Lucas County

Lucas County

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

Vote NO NO NO on the Oregon School Levy. Tell the School Board to fix the problem, Not Tax our Homes. Let them know that No means NO !

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!

Toledo revenues soar from economic zones

"The city of Toledo's revenue last year from
tax-sharing agreements with other communities increased sharply after
dipping a year earlier.
The city so far has collected $913,596 for 2007 from its joint economic
development zones and districts with Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford, and
Monclova Township.

Konop details problems with LCIC

Ben makes a strong case for why we don't need LCIC.

Marcy Kaptur a YouTube Diary

(YouTube and others :))
Bernake coverage on CNBC:

Unbid contracts in Lucas County must be a problem, Konop is proposing a solution

Something that will effect the commissioner race this year:

“In 2008, Lucas County can no longer be allowed to do business in the back rooms without a competitive bidding process,” stated Konop. “Taxpayer dollars must be maximized to their potential and this measure will help to get the best value for taxpayers.”

Toledo Free Press reports on Democrats failing to follow party bi-laws and possible laundering of money to candidates

If you did not hear on 1370 WSPD or on Fox 36, the Toledo Free Press will be tackling Lucas County Democrats who violate party bi-laws by contributing to non-endorsed democrats. Some of the questions that were asked were if the D's allow them to violate the contributions without sanctions, then the party is a party of men, not rules.

Lucas County GOP director's e-mail slams Stainbrook's recruits

The executive director of the Lucas County Republican Party singled out local precinct committee candidates in an e-mail to party leaders this week, but her descriptions of them - "total loser," "liberal," and "nut job" - has raised the ire of the party faithful trying to resuscitate the local GOP.

Toledo father sues over son gnawed by pitbull

From WTOL news: A Toledo father is suing Lucas County's Child Protective Services (CPS) claiming it's their fault a pit bull chewed off his son's foot.

$2M decrease expected in '08 Lucas Co. budget

The Lucas County commissioners are expected to
pass a 2008 budget today that includes a $2 million decrease in
spending from last year and a $2.7 million deficit to be made up
through the county's reserve fund.

Republicans file more committee precinct chairs than Democrats in Lucas County

A total of 765 petitions were filed as of yesterday for precinct committee person, of which 370 were by Democrats and 395 by Republicans.

"There's a diverse group of people. They're fresh faces, people who can be involved in the presidential election. The party can use these people," Mr. Stainbrook said after he delivered the petitions to the Lucas County Board of Elections.

More evidence that term limits have been a complete bust for Ohio

Term limits were and are a terrible idea, but in 1992 Ohioans fell for ballot-initia tive hucksters' promise that instituting them on the General Assembly would bring new faces to Columbus.

It didn't happen.

Here's what has happened instead: Powerful lobbyists are even more powerful, and legislators worry more about the next job than the one they're supposed to be doing now.

This takes the cake for the week

Ben Konop driving without insurance And Karyn Hancock faking her kidnapping....

One hell of a week in this shithole we call Toledo!!!!!

there’s one thing he expects in return for the money

"County policy casts light on appointees’ donations
49 of 250 serving on boards gave to commissioners’ campaigns since 2004

Arena may not draw big names

If you've already bookmarked Ticketmaster's Web site in anticipation of all the fantastic entertainment acts that will be streaming into Downtown Toledo to perform at the new arena, I have an unwelcome prediction for you.

Lucas County levies 15 fines for defying smoke ban

(a special treat for Madjack)

Fifteen fines of $100 to $1,000 each have been issued to 11 establishments in Lucas County for repeat violations of the state's smoking ban, the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department said.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles, 5050 Jackman Rd., has received the most civil fine letters so far at three, with the last levying a $1,000 penalty.

Lucas County applicants must reveal donations from family, selves

Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop mixed past campaign promises for open government with his recent feud over economic development to create a resolution approved by his fellow commissioners yesterday.

Best new sport team names?

"Support Our Troops Rally" to be held at UT

There will be a "Support Our Troops Rally" on November 13 from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm on the back steps of the University of Toledo Student Union (Student Union Auditorium if bad weather). Speakers include State Rep. Mark Wagoner, Ohio Vets for Freedom, several campus veterans, and many more.

Voting for theft and slavery

The theme of the pending vote for the proposed levies for COSI, Metroparks, library and TARTA is clear. It is not a new one in government bureaucracy and certainly not new in Toledo. That theme is

Ohio EPA reinstates permit changes for FDS coke plant on Maumee Bay

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency yesterday reinstated several of the major 2005 permit modifications that a state panel stripped away from FDS Coke Plant LLC in June, including one that attempts to cap the proposed coking facility's mercury emissions at 51 pounds a year.

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