This week on the Toledo View:

Interviews with:

City of Oregon Police Chief, Richard Stager

Lucas County Prosecutor, Julia Bates

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The Toledo View This Week

This week's edition of the Toledo View...

In celebration of Mother's Day this month, we have interviews with:

Shenikwa Stratford, NBC 24 News Anchor and Robin Ross, Mary Kay Director.

We also have an interview with:

Greg Dempsey, Central Catholic High School Football Head Coach.

Obama camp files lawsuit to keep polls open until 9 PM tonight

Obama files lawsuit to keep polls open until 9 PM....


13 ABC News is reporting major problems at poll locations here in Toledo, OH.

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Vote Tomarrow and VOTE NO !

Vote NO on ALL Tax Issues !

Vote NO on the Oregon School Property Tax !


Remember Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!

He's back - Mr. Nader's announcement over the weekend

"WASHINGTON — Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate who ran for
president in 2000 and 2004, said he's going to make another bid for the
White House this year.
"I have decided to run for president," Nader, 73, said Sunday on
NBC's "Meet the Press." He said felt a duty to enter the race because

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

Vote NO NO NO on the Oregon School Levy. Tell the School Board to fix the problem, Not Tax our Homes. Let them know that No means NO !

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !!

Toledo council resolution apologizes to Marines

"Toledo City Council Tuesday afternoon adopted by
a 12-0 vote a resolution apologizing to the 200 members of Company A,
1st Battalion, 24 Marines for their treatment last week in the city and
thanking them for their service to the nation."

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

"Buoyed by the still unsettled field, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
is growing increasingly enchanted with the idea of an independent
presidential bid, and his aides are aggressively laying the groundwork

$35,000 to ask us what we want and do not want? Will they listen?

The City of Toledo is considering this week
whether to spend $35,000 with a company that would gauge how the
citizens think their tax money should be used.
City council is expected to vote tomorrow on a proposal from the
Finkbeiner administration to hire ETC Institute, of Olathe, Kan., to
conduct a multi-level survey of Toledoans.

Penalties of leadership

Toledo is a tough town for politicians. Newspapers, radio talk shows and TV crews always seem poised with sharpened knives, waiting to fork anyone who makes the slightest mistake or dares to march out of step with

Chrysler Cuts 3rd Shift at Toledo North

This Blows! And I suppose that Carty will blame someone else. Toledo just got bent over and screwed. Not to worry though, just like a "john", we paid for it and will continue to pay for it for decades to come.

Invatation to School Board and Council Cndidates

This is an open invatation to Candidates to submit a 150 word or less summation of their Goals and Abilities to my email. I will post it to my Blog(s) If nothing else, it will give you more exposure.

Tic Toc..goes the election clock.

Water meter readers may look for code violations

Toledo's water meter readers, who visit every home in the city four times a year, soon may be asked to keep an eye out for housing code violations for the city's Department of Neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Forum - Meet the candidates

Neighborhood Forum - Meet the candidates

Want to know what Law Enforcement is planning for your neighborhood regarding crime?

Want to know what your District Council Candidates, District 4 and 6 are planning for your neighborhood streets, alleys, trees, abandoned properties, rodents, and other problems?

Has anybody seen AMC's "Mad Men"? New series on 1960 ad agency in N.Y. - Really captures the era.

Enter the provocative world of MAD MEN, a new original series from Emmy-winning writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos. Set in 1960 New York City, MAD MEN pulls you into an unexpected new world -- the high-powered and glamorous golden age of advertising where everyone is selling something -- and nothing is ever what you expect it to be.

Bird-dog the Candidates

Who's Talking?


Boycott Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2007
Boycott Town Hall Meeting

Despite promises, few in House make earmark requests public

(CNN) -- Despite the new Democratic congressional leadership's promise of "openness and transparency" in the budget process, a CNN survey of the House found it nearly impossible to get information on lawmakers' pet projects.

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To Run or Not to Run?

Here's the question: Do the people of Toledo want a Municipal leader that will stop at nothing to improve this City and will hold to accout those that have not?

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