How should police handle high speed pursuits?

The Blade's Courthouse Obsession

I get suspicious and not a little curious whenever the Blade starts printing daily stories and editorials about a particular topic, running it into the ground. The fate of the Seneca County courthouse seems to really be important to them. I'm not the only one; I know Fred talked about this on his show this morning.

Well, Here it is. The 'Latest Study' I always knew was coming-SECONDHAND OBESITY

How do I get money for a f***ing 'study'?

Study: Obesity Is 'Socially Contagious'
Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007 11:21PM EDT Story from AP / ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)

Looking for Simpsons fans


We are looking for Toledo-area fans of the Fox TV show "The Simpsons" for an upcoming story on this weekend's movie. If you have a collection of Simpsons memorabilia or stories to share about the show, please e-mail us at so we can contact you.

Michael S. Miller
Toledo Free Press

Podcast Interview

Recently, I was asked to do a podcast interview for Toledo Unplugged*. This is the link to that site and interview.

The host was a bit nervous and his tech issues are explained on the site. It's about 17 mins. or so. Thanks to Ervin for thinking I would make a good "1st" interview.

Polling Data

I like polls. I think they provide me with information. I think the problem with

Greg Palast on The Nookular Option

Be sure to tune into The Nookular Option (WXUT radio, 88.3 FM, 6-8 AM) on Thursday, May 31st. Our special guest will be NY Times best selling author Greg Palast. Among the many topics we

Who said this:"It is too easy

The answer might surprise you - I know it surprised me.,8816,1622015,00.html

Brain gain


Few phrases irritate me as much as

'Blade' Of Toledo to Layoff 20 Guild Workers

From Editor and Publisher: NEW YORK Claiming continued losses from the first quarter of 2007, The Blade of Toledo, Ohio is planning to layoff some 20 Newspaper Guild employees across several departments, according to Assistant Managing Editor Luann Sharp.

Blade finds 79 digitally altered photos

...An intensive investigation of Mr. Detrich's work, conducted by Nate Parsons, The Blade's director of photography, found that since January of this year, Mr. Detrich submitted 947 photographs for publication, of which 79 had been digitally altered.

Boycotting CBS and MSNBC.

Today I have decided to make a stand. Seeing advertisers rely on the Arbitron ratings for commercial prices, I am going to start MY boycott of the boycotting and the weakness corporations exhibit with threats from special interest groups.

Blade takes quick action on photo editing allegations

Has anyone seen the photo editing allegations of a Blade photographer? It is good that they are taking quick action on this.

No photo of wanted Killer in The Blade???


Lucas County bloggin

Welcome to the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog

View thoughts posted directly by your officials, respond to comments and read profiles of the members of Lucas County government.

Artical on a poll, (which I generally question the efficiency and accuracy of, but like this one:-) on media bias.


Poll: Bias 'alive and well' in press

By Jennifer Harper
March 16, 2007

Fox News Debate Cancelled

Fox News chair biased and alleges Barack Obama is a terrorist just because of name. Nevada debate is called off. Glad Fox's true colors are showing.

Matthew Keil

I wouldn't normally do this, but I just confirmed as a guest for tomorrow's show Deken Keil, Matt's brother. He is at Walter Reed with his brother who was seriously wounded in Iraq last week. He will be on at 8:30a. Don't know how many people read this late at night but I figured his friends and acquaintances might see this or hear of it.

XM-Sirius Radio Merger


Is this merger good or bad for the consumer? They have promised not to raise rates. Wouldn't this be a monopoly?

Here's the article:

If federal regulators allow the nation

Possible "Remake" of Star Trek

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