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Rev. Al Sharpton To Lead Citywide “Slowdown” And “Pray In” Tomorrow

• Reverend Al Sharpton will lead a citywide "pray-in" tomorrow at six locations around New York City.

• Participants in tomorrow’s "pray-ins" should be prepared to go to jail to protest the acquittals of the three detectives.

Troy Neff Show: Crystal Dixon Update

On Monday’s show Michael Miller calls to give us a Crystal Dixon update. Due to the astonishing response to our last post(Troy Neff Show: Breaking News from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press) Troy takes time to answer questions from UT student, Pink Slip and Chuck (caller)

The Toledo View This Week

This week's edition of the Toledo View...

In celebration of Mother's Day this month, we have interviews with:

Shenikwa Stratford, NBC 24 News Anchor and Robin Ross, Mary Kay Director.

We also have an interview with:

Greg Dempsey, Central Catholic High School Football Head Coach.

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. ~J.K. Galbraith

It's not easy to think for yourself sometimes. Often it's easier to listen to the people "in charge" tell you what they want you to believe without any critical questions being asked. No one wants to appear to be an ass after all. But without the critical questions and often negative appraisal we are left with people following like lambs to the slaughter.

Toledo 'Blade' Editor's Help To Mayor Questioned

I happened to come across this article at Editor and Publisher tonight. Ok it is 20 days old, but still, it is interesting to say the least.

NEW YORK Did Dave Murray of The Blade in Toledo, Ohio, cross an ethical line when he agreed to review a presentation the mayor was preparing for an international competition?

Toledo Blade Reach Dropping

The Toledo Blade was a part of a report by Scarborough Research titled: 2008 Newspaper Audience Rating Report as noted in Editor and Publisher today. It looked at the reach of a newspaper in a particular market through its Web site and print. The Toledo Blade print reach decreased 5% from the year before (from 58% to 53%).

Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD Is Hooked On Posting

Intelligent interview with candidate for mayor of Toledo. Keith Wilkowski says he wants to be mayor of the city of Toledo. Yes it's early at 18 months but don't expect tv spots or constant press conferences just yet. Wilkowski wants to build an organization and funds for the expected run. Listen to the interview on the podcast page at later today.

#1 Morning Talk Show On WSPD To Host Brian McMahon

Thursday morning Brian McMahon of Danberry Realty will be my guest to discuss recent developements the WSPD News Department has uncovered regarding property near Toledo Express. For the last two years at least I have suggested as have others that we should look at an intermodal facility at the airport.

John Foley Interview

The interview link with John Foley has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may now log onto the Toledo View to hear the entire interview with Mr. Foley.

In the interview, TPS Superintendent, John Foley - Sets the record straight about TPS, Scott High School and much more!

To listen, log onto...

Ohio Media Suffers Collective Amnesia on AG Marc Dann's Party

From BizzyBlog:

Ohio's Old Media needs a collective medical intervention to battle Chronic Reporting Amnesia (CRA).

Ohio's Democratic Attorney General, who has been no stranger to controversy since his election in November 2006, is in major hot water over the conduct of two employees on his staff:

'Expelled ', the movie , debuts Friday the 18th - the largest US.opening of a documentary - updated

Smaller Trailer:

The Toledo View

This week on the Toledo View:

Toledo Public Schools Superintendent John Foley sets the record straight about TPS, Scott High School and much more!

Pastor John Walthall talks about the state of 'the church' and how the church at-large has compromised their position within the community and abroad.

Also controversial editorials entitled:

Iwo Jima Photo Disrespected By Time Magazine

Unbelievably Time magazine has decided to use the iconic photo of the raising of the flag on Mt. Suribachi in thier global warming issue. The flag being raised by courageous Marines is replaced with a tree!!!!!

Sapara and Robinson Respond To Konop Attacks

Matt Sapara and Rob Robinson of the LCIC will appear with a radio host to be named later, Wednesday on the Morning News on 1370 WSPD at 7:30a. They will respond to charges and innuendo brought by commissioner Ben Konop at Tuesday's meeting. Expect questions that are direct and to the point.

The Republican fight for central committee, an audio log

The local radio stations have been doing a really good job talking to different Republicans about the battle. Here are some links to interviews, so you can make your own decision.

4/04/08 - Bob Riechert - Troy Neff
Troy notes that John Robinson Block was with Jon Stainbrook at the Mudhens opener and other things.

4/04/08 - Joanne Wack - Troy Neff


This week's edition of The Toledo View features interviews with Comedian Corey King of 92.5 Kiss FM, and Fitness Trainer Teri Brillhart of Super Fitness.

We also have the word on the streets from Jim Caputo, Ashley Lewis and Chester Taylor.

There is also a hot and controversial editorial, "Why Uncle Tom's and Aunt Jane's Are Necessary!"

Of course there is so much more...


A new edition of the Toledo View will be released on Monday, April 7.


Dr. Stephen Goldman - Exposes The Truth About Toledo Public Schools

National Gospel Recording Artist, Tye Tribbett - Get's Personal About Ministry

Interviews Also With:

Pastor Raymond Bishop
Attorney Lafe Tolliver
Gary Daugherty

Bye, Bye Wilson


50,000 Marchers or more coming to Lima, OH...could this be a repeat of what happened in Jena????

A radio talk-show host pledged to organize 50,000 marchers from across the country to protest a fatal police shooting on the eve of an officer’s trial in Lima, OH.

This could be bigger than the Jena rally!!!!!!

Read more on the Toledo is posted on the main page.

Another paper


What do you think of this paper?

I ran across this for the first time today.

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