fault of President Barack Obama.

Comments back at your favorite local MSM outlet?

According to the announcement, they are allowing comments (again) on "all news, sports, business, and feature stories".

No comments on editorials, though - that would be a bad thing now, wouldn't it?

Terror Kitty and the Photojournalist

One of my first posts out here was a little rant regarding the use of photos in news stories. My point was that pictures can affect the way we view the story, and that the media knows it. The NY Times just hit me in the face with this one today: Really? "Awwww.... look at the sad widdle tewowist wid his widdle puddy tat."

Poor misguided, attempted-mass-murdering puddy tat! Sheesh.

Below are links to the NY Times story, and the original Swampbubbles discussion.

Who is the moron for the Wilson story?

Jobs! Yes, that's right jobs!!!!!

JOBsolutions of Hancock County announce the taking of applications for general warehouse associates at the newly built Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center in Van Buren.
Go to or Be sure to take the Boycott Home Depot sign off your front lawn.
Or visit JOBsolutions of Hancock County
7746 County Road 140 Suite B
Findlay, Oh 45840
Wednesday 9a-11a and 2p-4p

Good luck

BravoBox May 2010 edition:


BravoBox May:

Pandora - Neo-Luddites in Cyberspace: Exactly how dystopian does a brother’s world-view need to become in order to anticipate the ever-present, 24/7 need in potentia for a titanium spork?

Friends Don't Let Friends Write E-Mails

I don't know wolfman personally but receive occassional e-mails from him, and of course see his posts on here and elsewhere. I'm used to his disjointed rantings on various topics and ignore most of them but lately he seems to be reaching a breaking point of some sort.

Teen who killed Toledo cop moved to Toledo prison

The teenager who shot and killed a Toledo Police detective Keith Dressel in 2007 has been moved from a juvenile facility in Columbus to the Toledo Correctional Institution, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence.

Music stars need votes to bring playground to Toledo

Country music stars and The Home Depot want to bring a new playground to Toledo, but first they need your vote.

Photojournalism Ethics: Pathos and Fakery

In a truly righteous world (a world where bankers go to jail, American Idol isn’t fixed, and Thomas Friedman buys a thesaurus), photography in news publications would serve only two purposes: either to draw attention to a printed story, or to illuminate and bring impact to the written word. All too frequently, these functions are woefully subjugated to agenda, resulting in ethical dysfunctions (cue the oversight committees) of a size befitting the conglomerated juggernauts that dispense them.

Toledo Blade spelling error makes headlines


Spelling error makes Wall Street Journal's best of the Web, the Wall Street Journal has a moment of fun....

He's Luckey the Blade Can't Spell Any Better Than He Can
"Luckey Teen Wins Blade Spelling Bee"--headline, Toledo Blade, March 18


But then the Blade has the last laugh as noted in the Huffington Post:


And the Wall Street Journal responds:

Toledo Free Press “Star” debuts

Toledo Free Press launched its new “Star” issue on March 10. It is the only free weekly print source for arts coverage in NW Ohio.

“Our company is five years old, and we are very grateful to the region’s readers and advertisers for their role in helping us build a relevant and positive source for community news,” said Tom Pounds, president and publisher of Toledo Free Press. “This expansion offers a new demographic for content, readers and advertising messages.”

Blatant Right Wing Radio Promotion- Mayor Bell On 1370 WSPD Tuesday 7:30

Tuesday morning at 7:30a Mike Bell will be on the show to talk about the budget turned over to City Council this afternoon. 'Nuff said.

Toledo Free Press to begin publishing 2 days a week


A major media business expansion will be announced at 2 p.m. Thursday, February 25 at the Westfield Mall Franklin Park 16 Cinema De Lux theaters. Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce President Mark V’Soske and Regional Growth Partnership President and CEO Steve Weathers will join Toledo Free Press President and Publisher Thomas F. Pounds to announce that Lucas County’s largest circulation Sunday newspaper will expand to publishing two days a week starting March 10.

IRS Plane Attacker Part of ‘Right Wing,’ Christmas Bomber Just a ‘Lone Wolf’

Todd Warner Houston on is taking on those in the journalistic community who are happy to label the nut who flew the plane into the Tex IRS building an extreme right winger while the underwear bomber is just a lone wolf, same with the base shooter; either the media should call them all lone wolf nut jobs or part of a bigger plan.


David Kushma explains why editorials are not signed

While other major newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal Constitution do sign their editorials, David Kushma defends the Toledo Blade's stance. Some interesting tidbits:
There's a simple explanation, for those who are willing to hear it.

Our editorials aren't signed because they don't have individual authors. They represent the official opinion of The Blade as a newspaper, and the collective judgment of our editorial board.

He also says:

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