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Toledo Public Schools Special Board Meerting

On Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 9:00AM there will be a "special board meeting" at the Thurgood Marshall Building. The topic to be discussed is the "Superintendent Search."

Toledo Journal looks at difference between cuts and where they are talking about them

Journal talks about how the cuts will effect the central city the hardest and why they are taking their case to a different audience.

They propose shutting down the mostly black Libbey High School, ''consolidating'' two central-city elementary academies that serve a nearly all African American enrollment, and killing off a unique high school whose mostly black students earn college credits.

Live Stream: Toledo Public Schools Special Meeting TODAY

Repost from Toledo Talk: and an email about the importance.

This Wednesday, March 3, 2010, at 5:30 p.m., WGTE Public Media will stream live the Toledo Public School Special Meeting on the Knowledge Stream Website ( ).

Citizens may attend the meeting virtually and have the opportunity to participate online by posting comments during the live event.

What: Live, online streaming of TPS Special Meeting

2/23/10 TPS Board Meeting notes

These notes were graciously sent by Darlene Fisher

TPS Board sorts through the big issues:

1) Budget and Cost Cutting – Board will be meeting on March 3rd at 5:30 to review the list of budget cuts. Then they will hold a public hearing surrounding those cuts on March 15 or 17 at Start High School. Cuts will be adopted at the March 23rd meeting.

Exclusive: TPS's first TV income tax levy commercial titled "It will get ugly"

Given this was sent to me from someone at the production house, it is missing the disclaimers, the intro and the ending. I am told the intro segment will say, "Don't let things get ugly." Then the normal exit segment, "Vote for the Toledo Public School levy in May" with the normal campaign committee disclaimers at the end. Makes the point doesn't it?

TPS says cuts to be "ugly", help make TPS beautiful again

This past week, I threatened to bring back to life after the host switchover this past summer and make it safer from spammers and now the Toledo Public Schools needs it more than ever especially trying to toss an almost 1% income tax increase on all of us. I uploaded some of the older ideas. I was not able to recover anything, but it is now open for business for you to submit your own idea and vote and comment on the ideas that are posted on there. If you have a great idea, you can now submit it there.

Ranging Elephants Boot Camp

WHO: The Children of Liberty and The Findlay 9-12 Project

WHAT: Raging Elephants Boot Camp with Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani

WHEN: Thursday, February 18th 6:00-9:00pm

WHERE: Maumee Indoor Theater
601 Conant St
Maumee , OH 43537

Cost: $5 per person, at the door. No reservations required.

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County in Michaelmas Manor valuation

Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County appear to wanted to try to dismiss a request to lower property values of Michaelmas Manor by 1 million on a technicality. Ohio Supreme Court says not so fast.

TPS is considering a 6.99 mil levy (they wanted 7 but thought they can fool you into thinking it is less). Will you vote for it?

16% (40 votes)
84% (207 votes)
Total votes: 247

TPS levy: thoughts and analysis

This in from Steven Flagg of the Urban Coalition .
Tomorrow, February 4, 2010, the Toledo Board of Education meets in a special board meeting to, most likely, pass a resolution putting a levy on the May 4th primary election ballot.

Ohio Auditor findings on the Toledo Public Schools embezzlement and snooping scandal

If you were like me and a bit frustrated on people talking about the 2k pages, but not seeing it yourself, here it is. No need to download all 2000 pages (unless you want to; better have highspeed internet; it is 113 MB).

Completely Blatant Plug For Latta and Fisher On 1370 WSPD Thursday

Thursday morning both Bob Latta and Lee Fisher will be guests on my show. Congressman Latta at 7:30, Mr. Fisher at 8:30. Should be fun.

Toledo Public School Board Meeting-Transparency Where?

I witnessed the Toledo Public School Board of Education meeting tonight and it was a barrel of laughs, around the "horseshoe" many concerns by myself and other spectators and maybe violations of the sunshine laws, by the board members. But then what do you expect, that was how Three for Children was born, Larry Sykes (he's baacck), Deborah Barnett and Steve Steel.

Perfect example of the insider and the outsider school debate, the Detroit Public Schools

This interview happened last month and caused a controversy when Shepard Smith said he would burn down the Detroit Public Schools if he was a parent there. Watch the whole segment and you will see where Shepard Smith's outrage is justified, yet this situation occurs here in Toledo. There are still some schools which are failures and continue to be so, yet we have administration and board members who never want to hold these schools accountable. And you know TPS does not want to do anything about problems, the Dan Burns situation indicates they have no clue problems exists and contrary to board members and administration officials wanting to put this behind their back saying things are fixed, they are not and won't be without creating a new proactive system to identify and deal with problems as they come up whether it is academic performance or employees stealing money. Urban schools suffer from a serious case of accountability. If TPS wanted to prove they are going to be proactive in dealing with problems, quickly addressing problem schools is a great place to start because at least they are well documented and known. Our community cannot wait one week more for schools to continually fail.

Public school teacher absenteeism declines when principals have more control

I thought this is worth mentioning, especially here in Toledo.
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Public school teachers took less time off when principals had more flexibility to dismiss them without completing elaborate documentation or attending a hearing, one of two new University of Michigan studies shows.

Two papers authored by Brian Jacob, a professor at the U-M Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, examined a policy change in the Chicago Public School system in which principals were given complete autonomy to dismiss probationary teachers.

Where did the KnowledgeWorks money go?

Today Robert Vasquez apologized to the people who had been tarnished by the secret investigations, in attempt to push the the atrocities under the rug and move on. He stated, "On behalf of the board, I want the taxpayers of this community to know that we have been reviewing the auditor's reports, and we find these actions to be completely unacceptable," Mr. Vasquez said.

Two stories I am not shocked to hear

1. Jon Stainbrook is violating a court agreement and refusing to sell Lincoln Day tickets to some Republicans he does not like (as heard on WSPD).
2. TPS has a 30 million dollar deficit. TPS has no fiscal controls, basically when the pot is dry they come back with a levy. They could care less about money, note 650k+ was stolen under everyone's nose, no one batted an eye. Get used to it until there are some real board members on the TPS board. It is nothing but a playpen for everyone currently on there.

Cleveland Plain Dealer wary of Sanders

Plain Dealer editorial:

Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders may not yet realize it, but the cloak-and- dagger tactics of Daniel Burns, the district's former chief operating officer, are casting grave doubts on Sanders' ability to manage his promised turnaround of Cleveland's failing schools.

The stakes are too high to let that happen -- which is why Sanders needs to be as open as possible about why top school officials spent money that should have been used to educate kids to spy on school critics instead.

Affidavit ties Sanders to TPS investigation and Foley - contrary to public statements that they did not know what was going on

Toledo Free Press has the latest breaking news.....I think there are more involved. Blade also now has a story on the auditor findings.
Foley signed checks and Sanders provided tips. Is this an example of a district out of control? This is the behavior that is bred when there is a lack of accountability by the local media and by the board. Larry Sykes is oddly quiet about this whole thing.

Full El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

You can pick up and read the story in El Tiempo.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

Former TPS Administrator Ordered Probes of Private Citizens Investigations Occurred at Taxpayer Expense

The former business manager at Toledo Public Schools hired a private investigation firm at taxpayer expense to look into the backgrounds of five people who were private citizens at the time, including three people who would eventually be elected to the TPS board of education.

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