Lucas County

Lucas County

Workshop targets Toledo's vacant house issue

From lowering property values to increasing the risk of fire and crime, vacant properties contribute to a number of neighborhood problems, as anyone who has ever lived near one can attest.

Telb's sheriff department under investigation by the FBI? Can't be.

I can't believe that the Sheriff's department is under investigation by the FBI. They have been the epitome of perfection in the last 15 years. Guns getting smuggled in, drugs, mistaken releases, deputies now serving behind bars, those are nothing but little blips on such an impeccable record. Someone please pinch me.

Disaster properties eligible for tax cut

People who have experienced property damage because of flooding or other natural disasters are reminded that they may qualify for a reduction in property taxes.

Heated discussions with the Mayor's office, in Toledo? Really?

Slow start for Toledo-Oregon coking factory draws ire
Drawn-out process adds to city-port rift

On paper, construction of a multimillion-dollar coking works on the Toledo-Oregon border near the Port of Toledo began months ago, to preserve regulatory permits for the project that otherwise would expire.

Checking Out the Library

A morning errand took me to downtown Toledo today. As my older son had been looking for a book which our local branch library did not have available, I thought I would check out the main library since I was downtown anyway. I want to say I was pleasantly surprised.

TARTA (Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority) Information

TARTA Facts:

TARTA Funding Sources:

Passenger Income

Federal Assistance

Property Tax

State Assistance

Other Revenue
$27,050,669 100%


Delta severs Toledo connections

Delta Air Lines announced yesterday that it will discontinue all passenger service to and from Toledo Express Airport, leaving the airport with only three airline carriers by this fall and daily flights to just two cities.

North Toledo group plans subdivision to lift community

For sale: New single-family homes, close to brand-new elementary school, park land, convenient to downtown, transportation, other amenities.

Sound appealing?

A North Toledo development organization hopes buyers think so.

A nice 4th of July video by Jon Stainbrook

If it is on the Internet, I can find it. So when the patriotic song by Jon Stainbrook mysteriously disappeared, I took it upon myself to see if it was anywhere else. And by golly, some admiring myspace fan posted the song on their site and if you feel patriotic after listening to it, you can share and embed it on your site because that user of course had permission to post it....right?

Ex-city councilman will battle Wozniak for commission seat

Jan Scotland, an insurance agent who once held an appointed seat on Toledo City Council, said he plans to seek the Republican endorsement to run for Lucas County commissioner against Democratic incumbent Tina Skeldon Wozniak.

Finkbeiner touts jobs, progress in downtown Toledo

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday painted a bright picture for the city's downtown development and job creation while just hours later Toledo City Council's finance committee received some dire warnings for next year's budget.

Toledo airport affected by gas prices

TOLEDO, Oh -- A recent study by the Business Travel Coalition identified Toledo Express Airport as one of the 100 markets most likely to lose some or all passenger service.


How interesting that one day after I talk about how large government spending to restart the economy on WSPD, that Ben Konop comes out and writes an article on how proud he is about doing such a thing. Of course I had no clue he would be writing this piece, but I wanted to reemphasize that this area is a perfect example of how government spending to create jobs does not work.

Stainbrook appears to say that all BOE members should not be paid, even himself

I read with great interest the Blade today. What was really interesting was the photo of shredded paper without any context. One wonders why it was added and looks strange compared to the rest of the article.

The second thing I noticed was what appears Jon to be saying that Board of Elections members should not be paid. Jon does this mean you will decline to be paid if you get on the board?

Over 2,200 workers to be laid off at Toledo Jeep

More than 2,200 workers at the Toledo Jeep Assembly complex will be laid off for nearly two months because of dismal sales of the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro, United Auto Workers officials said yesterday.

This Week on The Toledo View

This week on the Toledo View...

Interviews with Jeanine Perry and Art Jones.

Toledo View has also changed it's format, at the request of many of our viewers, you may now listen to previous interviews of the Toledo View.

Thoughts of an Internet terrorist trying to move on

Another day another disappointment. Now I am an "Internet Terrorist".

For the record....and for some it is long

Lisa Renee has compiled a list of publicly accessible records based on the previous and past leadership of the Republican Party. Why is this important?

My welcome to the meeting today and the results - updated

6/14 First about the results: I just got back from the meeting, Jon Stainbrook did win the chairmanship. Matthew Bartow was nominated as the interim chair which was sad Stainbrook associates himself with the corruption he says he wants to clean house of. I guess it depends on who is helping you right? The vote was around 87/100.

Blade omsbudsman defends former official's rap sheet coverage

Jack Lessonberry talks about the Blade coverage of Wack.


By serving as GOP executive director, Ms. Wack did just that. She was
not a mere behind-the- scenes functionary; she dealt with the media and
the public and wasn't shy about saying what she thought about Democrats.

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