Says it all. You can vote with your wallet and buy a cup of joe anywhere without the tired, old, boring antagonism.

Improvements at the VA far too slow!

One concern that Mikey and I share should be a concern to every American -- it is the treatment of military veterans. Here's link to an article delineating the problems that are not being properly addressed by the current administration:

Breeding Hatred and Swampbubbles

It is this kind of hatred and disrespect that I see here that breeds the kind of people who shoot down airplanes and kill innocent men, women and children. I'll not be posting on Swampbubbles any longer until the atmosphere changes. Chris Meyers, thanks for providing a venue for people to share ideas and interact with the community of humans. I have been a member for 7 years and 24 weeks but the air has become way too toxic for me.

Right-wing media's JANUARY petition to Free Bergdahl "by any means necessary"!_1-2014-_PJ_Media_Encourages_Readers_to_Sign_Petition_to_Free_Bergdahl_By_Any_Means_Necessary/comments/

PJ Media being one of the big right-wing Teabagging outlets, lest we all forget.

Whoopsie! Guess all our Swamp Bubbles Tea-Tards were for it before they were against it, eh?

Right-wing Pussies like DTOM, Fred, Galt, GZ, and MikeyA To #OccupyDC Starting Today

Yes it's true, tens of millions of Teabaggers are going to magically appear in DC today and take over the government by camping out and demonstrating. You know, like #Occupy but with old fat nutjob armed Teabaggers riding their Rascal scooters around and waving their misspelled, racist signs.

ADMIN EDIT - taken off the front page for inappropriate post, but kept up as an example of what is wrong.

The Theme On Most Posts Is Basically The Same: The Rich v. The Rest Of Us.

A large number of posts now, seem to be about "The Rich", how terrible they are, and how undeserving they are. Says who? Being bitter about being as poor as most of us doesn't help one bit, and only hurts yourself and your peace of mind. Here's a person who has learned how to deal with being poor, while maintaining his dignity!

the "without them--I'm/we're unnecessary" test


There's an ignorance growing among Americans. Something that was rare during most of America's history. It used to be that people recognized that Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt were providing jobs for people. Sure--they had riches beyond most citizens' imaginations--but people appreciated the good things they did for the Country (employment and philanthropy).

The liberals have systematically denigrated "the rich" by appealing to the entitlement population who believes that taking money from the rich and giving it to the government will make them (individually) richer. This is ignorance at its finest.

To put things in a logical (and not emotional) perspective, people need to apply the "WITHOUT THEM--I'M/WE'RE UNNECESSARY" test. Here goes.

Black Discrimination in America


War of the Roses

Here's to Chuck, Coward, and of course Dale, all the androgynous creatures who post on FB. This is #7 of the ten points made in the article. I look forward to your little girl kicking and screaming how inaccurate these observations are.

7) The “Privilege” Trap


They very often persecute and murder, is how they operate:

Now why oh why didn't Diane Sawyer, Brian What's-his-name, & Pelley (not to mention Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill) ... do an in-depth piece on these brutal beheadings?

Can You accurately judge someone by their name



Another year of gay pride--another freak show


I was in Minneapolis over the weekend; and lucky me, it coincided with the gay pride parade.

I retuned to my hotel just as the "parade" was ending. After observing the participants, it made me wonder if these types of events actually do more harm than good for the gay cause.

I can't say that I saw one person in the parade that looked "normal." There were men in dresses, in Speedos, on floats where they were applying body paint to each other--essentially a freak show.

EYES-are the window to your Soul. ( that is if you have one )

After seeing "President" Hussein OweBaMao Bin Lying, yesterday, I knew that I've seen those beady black and cold blooded eyes before.
I caught a hammerhead off of H.H.I., and the eyes are IDENTICAL !!!
Wicked and sinister by Nature !!!!

Then, I checked the eyes of baby killer Kermit Gossnell-the same !!!
Upon further inquiry-Ariel Castro-has the same eyes as Obozo's, too ?!

You Hate "Right To Work" Laws More Than You Know. Here's Why

You Hate "Right To Work" Laws More Than You Know. Here's Why
From: Mark Ames
TO: The Labor Desk
Date: Dec 12th, 2012

Quote from article:
"From now on, white women and white men will be forced into organizations with black African apes whom they will have to call ‘brother’ or lose their jobs."
— Vance Muse, founder of the "right to work" anti-labor campaign---

Congratulations to Michigan Legislature

While I agree that right-to-work legislation is good - the Michigan legislature did something more important than that:

Right-to-life legislation is enumerated on left-hand side of the page (of above link).

Needless to say, mind-numbed liberals are very unhappy about this. Well, we conservatives got numerous Republican governors and legislatures elected for some very sound reasons.

Good job, Michigan legislators!!

Great thoughts by another BLACK CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN

This black Christian pastor has some very good insights. Personally, as an evangelical, I gave up on Focus on the Family a long time ago. Many formerly solid Christian organizations are now deep into apostasy. Which is why Pat Robertson, for one, sounds so much like a nut case these days (defending Petraeus etc.)


Pastors are increasingly DONE with cowering in fear. More and more are done restricting their own speech. Good article with details on the history of this particular persecution. Guess it started with Lyndon Baines Vietnam War Johnson:

the Republican's son's said this on Morgan's show

On Piers Morgan's show, Rommey's son's said that their father's problem was to not retract his CEO role in order to gain like ability to the American public. Obama should run an ad on this. Rommey acts like an CEO and he denied based on his findings 47 percent of Americans . that's his finding of how to win the presidential election . he has to win by using rich people and phony people that live and are bitter to see a black man as President.

Irony. Hypocrisy. Just Another Day In The Liberal Neighborhood

So our contemptible Attorney General was in Houston today to address the NAA(L)CP National Convention. Luckily there was no shortage of irony or hypocrisy.

First the irony. Just in case someone may not have been aware, Houston is in Texas. Texas is currently being sued by the aforementioned and contemptible Holder's Department of "Justice" over the recent enactment of a voter ID law in the state.

And since we're talking about liberals, we can't forget the hypocrisy.

Republicans Repudiate Pay Equity for American Women

Apparently, Republicans in the United States Senate do not think that women are worth as much as men.

The United States Senate has failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act that would provide equal pay for women performing equal work as men. The failure to assure equality falls squarely on the shoulders of Senate Republicans, all of whom voted against Paycheck Fairness.

GOP Kills Paycheck Fairness Act, Equal Pay for Women, Common Dreams, June 5, 2012.

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