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Remember Marilou Johanek? She was that ditsy news reader on WTOL years ago. She had hair like Doris Day and wore dresses that would make Beaver Cleaver's mom envious.

How does someone who had a "news" career that was less than memorable end up receiving space in a newspaper writing her opinions? Well, it sure helps if that newspaper is the hapless Blade. Where else would an insipid woman of Johanek's stature actually be paid to write editorials?

I no longer subscribe to the Blade--haven't for about 6 years. Someone sent me a link to a November 24 editorial written by Johanek who used numerous ever-so-clever references to turkeys (it's Thanksgiving--get it) in describing Republican candidates and current office holders.

It's not worth providing you with a link to the editorial or bothering to copy and paste it here, but Johanek is the epitome of what's wrong with Toledo and Northwest Ohio. She calls Republicans "turkeys" and praises Marcy Kaptur. Of course, there's no reference to the fact that an ever-increasing number of local storefronts are empty, Lucas County's unemployment rate is the 24th highest of Ohio's 88 counties, and that Toledo Public Schools (the largest district in the county) has been downgraded to academic watch by the Ohio Department of Education (despite trying to improve the score by cheating on the attendance records).

Should someone tell Johanek that NW Ohio's decline has come about under total Democrat rule for as far back as any of us can remember--or should we just let her go on believing that the Republicans are to blame? I don't think we want to worry her pretty little Aqua Net hair.

don't you just love the blade?

Three things are certain in life: dying, taxes (well, at least for some of us), and the Blade being liberally biased.

I cancelled my subscription to the Blade after the 2008 election, and I try not to click on the website very often (don't want to contribute to increasing their advertising rates). But several friends and family talked about how the "newspaper" stressed that all the tickets for Obama's appearance at the Stroh Center had been "sold," but there were still "limited" tickets available for Romney's event at the SeaGate Centre.

I think that was meant to indicate that Obama is more popular than Romney. Disregarding the fact that college students have much more flexible schedules than working adults and that essentially the BGSU event's tickets were handed out to students, the Blade seemed to have forgotten to mention one important fact--the Stroh Center accommodates 5,000 people and the SeaGate Center's capacity is 9,000. Wow--I'm sure omitting that was just an oversight on the Blade's part.

The Muslim populace, not America, is under siege


Toledo Blade
August 20, 2012
The Muslim populace, not America, is under siege
Quote from article:

The media and its talking heads have a tendency to dismiss such an incident as the work of a lone, crazy man. But how could we not think that the xenophobic hatemongering that emanates from some Protestant pulpits and the ranting of right-wing radio shock jocks and born-again patriots might have something to do with it? (MORE)


THIS VIDEO IS PRICELESS! MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell was really trying to divert the conversation to blaming Romney for outsourcing jobs--the only problem was that she had no facts to support her claim. One can't help but to feel embarrassed for her as she stammered and stuttered as John Sununu chewed her up and spit her out!

Jon Stewart Provides a Reality Hip Check to MSNBC

Normally I would have included this as a comment in one of the posts related to the Wisconsin recall. But seeing as how one of our more "esteemed" posters fancies Jon Stewart video clips, a separate story just seemed more appropriate.

What happened to the Blade?

It's been coming for some time, but I think we can now say for certain that that Blade has ceased being a newspaper and has become a newsletter for the American Kennel Association that also prints other news if there's space left. "Teen saves family dog from chocking" is not front page news on even the slowest days for any real newspaper. Personally, I hope the Blade's next publisher is a cat person.

SHOES, CELEBS, AND YOU! Everyone is invited!


Join NFL, NBA and International Recording Artists in the 2nd annual Summer Shoe Drive.

Toledo’s Jasinksi Sausage Company offers FREE “Gourmet Kielbasa & Killer Griller Cookbook!

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Stikii: A Perfect Fit – Every Time!

Hello friends and fans! Are you interested in learning a bit about Stikii’s latest and greatest innovation? We’re pretty sure you are. One of the many new things that we have developed to make our customers shoe-wearing experience more enjoyable is the creation of the “Stikii Size Chart”. The piece is fun, vibrantly colored and serves a very practical and useful purpose!

If the Stikii shoes fit, your child might just become famous!

Is your kid special, does he or she like performing, modeling, singing or acting? Does your child like to be on camera or take pictures? Is your little one-not-so-little? Are they outgoing, easy to get along with, a natural leader? If they are NONE of those things, are they just plain CUTE AND ADORABLE? Would they like free Stikii shoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get your children involved with the Stikii Kids Club contest.

Female Veterans Call For Military Radio Channel To Drop Rush Limbaugh

Female Veterans Call For Military Radio Channel To Drop Rush Limbaugh After 'Slut' Remark
"A group of female military veterans issued a statement on Monday calling for Limbaugh's show to be pulled from the airwaves of the American Forces Network. AFN is a government-run media service that provides television and radio programming to American service members overseas."

Law of Unintended Consequences???

I'm not sure if this is how a boycott is supposed to work...

Investors flee Carbonite after Limbaugh announcement

Since Monday, Carbonite stock has fallen roughly 12% while the Nasdaq has only been down around 2.5%. Yesterday, Carbonite showed the 18th biggest decline of 8.74%, while the entire Nasdaq index was down only 1.36%.

Could CEO David Friend be rethinking his decision? (see below the fold)

Rush Slut Rant Backlash


Michael Douglas, star of Wall Street movie, to help FBI

FBI Building Insider-Trading Cases Against 120 People
Michael Douglas, star of Wall Street movie, to help FBI

Mark Levin - Wilson Of WSPD Uses His Own Political Views To Run His Station

HATE radio's finest hour! Too funny! You can't make this stuff up.

There's a Communist Living in the White House--Great Video!

Remember Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live? She was Dennis Miller's co-anchor on Weekend Update. She also was involved with the Toonces the Driving Cat skits. Victoria is a staunch Christian Conservative. It's strange to think that both she and Miller (a Libertarian) were on such a liberal show at the same time.

An Interesting Time for Talk Radio

It became apparent to me the other day that the 2012 election represents an interesting dilemma for talk radio. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of talk radio. While growing up in Toledo in the early 1970s, I would take my transistor radio to bed with me and listen to stations from as far away as Boston--stations that would come through clearly late at night. For the last 20 years, I have listened to Conservative talk radio for about 30 hours-per-week. While listening to Glenn Beck last week, I found myself... (read more)

Mitt the Ripper

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