Potluck for the People come support Keith Sadler battle with the bank!

Well we survived a close call today and spirits are running high! So in celebration we've decided to throw a party! This Friday May 7th we're having a potluck dinner between 6:00PM to 7:00PM come join us bring a dish to share. We are looking for former home owners who have gone thought the heart break of foreclosure. Come joins us and share your story or maybe donate to the cause in some small way. Spread the word lend a hand we really are nice people. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.

Tea Partys in Britain!


Well, well, well--Great Britain is having its' first Tea Party, this Saturday. What's this about? King Georges' payback? No, I believe "INGSOC'' is in it's death throes, finally.

Where's the Toyota threads?

Just curious why we haven't seen a posting on Toyota's terrorist plot to kill Americans.

You wouldn't know it, but this isn't the first recall ever.

But I have a question - The federal government as well as GM are piling on. UAW is in on it too.

Is it because of the seriousness of the issue and GM wants Toyota's customers, or has this crossed the line into nationalism with shades of jingoism because Toyota is a foreign company?

Ben Ariel was not arrested on political charges...

$ Billions needed to rebuild Haiti long term from scratch - whose responsibility is this ?

Let Haiti help themselves

Haiti is not our problem

We can help Haiti by leaving them to fend for themselves, to get their act together, to finally form some proper government and stop demanding the White Man do everything for them or we should restore colonialism, new and improved, full force!

Thanksgiving Day (having an attitude of gratitude)

The Israelite Origins of the United States

This recent exchange with a gentleman at the History Channel Forum is just in time for Thanksgiving Day. God help us to remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities and always have an attitude of gratitude for His tender mercies!

The twelve tribes themselves are not European in origin

Five Health Care Systems Around the World (Video Documentary)

Sick Around the World
Can the U.S. learn anything from the rest of the world about how to run a health care system?

Warning: German Reunification Will Result in WWIII!

Israeli cover-up continues

Professor: Yigal Amir's Life is in Danger
by Maayana Miskin @
Zaritsky believes that pathological evidence is available proving that Rabin was not killed by Amir, but that the evidence has been covered up by senior state officials. Among those he named as having refused to release information were Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and infamous chief pathologist Professor Yehuda Hiss.

An Alternative to the UN

An Alternative to the UN

The hypocritical UN, that diseased body of the dysfunctional family of nations, is worthless except as a polluted podium for the sworn enemies of freedom, righteousness and democracy.

Systematic destruction of families and nations

Out of Order - the Systematic Destruction of Families and Nations

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Motherhood in America
Only women can be mothers. Have we forgotten this fundamental?

The godless Left does all it can to destroy the family (with its God-ordained roles for men and women), and it is exacerbated by "religious" comrades who blather we're all "equal" and incite women to rebel and pressure men to just be passive about it.

Races and genders must be reminded and restored to their proper places (Titus 2:3-5, Deuteronomy 32:8), since the chaos and confusion evident in society and our wayward world proves such a dysfunctional "freedom" enslaves all and would be the death of us all if God doesn't intervene and liberate mankind from political error and religious lies (Malachi 4:4-6).

Mama Evans

Hate crimes

Special treatment for the RCC?

Pope seeks privileged status for the RCC in Europe

Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.

AP source: Obama focusing on al-Qaida, not Taliban

AP source: Obama focusing on al-Qaida, not Taliban
By JENNIFER LOVEN, AP White House Correspondent Jennifer Loven, Ap White House Correspondent 35 mins ago
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future and appears inclined to send only as many more U.S. troops to Afghanistan as are needed to keep al-Qaida at bay, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Hitler finds out Chicago didnt get the olympics.

President condemns jihadi recruiting in Minnesota

These young men leaving America to fight against us is so tragic. And you can't blame Bush any more.
Finally, a strong condemnation of jihadi recruits targeting Muslim youths in Minnesota from the president. No, not the president of the United States.
The president of Somalia:
The president of Somalia on Sunday denounced the recruiting of young men from Minnesota’s huge Somali community for terrorist activity in his war-ravaged homeland, and said he plans to work with the U.S. government to bring those still alive back home.

Save Zimbabwe, restore Rhodesia: Mugabe must go!


Transcript: Christiane Amanpour interviews Robert Mugabe
Story Highlights
CNN interview is Mugabe's first in years with a major Western network
Mugabe rejects criticism that he has turned Zimbabwe into a "basket case"

The hypocrisy of Benjamin Netanyahu's UN speech

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