A Waste of Police Resources

The recent raid of Platinum Showgirls by three undercover police officers and a health department inspector, then by "a half dozen uniformed police officers", is a shocking waste of Toledo's stretched police resources. What was the purpose of the raid? Drugs, guns, white slavery, felony crime? No, they were there to bust smokers!

In Toledo it is illegal to throw a snake and other odd laws

In Cleveland, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license. It's also against the law for women to wear patent leather shoes, lest men see reflections of their underwear.

In Bexley, the installation and usage of slot machines in outhouses is prohibited. In Marion, you cannot eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street. In Toledo, throwing a snake at anyone is illegal.


UFCW Holiday Card Bashing Wal-Mart

SOUTH TOLEDO -- 'Tis the season for Christmas cards, but South Toledo residents are getting some very unique ones that are not full of holiday cheer.

The card in question looks like your typical Christmas card, and comes in your mail box just like any other. But it's actually card-bashing Wal-Mart and the way they do business.

Eric Babos web site claims his innocence in the murder case of John Riebe on Dec. 15, 2004 in Sylvania,Ohio

Eric Babos still claims his innocence in the murder of John Riebe who was found murdered on Dec. 15, 2004 at his home located on Talmadge Road in Sylvania, Ohio

U.S. Citizens Question Terror Watch Lists

Toledo, Ohio native Zak Reed is tired of being stopped and detained at the Canadian border every time he tries to drive home.

"I don't feel very welcome in my home at all," Reed tells CBS News. "In fact, I feel like I am not wanted in my country any more."

Forcing to live in City has been ruled OK on appeal

COLUMBUS - An appellate court yesterday unanimously sided with cities in their battle against the state over whether municipal employees must live in the cities for which they work.

The three-judge panel of the Lima-based 3rd District Court of Appeals struck down a 2006 state law prohibiting cities from requiring their workers to live where they draw their taxpayer-funded paychecks

Police impersonator strikes again


There is a safety warning out from Toledo police. A man posing as an undercover officer has struck again. Toledo police say they have no suspect. Dewan Bennett says the guy running around town posing as a fake undercover cop drives a green or teal SUV. Bennett says the suspect got him to pull into a 711 on Lagrange.

Just One Reason We Should Dump Guantanamo and the Secret Trials

"GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) - The U.S. government has for years had secret evidence that could help a young Canadian prisoner defend himself in the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals, a military defense lawyer said on Thursday."

Arrogance of power, round two

Mayor Carty and his dog Scout

November 1, 2007 - Your tax dollars pay for city offices located inside One Government Center. People who work there are prohibited from bringing their pets to work for a number of reasons, including health and safety. Yet, Mayor Finkbeiner brings his dog nearly every day. 13abc's I-Team reporter Ronnie Dahl has been investigating whether he's breaking the rules.

Pets are not allowed in One Government Center. But assistance dogs are and that seems to be how Scout is gaining access to the mayor's workplace.

Scout was on his way to becoming an assistance dog when a medical condition sidelined his career. He developed arthritis in his elbow and that disqualified him from being a working assistance dog. So, the mayor adopted the yellow lab.

He's now a regular fixture at One Government Center, attending press conferences, taking walks with city employees and even enjoying curbside service at pickup time.

Bishop's Lies Bought by Toledo Blade

After reading The Blade's recent article on Jim Bishop, I am dumbfounded that a man running for judge could be so arrogant to simultaneously act as a defense attorney for his wife Maureen Bishop, in the same court that he was appointed prosecuter. I would call that a major conflict of interest when your fellow co-workers are prosecuting a case against you.



Privacy Issues: PA Woman arrested for swearing at home

Dawn Herb could face up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300.

Pa. woman in hot water for profanity-laced tirade at toilet

Foes, friends brace for this week's trial of teen accused of killing Toledo detective


The echoes of a deadly gunshot on a foggy February morning still reverberate months later as family members, attorneys, and police officers prepare for the beginning of Robert Jobe


When: Saturday November 3, 2007 12:00 noon

Location: Charleston, West Virginia. Beginning in front of West Virginia State Capitol Building and Marching through Charleston, West Virginia.

Kaczala's Kicks Off Campaign

Somewhere in his busy schedule of vandalizing local property I'm told Larry Kaczala squeezed in a fundraiser last week at 20 North Gallery.

Any word on if Cpt. Noe was able to sneak out his liscene-plate stamping stipend to help build Larry's coffers--for old time sake?

Top Jim Bishop Campaign Aide's DUI Trial

The top campaign aide to Toledo Municipal Court Judicial Candidate, Jim Bishop, was supposed to begin his trial in Judge Jensen's court last Tuesday, October 9th. Campaign aide, Gary Groszewski was facing a possible 18 months in prison for his 16th DUI conviction.

Woman Faces The Music, Loses Download Case


Woman Faces The Music, Loses Download Case
Jury Finds Minn. Woman Violated Copyright Law, Orders Her To Pay Record Companies $220K

(AP) The recording industry won a key fight Thursday against illegal music downloading when a federal jury found a Minnesota woman shared copyrighted music online and levied $222,000 in damages against her.

Criminal Scrappers at it again. Citizens Prevent Disastor

2246 Putnam, last known to be a crack house, vacant since early summer, nearly blew to smithereens at noon today. Why?

Young thieves kicked in the side door in an attempt to steal the copper pipes. Apparently, they had no tools and in the committing of the crime, yanked a natural gas pipe apart spewing natural gas all through the house.................

Judge strikes down Ohio Net-censorship law

It's no surprise that politicians are rarely conversant with the limits on their legislating found in the U.S. Constitution. But it is worth noting when federal judges have actually read the First Amendment and strike down a law accordingly.

13 congressmen subpoenaed in bribery case

By Richard Simon

Los Angeles Times

Rep. Norm Dicks plans to fight his subpoena.

Randy "Duke" Cunningham pleaded guilty in 2005.


Desperate People Do Desperate Things - Dwayne Morehead's Personnel File Put On Public Display

The press conference at Government Center today to protest the termination of Dwayne Morehead was attended by members of the community and the Press. The Toledo Journal, The Soujouner Truth, The Toledo Blade, Channel 13 and WSPD radio attended. A number of concerned citizens attended as well.

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