Immigration Timeline


Thought this timeline would add some fact clarity to the topic:

Lucas County to attract and retain immigrants

A paragraph in the article says that company's have moved to non-union states and other countries. Wouldn't it be easier to make Lucas County like the other states and countries than to bring in illeagal immigrants er I mean immigrants? Then maybe more residents, at least the ones left here, could start business's without government interferance.

All This, And Lice Too!

This crap has gotta STOP! All it will take now, is someone coming in, with ebloa. And folks, we all know it's on its' way.

How will you react?

Here is one more news report of how they do business south of the Rio Grande.

For all the weak-knee liberals, for all the heads of corporations who want cheap labor how are you going to react when this happens in Boise Idaho? These people are animals. Why are some in this country willing to open our borders and invite barbarism unto our shores? That should not be the America we will be gifting to our next generations.

What kind of commie pinko plot is this?!


My Monday started out like most. I work from home, so I got up early and answered emails. Then it was time to settle in with a cup of coffee to watch the best show on television--Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda. If you don't like that show...well, then maybe you shouldn't be allowed to call yourself an "American." Whether it's "Funday Monday" or "Wine Wednesday"--there's no more quality entertainment on this earth.

I clicked on the TV and tuned into the local NBC station--WNWO Channel 24--and Kathie Lee and Hoda weren't on. What?! In their place was some damn Canadian show--everybody knows that's not real television.

Segregation is the answer to the illegal immigration problem


The Senate vote to give 11 million illegals U.S. citizenship will probably happen today. (Okay--I know there will be people who will get all technical and say "It's just a 'path' to citizenship." Yeah, sure.)

We know that the impetus for this is to gain votes. They will be Democrat voters, but the Republicans somehow think they'll get a piece of the action. Yeah sure.

We are going to bestow citizenship on these people based on one criterion--they broke our laws.

So, we should have some say on the conditions of their newly acquired gift--shouldn't we? My suggestion is we designate three states where these illegals must live in order to obtain citizenship. Let's give them Vermont, Oregon, and Massachusetts. They have to live in one of those states for 10 years before they become eligible for citizenship.

FBI Raided iHop In Toledo and Arrested The General Manager

Ouch, Maybe it is Obama's lawyer!

Maybe it is the lawyer?

The Obama administration took another verbal sodomy in the Supreme Court today. When you make a case against checking immigration status and Justice Sotomayor tells you that your argument "isn't selling very well" then you should probably reconsider your line of work.

Of course I'm awaiting the liberals on here to describe how suddenly the Supreme Court is now racist.

Stikii: A Perfect Fit – Every Time!

Hello friends and fans! Are you interested in learning a bit about Stikii’s latest and greatest innovation? We’re pretty sure you are. One of the many new things that we have developed to make our customers shoe-wearing experience more enjoyable is the creation of the “Stikii Size Chart”. The piece is fun, vibrantly colored and serves a very practical and useful purpose!

If the Stikii shoes fit, your child might just become famous!

Is your kid special, does he or she like performing, modeling, singing or acting? Does your child like to be on camera or take pictures? Is your little one-not-so-little? Are they outgoing, easy to get along with, a natural leader? If they are NONE of those things, are they just plain CUTE AND ADORABLE? Would they like free Stikii shoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get your children involved with the Stikii Kids Club contest.

An interview with Ron Paul

My favorite radio host(sorry Fred) Mike Church interviewing Rep. Ron Paul this past weekend. This is one of the only people you will ever see give congressman Paul a fair interview instead of treating him like some old nutjob. Very insightful Q&A.

So...I'm a racist.

Or at least that is what the liberal left would like you to think about me or anyone else who dares support legislation requiring a photo ID to vote. But when you take into consideration that their goal is to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator*, the accusation is hypocritical, laughable and just plain dumb. Especially when you add in how the left operates; arguments based on emotion rather than fact and focused on the supposed rights of a group rather than the actual rights of an individual.

Carlos Slim World's Richest Person...

Well what the hell is he doing for Mexico????? and his would think he could come up with some kind of job creation for his country....

Is it almost 2011 or 1984???

For those unfamiliar with George Orwell's novel 1984, a fictional language called Newspeak is introduced by the totalitarian regime in an attempt to make any alternative thinking, referred to as "thoughtcrime" or "crimethink", impossible by removing words or constructs that describe the ideas of freedom, rebellion, etc. In it's more generic use, Newspeak has been used to describe any attempt to restrict disapproved language by a government or other powerful entity.

Enter the Society of Professional Journalists and their Diversity Committee's campaign to get reporters to drop the term "illegal immigrant" from their coverage as it is "offensive" to Latinos.

Sounds like it's time to educate some leftist lame-streamers...

Ohio vs. 2010 Census

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the 2010 Census put the population of the United States at 308,745,538, an increase of 9.7% from the 2000 Census.

For those wondering how Ohio fared, please see below the fold for all data related to the Buckeye State.

Obama Loses Presidential Seal

A real LOL clip of Obummer. Seriously though, it is a true foreshadow.

He doesn't even know it's the Presidential Seal. Then get's all defensive, "All of you know who I am."

LOL, this guy really is a joke. Obummer!

Demagoging Left Wing Liberal Environmentalist Democrat Wacko Threatens Hostages

A Democrat Left Wing LIberal Wacko Environmentalist took hostages today at the Discovery Channel building in Silver Springs, Md. It's obvious that Al Gore and the television news channels MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS with their support of the Global Warming movement have ginned up this man's anger. What role do those stations and the liberal talk radio crowd have in this incident? Who's responsible for this man's behavior, what caused him to snap? Was it perhaps this from Chris Mathews suggesing that BP execs get the same treatment as Chinese polluters?

I'll See If I Can Sneak This One Past You

Tuesday morning at 7a Rebecca Heimlich from Americans for Prosperity will be on and the Spending Revolt bus will be at the WSPD parking lot from 7-8a. Stop by and sign the pledge to cut government spending. If we return to federal spending of jut 20% of the GDP we can get the fiscal house in order.

The Cost of “Illegal” Immigrants

A little food for thought on your Sunday morning,

From a post on by ML...
The Cost of “Illegal” Immigrants

Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.
Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table".
Ready? Now pay attention...
Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has $31,231.00.

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