Do you feel the local media is guilty of overkill in the policeman's coverage & funeral?

Positive negativity

WSPD's Brian Wilson has an OpEd piece in the Toledo Free Press called Positive Negitivity.

Friends with Benefits segment on 13 ABC

I've been seeing the promos for this segment on 13 ABC in the past week. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude. Far from it, ha ha. But does anybody else think that this is just un-needed, trasy, tacky jounalism? I thought it was kind of "low" the way the whole thing was presented. Interested to hear others' thoughts...

Popularity of Web brands signals power shift

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A consumer poll on Friday exposed the worst kept secret in the business world: Internet companies are becoming more important to people than firms that operate in the real world.

Google retained its title as the world's most influential brand, and video-sharing site YouTube and online encyclopedia
Wikipedia were catapulted into the top five at the No. 3 and 4 spots, according to the annual survey by online branding magazine

Stockholm in the rearview mirror

Interesting column from Mr. Miller at the Toledo Free Press:

It's not accurate or fair to use the geographical terms

My take on First Amendment Rights story

Wonder of wonders: the Toledo Free Press supports WSPD

Fox Toledo takes issue with Wilson's portrayal of mediation

I happened to be watching Fox Toledo news at 10 and I saw a 1-3 minute editorial by Karl Rundgren on Wilson column in this week's edition of the Toledo Free Press. Fox 36 did not post the editorial on their site (yet), so don't quote me on any of this. Karl basically they said they did not report the WSPD/Mayor incident until it went to court. They wanted to remain neutral and thought the problem was driven more by egos on both sides. They maintained they would report it once it became a legal issue. They thought that if WSPD was serious, they would follow suit, which they did. They also took issue with the mediation portrayal in the article. The article says Fox 36 wanted exclusive rights, but they said the mediation proposal specifically says they would share the video with other interested parties. You can read the proposal at:

Kucinich: Congress to pursue media fairness doctrine

The Presidential candidate said that the committee would be holding "hearings to push media reform right at the center of Washington.

WSPD's Brian Wilson on Friday hinted at legal action against the Mayor. If they filed a 1st Amendment suit, would you agree?

58% (32 votes)
38% (21 votes)
I don't know
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 55

Hildo: Carty looks to give away the store

This week's City Paper:


Hizzoner blocks WSPD from press conference

Carty blocks WSPD from press conference...does anyone have details on this? One more example of someone off the seems like there is more and more of this recently... what is going on?

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