McCain turns 72 years old on Friday. His VP pick will be

Romney or Tim Pawlenty, 'safe ' picks
44% (21 votes)
Carly Fiorina , the former Hewlett-Packard chief or ebay CEO Meg Whitman , outside government picks
10% (5 votes)
Sen Joe Lieberman- McCain likes him
8% (4 votes)
None of these will help him win , he is too old
38% (18 votes)
Total votes: 48

State Rep. Barbara Sears Endorsed by Ohio Society of CPAs and Ohio Chamber of Commerce

State Representative Barbara Sears (OH-46) has received the endorsement of both the Ohio Society of CPAs and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, reflecting her dedication to supporting small business and promoting economic stability. Below are excerpts from these prominent organizations:

Committee Calls on Bill Faith To Retract False Statement

Columbus― The Committee of Ohioans For Financial Freedom today demanded Bill Faith immediately retract completely false allegations he made about circulators allegedly paying two individuals $1.00 to sign a petition, or face serious legal actions.

McCain, Obama: On faith at Saddleback

Sens. John McCain, who was raised as an Episcopalian and attends a Baptist church, and Barack Obama, a Christian who had a public falling out with the fiery former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ , appeared back-to-back on the same stage last night -- a televised platform -- to confront questions about their faith.

State Rep. Barbara Sears (OH-46) Recommended by Ohio Farm Bureau

Columbus, OH - The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (OFBF-AGGPAC) has named Barbara R. Sears a "friend of agriculture" in this November's general election. OFBF is the state's largest general farm organization representing more than 230,000 member families.

MyOhioNow Casino Petition to be Submitted

News Alert/For Immediate Release
Casino Petition to be Submitted
(Columbus, Ohio) On Tuesday, August 5th at 11 am at The Hyatt on Capitol
Square ( 75 East State Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215), MyOhioNow.com will make an
announcement regarding the submission of signatures to the Ohio Secretary of
State that will place an initiative on the November 4th ballot for a
casino/resort in Ohio. Co-Founders of My OhioNow.com, Rick Lertzman and Dr. Brad
Pressman will be present to discuss the petition drive, the issue and the

A message from David Plouffe, Obama's Campaign Manager

SNL Parody of Press Bias, Obama vs Hillary Debate

SNL Parody of Press Bias, Obama vs Hillary Debate - SNL Parody of Press Bias, Obama vs Hillary Debate - SNL Parody of Press Bias, Obama vs Hillary Debate

COSI is ready to be put on the ballot again. What will be your vote?

Now US Candidates Campaign at Western Wall in Jerusalem? WTH?!

One more ridiculous photo op from Jesus-Moses-Mohammed-Buddha-Vishnu-Shiva-Barack Hussein Obama for his fanatic followers. Next stop? Probably the Vatican and then on to Iran and the Ayatollah.

Obama Toledo HQ to open 7/24

This in via e-mail:
Toledo Campaign Headquarters

THURSDAY, JULY 24 at 5 pm

48 South Saint Clair

(next to Downtown Latte)


Rep. Barbara Sears Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life PAC

Rep. Barbara Sears has recently been endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC. Here is a statement from the organization on July 16, 2008:

Obama pledges to expand aid to religious charities

ZANESVILLE, OHIO -- Barack Obama pledged Tuesday to expand a controversial White House program that funnels federal money to religious charities, embracing a core piece of President Bush's legacy as he tries to win over Republican-leaning evangelical voters.

Has a presidential candidate sang "We're strong for Toledo" before? Obama won't

While you may say McCain is old, I don't think Obama or Kerry has ever song the song about Toledo. This story, which I mentioned last month or so, showed up in the New York Times today.

Obama Makes History

Barack Obama made history Tuesday night when he became the first African-American in U.S. history to clinch a major party's presidential nomination.


Bob Barr runs as Libertarian Candidate

Barr is Libertarian nominee; he vows 'strongest ticket' in party's history. Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, who used to be a Republican, today won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

What happened to Ron Paul's campaign?

Whatever happened to Ron Paul's campaign, which seems to have disappeared? Here's one answer: the media in this country buried it. For a look at the power of media persuasion and its ability to focus our attention on whom they want us to look at, check out this clip of the relative popularity of the candidates from another perspective.


Bob Barr runs for president as Libertarian

The former GOP congressman from Georgia accuses the government of irresponsible spending. He says McCain can't call himself a true conservative. Clinton and Obama campaign in West Virginia.

WASHINGTON -- Bob Barr, a former congressman from Georgia and a former Republican, today announced his candidacy for president as a Libertarian who would rein in federal spending and foreign wars.

Strickland to be vice presidential choice regardless of nominee?

This in from Real Clear Politics.com:

A footnote: Support is growing in Democratic ranks for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland as vice president. He would bring to the ticket maturity (66 years old), experience (six terms in Congress) and moderation (rated "A" by the National Rifle Association). He is very popular in Ohio, a state Republicans must carry to elect a president.

McCain's pastor?

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