Public Apology From Fred LeFebvre

I must apologize publicly for something I said on air a few months ago, and am doing it here as well as on air Thursday.
When the Cash For Clunkers program began under the auspices of the Federal Govt. I jokingly said on air that "next we'll have Cash For Kitchens". Obviously I was joking because the idea of using tax dollars to help people buy appliances is so obviously ludicrous.

Completely Blatant Plug For Latta and Fisher On 1370 WSPD Thursday

Thursday morning both Bob Latta and Lee Fisher will be guests on my show. Congressman Latta at 7:30, Mr. Fisher at 8:30. Should be fun.

Blatant Media Plug For WSPD Morning Show-Read At Your Own Risk

This week Jack Smith will be on Wednesday to discuss his run for the House seat currently held by Marcy Kaptur, Friday Rich Iott will be in to do the same. Should be fun.

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill in Congress

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill being fast-tracked by Congress.

Take note of number 50 and number 65!!

Get on the Horn!

I decided to call all the Moderates in the Senate to voice my opinion of the Kennedy-Dodd HC bill, Cap and Trade, and the current fiscal responsibility. Here's my call list, in case you've got some free time and want to take a stab at swaying the vote your way.

Evan Bayh, Indiana(202) 224-5623
Kent Conrad, North Dakota(202) 224-2043
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana(202) 224-5824
Joe Lieberman, Connecticut (Independent, but caucuses as a Democrat)(202) 224-4041
Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas(202) 224-4843
Ben Nelson, Nebraska(202) 224-6551

Blatant Media Alert-State Auditor Mary Taylor With Fred Tuesday Morning

State Auditor Mary Taylor visits Tuesday at 7:30 to talk about the State of Ohio budget which is now in the Senate.
Taylor also will talk about a recent audit of the Medicaid program in the state and her report which shows how we could save $122.2 million. The state reps refused to include the savings in the budget passed on to the senate.
Taylor also has some strong thoughts on the huge deficit we will be facing in three years because of Strikland's spending this year.

Marcy Kaptur home this weekend, should she be?

Stopped at Sofo Foods on Monroe St. this evening, and as we got to the register, the wife says to me "I think that was Marcy Kaptur two people in front of us". Lucky for Marcy, I wasn't paying attention, but sure enough, I see a Ford Five Hundred sedan with the plate MCK 9 backing out of a parking space.

I wish I'd realized it was her. I doubt she gets to talk very often with an actual constituent who hadn't been cleared by her staff. I would have loved to share my opinion on the "Porkulus" bill, though I doubt it would change her mind.

Squatters "Rights"?

I'm surprised no one else posted this--

Marcy Kaptur tells homeowners facing eviction to exercise their squatter's rights. She told Congress earlier this month, "I say to the American people, you be squatters in your own homes. Don't you leave," and was interviewed by Lou Dobbs last week on the subject.

Read the Blade story here:

Support Wagoner and Sears

With November 4 just a day away, State Senator Mark Wagoner and State Rep. Barbara Sears are finishing their elections strong, eager to get back to Columbus and serve Northwest Ohio citizens. This effort has been recognized by local community members, such as Jan Lowe from Waterville via a letter-to-the-editor in the Maumee Mirror Newspaper:

"To the Editor:

Ohio Elections Complaint Filed Against Darlene Dunn

Sylvania, OH – House District 46 candidate Darlene Dunn and the Ohio Democratic Party have recently released television and printed ad campaigns against State Representative Barbara Sears that claim Rep. Sears would support a plan for health insurance companies to deny coverage of early autism detection, diabetes and early breast cancer screening for Ohio families.

Darlene Dunn's controversial mailings

Here are the controversial pieces from Darlene Dunn.

1. (economy.pdf) is the one that the Ohio Chamber has a problem with in the previous post and talks about Sears' response on workforce development.
2. (fifi.pdf) is taking Sears response on the Chamber survey and saying that this means she wants millionaires to have another tax break.

Don't give the money to "BIG BANKING". Give it to the homeowners. i.e. The AMOUNT involved.

The reality of the numbers involved.

The proposed bailout for the fat cat banks on Wall St. was $700,000,000,000 (i.e. $700 Billion)

The number of owner occupied houses in America (according to the latest Census info) is 75,086,485

State Rep. Sears Endorsed by FOP and International Union of Operating Engineers

September 15, 2008 – The candidacy of State Rep. Barbara Sears (OH-46) has been formally endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Inc. and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18. Both organizations thanked Rep. Sears for her commitment to their respective issues and wished her good luck in November.

FY2009 Appropriations Bills: TCS Analyses and Earmark Databases

The following are links to TCS's analysis and database for each of the FY09 appropriations bills. (Note: With the exception of House Military Construction, which passed the full House, all databases are of earmarks in the committee-passed versions)

State Rep. Barbara Sears Endorsed by Ohio Society of CPAs and Ohio Chamber of Commerce

State Representative Barbara Sears (OH-46) has received the endorsement of both the Ohio Society of CPAs and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, reflecting her dedication to supporting small business and promoting economic stability. Below are excerpts from these prominent organizations:

State Rep. Barbara Sears (OH-46) Recommended by Ohio Farm Bureau

Columbus, OH - The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (OFBF-AGGPAC) has named Barbara R. Sears a "friend of agriculture" in this November's general election. OFBF is the state's largest general farm organization representing more than 230,000 member families.

Drilling and Blissful Ignorance

Panel calls for new war powers legislation

WASHINGTON - Former secretaries of state James Baker III and Warren Christopher say the next time the president goes to war, Congress should be required to say whether it agrees. The co-chairmen of a bipartisan study group have proposed legislation that would require the president to consult lawmakers before initiating combat lasting longer than a week, except in cases of emergencies.

Legislators eye pit bull compromise

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Tyrone Yates (D., Cincinnati) and Rep. Shawn Webster (R., Hamilton) stand at polar opposite points in their ideas as to how to deal with pit bulls, those muscle-bound dogs with jaws of steel.

During boom in crop prices, lawmakers harvest subsidies

With food prices soaring, it takes some gall to force Americans to pay billions of dollars to millionaire agribusinesses. Yet that's what the latest farm bill would do.

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