John Kasich's Newest Video

Here's the latest video from the Kasich Campaign- pretty good stuff.

John Kasich Camapaign Video

The Kasich campaign released a new bio video:

Completely Blatant Plug For Latta and Fisher On 1370 WSPD Thursday

Thursday morning both Bob Latta and Lee Fisher will be guests on my show. Congressman Latta at 7:30, Mr. Fisher at 8:30. Should be fun.

Kasich Rebuttal to Strickland

This is John Kasich's response to Governor Strickland's State of the State Address:

Ted Strickland Video

This is a good video on what Ted Strickland has failed to accomplish in Ohio:

John Kasich visits Ohio Trapshooter's Event

Kasich went to the Trapshooter's event.

Cool Kasich Video

Great Video by Kasich Campaign w/ a little Beautiful Day thrown in.

Kasich Announcement on June 1

John Kasich is going to have a big announcement on June 1.

Ohio BMV stamps 1 million new plates, decides NOT to issue

Okay, so the Strickland administration decided Ohio needed a new look for our license plates. A basic design was created, Mrs. Taxin' Ted made some changes, and the design was finalized. Apparently the Ohio BMV created over 1 MILLION sets of plates, because we were going to go through a mandatory "replate". Personally I think this was a good idea, because many older plates are no longer reflective, rusty, and illegible. Most states do have some kind of mandatory replating after 5 to 10 years.

Sears Voices Opposition to Additional Spending Proposal

COLUMBUS-Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) yesterday voiced
opposition during a session of the Ohio House of Representatives
regarding an unfunded education program. The bill passed yesterday from
the Ohio House.

House Bill 68 would create the Healthy Farms and Healthy Schools Grant
Program, intended to provide grants to schools to establish nutritional
and agricultural education programs for kindergarteners.

"With agriculture as Ohio's staple industry, I agree that this program
does seem to provide a great learning opportunity for our young

Blatant Media Alert-State Auditor Mary Taylor With Fred Tuesday Morning

State Auditor Mary Taylor visits Tuesday at 7:30 to talk about the State of Ohio budget which is now in the Senate.
Taylor also will talk about a recent audit of the Medicaid program in the state and her report which shows how we could save $122.2 million. The state reps refused to include the savings in the budget passed on to the senate.
Taylor also has some strong thoughts on the huge deficit we will be facing in three years because of Strikland's spending this year.

Meeting with Carty and Strickland

Rabbit57 wants to know:

I'm curious to know what happened to the meeting of Governor Strickland with Carty and other mayors of Ohio' cities affected by the downturn of the automotive industry. This was reported on local television and in The Blade. The meeting was to take place in Cleveland in April. Has anyone heard anything more about the meeting and it's outcome?

John Kasich Video from Columbus Tea Party

Here is a video of John Kasich speaking in Columbus this week...

2009 Piglet Book now available

The Washington-based Citizens Against Government Waste and Ohio-based Buckeye Institute put together the 2009 Piglet book on wasteful government spending which is now available on the Buckeye Institute Web site.
Two examples of local questions:
Kroger received almost 400k to open a store in Lucas County.
Someone in Lima got 500k to open a Chuck E. Cheese. Now anyone who knows about Chuck E. Cheese knows the government had to approve this, especially given the recent comparisons of the chain to Hell's Angels Biker clubs.

Ohio House Votes to Implement Freeway Photo Radar

Of course this is only for saftey.

The program allows the state to lower the speed limit in "construction zones" on freeways so long as there is one designated worker present. A private, for-profit company will station speed camera vehicles in these zones to photograph motorists and generate a $250 ticket -- plus an unspecified fee -- mailed up to ninety days after the alleged offense took place.

Kasich Announces 88 County Leadership Team

Jon Stainbrook is not the local leader. One wonders if his calling people and threatening the Blade or other things on them has given him a radioactive reputation around the State. For someone who said he was the top call center in the area, one wonders why he was snubbed.

Political action committee Recharge Ohio aims to get Ohio's economy back on

COLUMBUS, OHIO - Former Ohio Congressman and Recharge Ohio Honorary Chairman
John R. Kasich today announced the statewide leadership team of Recharge
Ohio, a grassroots statewide political action committee. Recharge Ohio was

Ohio must be in good shape: Governor can take almost 20% of his time campaigning for Obama

In looking at Strickland's schedule you would think things are fine and dandy in Ohio. Not only that but some high ranking members of his staff also took significant time off:

Chunk of Strickland's year spent on election

Gov. Ted Strickland spent all or part of 44 days since June 1 campaigning for presidential candidate Barack Obama and other Democrats, according to a schedule provided by his office yesterday.

Chrysler may divest Viper Automakers turn focus away from specialty vehicles

"SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Chrysler LLC, now studying a sale of its Viper sports-car business, is following General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. in looking to shed specialty vehicles and focus on main brands.

WSJ: The Self-Inflicted Economic Death of Ohio

The Wall Street Journal has taken notice of what a trainwreck this state has become, especially in the past two years:

Do you feel it's OK for turnpike revenue to be diverted to help pay off $200 million in borrowing plus interest through 2030?

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