Are we soon to witness the end of the petroleum era?

According to Dennis Gartman, a breakthrough in nuclear fusion by Lockheed-Martin is going to make petroleum go the way of whale oil. Here's the article from the Yahoo-Finance website:

On this Labor Day ...

Let us remember that the movement for permanent worker organizing rights began with the brave and resilient men and women of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. God bless the United Mine Workers of America.

GM moving Camero production from Canada to RIGHT TO WORK STATE.

Camaro Move To Michigan Touches Bigger Issues for Canada Auto Manufacturing
Dec. 26, 2012 by Haig Stoddard in Counting Cars

GM sights costs of doing business in Canadian UAW UNION SHOPS, will move the Camero production from Oshawa, Onterio to Lansing, MI

"It should not be all that surprising to the Canadian Auto Workers that General Motors will shift production of the Chevrolet Camaro to its Lansing, MI, plant"



Mom, apple pie, the flag, and Oreos--what's more American than that? Not any more. Kraft Foods has posted a photo of an Oreo cookie stuffed with a rainbow filling on its Facebook page to publicize its "proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness." (Click on "Read More" for a link to the photo.)

Why do Oreos have to make a social statement? Shut-up and make cookies that taste good and have absolutely no nutritional value.

SHOES, CELEBS, AND YOU! Everyone is invited!


Join NFL, NBA and International Recording Artists in the 2nd annual Summer Shoe Drive.


A simple question with what is probably an easy answer.

Are the President and his campaign team not nearly as bright as they are made out to be or are they so arrogant and out of touch that they think no one will call them on it?

Stikii Helps”Stomp” Out Shoe Tax - (Reduce Imported Footwear's 37% duty)

Have you ever wondered why a pair of shoes that seems to cost the manufacturer so little to produce, costs YOU, the consumer, so much to purchase? There are various “hidden” costs placed on shoes sold in the United States, for example:

A pair of shoes costs a footwear producer $20.00 to manufacture at their plant.

There are $7.40 in duties/tariffs/taxes placed on the product BEFORE it even comes to a U.S. shelf~

Stikii: A Perfect Fit – Every Time!

Hello friends and fans! Are you interested in learning a bit about Stikii’s latest and greatest innovation? We’re pretty sure you are. One of the many new things that we have developed to make our customers shoe-wearing experience more enjoyable is the creation of the “Stikii Size Chart”. The piece is fun, vibrantly colored and serves a very practical and useful purpose!

If the Stikii shoes fit, your child might just become famous!

Is your kid special, does he or she like performing, modeling, singing or acting? Does your child like to be on camera or take pictures? Is your little one-not-so-little? Are they outgoing, easy to get along with, a natural leader? If they are NONE of those things, are they just plain CUTE AND ADORABLE? Would they like free Stikii shoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get your children involved with the Stikii Kids Club contest.

Sergio Marchionne: Resurrecting Chrysler

Sergio Marchionne: Resurrecting Chrysler (60 Minutes March 25, 2012)

A Case for Regulation: Pink Slime For School Lunch


Pink Slime For School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds Of Ammonia-Treated Meat For Meals

Pink slime the ammonia-treated meat rejected by major fast food restaurants is being brought in by the tons for the nation's school lunch program.

UAW pays for 1,600 members to attend conference at pricey hotel

Over 1,600 UAW members will attend the National Community Action Program Legislative Conference this week in Washington, D.C. The UAW's website describes the conference as an opportunity to "discuss the union's legislative and political priorities for the coming year, meet with members of Congress to advocate on behalf of working families and prepare for the union's 2012 electoral campaign." One gets a pretty good idea of the UAW's "political priorities" by the list of scheduled speakers including President Obama, Barney Frank, and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

Poll: Minnesota voters support right to work referendum … 55/24

It looks like Indiana has started a trend by becoming a right-to-work state. Now Minnesota residents have indicated--by a 2 to 1 margin--that they are interested in adopting that position. It seems that people are becoming tired of union bullying, protecting ineffective workers, and using millions of dollars of union dues to support liberal politicians who--like Marcy Kaptur--only focus their efforts on union workers.

UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust underfunded by $20 billion

The UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust announced that it has net assets of $58.8 billion and total benefit obligations of $79 billion--putting it $20.2 billion in the hole. Trust officials anticipate that will result in higher costs for UAW retirees. I smell another Obama bailout!

With Europe near collapse - why Germany is doing just fine?


Another Crackerjack idea from the OWS crowd

Earlier this week I joked that about an Occupy Best Buy movement about people camping out for Black Friday deals. Apparently the idea to occupy stores during black friday has hit the OWS movement.

This is just further proof that no one needs to combat the OWS movement. They are their own worst enemy.

The REAL 99% have a protest scheduled for NOVEMBER 25, 2011

The REAL 99% have scheduled a protest for November 25th, 2011 and we invite other like-minded individuals to attend..

On Black Friday, watch for real Americans to be camped outside of retail outlets for the

Occupy Wal-Mart protest.

When those Americans who produce, who work for a living, who cannot take time off of work to spend unwashed weeks in a public park sucking of the teat of Mommy Gubberment, will gather together in order to throw their money at huge corporations just to buy a big-screen TV, Nintendo, I-pod, etc for themselves and their loved-ones.

S&P downgrades AAA rating. Stock market in turmoil. But they upped the Debt Ceiling?

"Told you so" just doesn't seem enough. Like I said before, S&P said not one damn thing about the Debt Ceiling.

And from the Associated Press on Friday evening:
Aug 5, 11:55 PM EDT

S&P downgrades US credit rating from AAA

AP Economics Writer

An interview with Ron Paul

My favorite radio host(sorry Fred) Mike Church interviewing Rep. Ron Paul this past weekend. This is one of the only people you will ever see give congressman Paul a fair interview instead of treating him like some old nutjob. Very insightful Q&A.

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