Judge strikes down Ohio Net-censorship law

It's no surprise that politicians are rarely conversant with the limits on their legislating found in the U.S. Constitution. But it is worth noting when federal judges have actually read the First Amendment and strike down a law accordingly.

13 congressmen subpoenaed in bribery case

By Richard Simon

Los Angeles Times

Rep. Norm Dicks plans to fight his subpoena.

Randy "Duke" Cunningham pleaded guilty in 2005.


Desperate People Do Desperate Things - Dwayne Morehead's Personnel File Put On Public Display

The press conference at Government Center today to protest the termination of Dwayne Morehead was attended by members of the community and the Press. The Toledo Journal, The Soujouner Truth, The Toledo Blade, Channel 13 and WSPD radio attended. A number of concerned citizens attended as well.


A neighbor just informed me that they saw and spoke with Karl "Tiger" Johnson, the man that assaulted my wife. He was "Let Go"..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The system to protect us has FAILED AGAIN!!!!!

Toledo official fired over issue of medical leave

Dwayne Morehead, who campaigned hard for Carty Finkbeiner for mayor in 2005 but later claimed racial discrimination over a job reassignment, has been fired.

Mr. Morehead, 34, was an administrative specialist with the city's Board of Community Relations at an annual salary of $45,000. He was terminated for "job abandonment," said Brian Schwartz, the mayor's spokesman.

Toledo City Council declares a

Acting to head off a legal dispute that spilled over into Lucas County Common Pleas Court, Toledo City Council yesterday rolled back the calendar two weeks to allow Republican Rob Ludeman to act as president momentarily

Emergency Block Watch Meeting - Toledo Model Block Watch Area

Dear Toledo Businesses/Residents,

We are writing to spread awareness of the recently announced Emergency Block Watch meeting:

When: September 7, 2007 (Friday) at 7:00pm

Where: 3274 Upton Ave. (Bethany Lutheran Church)

Toledo council's move to pick Ashford 'inappropriate'

The City Charter states the council only can elect a new president midyear after the

When rights turn to 'privileges' (article)

colorado voices
Property rights become privileges
By Mark Hillman

Anyone who has grown up on a farm or ranch hears this maxim: "Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you."

A farmer or rancher who doesn't take care of the soil will soon find that the soil won't produce enough to make ends meet.

Answers awaited on Dems' meeting

The charter indicates that council is nonpartisan since ballots for election have no partisan identification.

So when the eight-person Democratic majority gathered last week to address internal party rancor, Mrs. Shultz concluded they held a clandestine session in violation of Ohio's open-meetings law.

X Marks The Spot-woman told where to smoke in her own garden

No doubt coming soon to a state you choose to reside in:


Woman banned from smoking in own garden
The Local ^ | 23rd August 2007 | Paul O'Mahony

Vick to plead guilty in dogfighting case

RICHMOND, Va. - Less than a month after saying he looked forward to clearing his name, Michael Vick now acknowledges the heinous acts associated with his name are true.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback said through a lawyer Monday that he will plead guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charges, an admission that likely will mean prison time.

Public defender budget cuts at issue

A Toledo City Council committee agreed yesterday the city should not cut the 2007 budget of the public defender's office in Toledo Municipal Court - even though city prosecutors appear to be outmanned - because it could trigger a constitutional challenge.

The city prosecutor now has fewer than one lawyer per courtroom, due to budget cuts of the last two years.

How should police handle high speed pursuits?

Shakedown at Ottawa Park

Today was the City Wide Block Watch Picnic held at Ottawa Park. Since it was held on city property, I assumed that it was OK to pass out literature for Cheryl Catlin's campaign for the Toledo School Board. Wrong! We were first told that we could not pass out literature. So we stopped. We were then told that we could not actively campaign, such as talking to people.

City worker accused of DUI to go on trial Oct. 9

"Defense attorneys Alan Konop and Peter Wagner have argued through motions and in several hearings before Judge James Jensen that the blood sample and Breathalyzer tests administered to Mr. Groszewski are not admissible for several reasons, including because they were acquired during the course of an investigation by his employer and not by a police investigation.


Toledo Police are seeking this man, Karl Jeffery Johnson,(50) of Toledo in connection with a warrant issued for his arrest today. This warrant is in connection with the assault on Karen Quigley Of Putnam st. Toledo. If you have any information or know the whereabouts of this individual, please contact the Toledo Police at once. He is to be considered Armed and Dangerous.

13abc catches Carty parking in handicap spot, left dog in car

13abc is reporting that Carty was ticketed for parking in handicap spot and he also left dog in car. Carty said he parked there because his dog was in the car and the spot had shade and the spaces were empty. He said he was getting treatment for a partially torn Achilles tendon. He said he would pay the ticket. He did not have a handicap sticker.

Toledo gets it's pitbull ordinance upheld by the Ohio supremes -- big day for NWO in Columbus, eh?

I've never had a pit bull as a pet. However, I can see how people could get very emotional about this issue. What do you do if you have a pit bull?

Dwayne Morehead given 30-day suspension

By: The Toledo Journal
The Toledo Journal
Originally posted 7/17/2007

Journal Staff Writer

Dwayne Morehead told The Journal last May that Mayor Carty Finkbeiner was arranging to have him fired. A letter he recently received from the mayor

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