Obama IS The Anti Christ !

Obama IS The Anti Christ, You heard it here First!

Death threats against Jennifer Brunner - guards assigned


Sign...I suppose when the police are ready with riot gear "just in case," nothing should surprise us any more.

I can't wait until this is all over. Don't even care who wins - just want it to be over.

Election 2008 SwampBubbles activities

I will be a poll worker during the day, therefore I will be gone most of the day, but will re-emerge in the evening at the Republican event at Levis Commons where I will be live-blogging the results and my experiences that happened during the day. Stay tuned for special SwampBubbles Election Night 2008 coverage (see below). I will also be providing some updates to the Toledo Free Press from the event. Stay tuned, there will be lots of excitement and your comments will be welcome.

How long are the voting lines today?

Waiting until my son gets out of school (3 p.m.) to take him along while I vote. Curious about waiting lines in the area. Please give specific polling location with post, out of curiousity. I vote Sylvania Twp administrative offices, Holland-Sylvania Rd.


I arrived at my polling place bright and early this morning, checked in at the table to locate my precinct and was directed to 11N. My name was apparently in that book, but it was not in the voter registration book at table 11N. Never mind that I voted in the primary in March. Suddenly, I'm no longer registered to vote.

Politics and Social Networks: Voters Make the Connection

Washington Post has a story about myself, SwampBubbles and how technology is changing the election. It also features an Obama supporter from Akron. Check it out:


Toledo Police Prepare For Possible "Civil Unrest"

Toledo Police prepare for possible "civil unrest" tomorrow and Wednesday.

Read More Here:


Let The Voting Games Begin! Don't Get Bamboozled!

I drove by the polling location this afternoon, and the line was out the door and down the street. It is good to see that so many people are voting in this historic election.

In addition...we are in November, and the weather is great! Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be just as nice, so that should not be a factor in keeping people from getting out to vote.

I can only imagine how long the lines will be on tomorrow.

Joe the Plumber's Life Threatened

Minutes after Sam "Joe the Plumber" Wurzlebacher dropped in on Fox and Friends this morning, thee hosts informed him that a radio host in San Francisco had threatened his life ON THE AIR the night before.

Apparently, the yet unnamed radio host was unaware that his mic was live during a news broadcast and can be heard ranting about wanting that "...MF-in deg Joe the Plumber dead. "

Check it out here:

Support Wagoner and Sears

With November 4 just a day away, State Senator Mark Wagoner and State Rep. Barbara Sears are finishing their elections strong, eager to get back to Columbus and serve Northwest Ohio citizens. This effort has been recognized by local community members, such as Jan Lowe from Waterville via a letter-to-the-editor in the Maumee Mirror Newspaper:

"To the Editor:

No one wants to see Joe the VP

Here is the photo of Joe Biden's event at Marion Harding High School yesterday. No one wants to see Joe. Where is this momentum?

Still want to help McCain Palin? Contact the Wood County victory center

The Wood County GOP needs your help. Volunteer For Victory. Click here to find out how. Call or e-mail Roman Jerger @ 614-571-8229, Jerger at ohiogop.org

Election day results . Your prediction -

Obama's well organized campaign pays off - He wins by 3 percentage points or more in an electoral rout
53% (45 votes)
McCain wins Pennsylvania and Ohio and gets 270 electoral votes . He wins in a squeaker
47% (40 votes)
Total votes: 85

McCain on SNL

I don't know if you have seen or not, but John McCain was on SNL and actually he did more than what any candidate has done. Unlike when Sarah was there, I think they were making fun of her, John McCain was funny and really said a lot and the skits did not make fun of him. I am sure that I will post the video when it is online.

Obama's Secret Weapons: Internet, Databases and Psychology

From Wired Magazine, a look-through of the technology and techniques used to recruit supporters and votes. Pretty interesting...

The Obama campaign has been building, tweaking and tinkering with its technology and organizational infrastructure since it kicked off in February 2007, and today has most sophisticated organizing apparatus of any presidential campaign in history. Previous political campaigns have tapped the internet in innovative ways — Howard Dean's 2004 presidential run, and Ron Paul's bid for this year's Republican nomination, to name two. But Obama is the first to successfully integrate technology with a revamped model of political organization that stresses volunteer participation and feedback on a massive scale, erecting a vast, intricate machine set to fuel an unprecedented get-out-the-vote drive in the final days before Tuesday's election.

Where are Sarah Palin's medical records?


She is a 44-year-old woman who insists that she's had no health problems. How hard can it be to gather her medical records? She said she would do it and she hasn't. Hmmm.....

Ohioans against vote fraud

Bloggers from around the State are teaming up with the Voter Integrity Project to collect information on Vote Fraud in Ohio. The Voter Integrity Project is supported by the Sam Adams Alliance and while it is a very conservative organization, you would be surprised to find out who they have gone after. Todd Warner Houston is organizing the Ohio effort. It can be read at here:

Obama will create millions of jobs

Huh? I guess the One can now create millions of jobs out of the thin air according to this lit piece that was dropped off at my door. It was not paid by the Obama campaign, but come on, Obama cannot create these jobs. If you are spreading the wealth, there won't be anyone to create these jobs.

I am voting for Joe the Plumber

Feel free to link or embed this image on your site.

I also created a Picasa album which you can use to embed at:

Sarah gets 'punked':

Priceless audio of (hopefully-not) our next VP-elect getting had:


Can anyone say, 'hook, line, and sinker'? Priceless.

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