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McCain now knows "We're Strong for Toledo"?

From the Wall Street Journal. Ok who taught McCain and Carly Fiorina? Fess up.
The campaign trail is perhaps a more spontaneous environment than Ms. Fiorina's executive past. Wednesday in Kentucky, she climbed aboard the "Straight Talk Express," and Sen. McCain quickly summoned her to sing "We're Strong for Toledo," a century-old song he had learned the night before.

Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD Is Hooked On Posting

Intelligent interview with candidate for mayor of Toledo. Keith Wilkowski says he wants to be mayor of the city of Toledo. Yes it's early at 18 months but don't expect tv spots or constant press conferences just yet. Wilkowski wants to build an organization and funds for the expected run. Listen to the interview on the podcast page at www.wspd.com later today.

McCain Raises $400K in Toledo

Sen. McCain raised $400,00 at an event held at the Toledo Club Tuesday evening. What does this mean for the voter of average means? To me, it shows that Sen. McCain will not be as eager to represent the average person’s issues as president as he may claim during the campaign.

Computer Scientist: E-voting paper trails are a bad idea

From CNET.com

PITTSBURGH--Many computer scientists have been arguing for years that electronic voting machines absolutely must sport paper trails that can be verified by the voter and subsequently used in manual recounts.

How Effective Can Konop Be Now

Following todays commissioners meeting and the announcement by Oregon mayor Marge Brown that she will run against Konop when he is up for re-election, how effective can Konop be as a commissioner? What experience did he bring to county government when elected in the first place?

Haynam, Stainbrook, and Cross oh my!!!

F**d LeF*****e of WSPD will have Doug Haynam, Jon Stainbrook, and Gene Cross as guests tomorow. Normally F**d wouldn't post an announcement like this but there seems to be a lot of interest in this Republican dust up, so it's an opportunity to hear both sides on one station. Posted with tongue deep in cheek by F**d LeF***** of F**d LeF***** and the Morning News on 1370 WSPD.

What is the Number One Best Reason to vote for any of the Candiates? And Worst?

I realize I have been very negative about all the presidential candiates. And I also realize, that I am not the brightest bulb in the box & most political & economic things are way over my head. I am asking for insight here, from people who, I'm sure, know more about this stuff than I do. I do ask that you try to be brief & to the point, and not to go too far over my head.

Obama fears 'on your own' society

Obama fears 'on your own' society

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Presidential candidate Barack Obama, largely ignoring his Democratic rival for now, ridiculed likely Republican nominee John McCain on Wednesday for offering "not one single idea" to help hard-pressed homeowners facing foreclosure.

Attention Democrats-if your candidate is not nominated will you vote for John McCain?

Fur Starts to Fly in Political Catfight

It's turning into a real catfight among the candidates as the following videos show. I've never seen such below-the-belt punching and dirty insinuations.

Hillary Clinton: Reverand Wright Would Not Have Been My Pastor

Here is a summary of the statement that Hillary made about Obama's minister. What do you think? Is it an issue?

Hillary Clinton - Bosnia Did Not Happen

Here is the video of Hillary mentioning that Bosnia did not happen. Is this a big deal for you? Does it tarnish your image? Sound off...

McCain Suspends Staffer for Circulating Obama-Pastor Video

Switching Parties, Obama and Election Day

I was reading over at GCJ about it possibly being illegal to switch parties without a pledge.

First, it is strange because Obama thought I would be a voter for him. I received multiple mailings and phone calls encouraging my vote. Never once in any of the mailings did they specify what a Republican had to do to vote for him.

Good Stuff!!

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Since many of you say you refuse to read The Blade, I thought you might miss out one yet another HILARIOUS opinion cartoon. Enjoy!

Ask Tough Questions? Yes, They Can!

SAN ANTONIO It took many months and the mockery of "Saturday Night Live" to make it happen, but the lumbering beast that is the press corps finally roused itself from its slumber Monday and greeted Barack Obama with a menacing growl.

Obama camp files lawsuit to keep polls open until 9 PM tonight

Obama files lawsuit to keep polls open until 9 PM....



13 ABC News is reporting major problems at poll locations here in Toledo, OH.

Read more here:


Will the high number of early votes delay the results?

With all of the early votes how will it affect the final vote totals? It takes a lot longer to count paper ballots and with the high number of them, if the vote totals are going to be close, we may not know the results until early in the morning. We will see in 24 hrs.

You can read about the high number of early votes at:

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