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And the walls came tumbling down

Finance report trips up Canales and 3 others

The Lucas County Board of Elections refused to certify the November election of Lisa Canales to the Washington Local Board of Education because of problems with her amended 2005 campaign finance report.

"This could potentially be a huge problem for the Washington Local board," said John Borell, a Lucas County assistant prosecutor.

Toledo teachers waiting for 'green light' on charter school

TOLEDO -- Time may be running out for the Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT) union proposed GEM Academy. But the union is moving forward anyway.

News 11's Tanieya Lewis has the latest in this assignment education report.

Oregon School Tax Levy VOTE NO NO NO

No More Taxes. It is long past " I Can't Afford" I just don't have the money. And I cannot afford ANOTHER $ 400.00 plus on my home taxes! Has anyone gotton their tax bill in the mail yet. Did you see just how much ALREADY goes to the schools?!!!

COSI members welcomed in Detroit (no tax levy necessary)

Per NBC24's website:

Members of Toledo's recently closed COSI Museum need not worry about wasted memberships.

Toledo's future is talking today - Toledo's kids unplugged

When you want to get a pulse on the community, just ask the young people.

That's what I discovered when I spearheaded this project, suggested by UT's Dan Johnson, to ask teens from Toledo Public Schools to “Describe the Toledo you want to see in 2020.”

All of TPS' problems are solved, now they want to focus on how businesses do business

I can't believe I am reading this. The district has so many things challenging it (such as actually compiling with the law and working to fix the 54% of schools with a D or F ranking) and they want to collect diversity stats to check the diversity practices of the financial institutions? This type of ignoring the issues almost harkens back to trimming trees and other programs while the City sinks. I wonder who's harebrained idea this was?

Failure not an option - Redford Schools call in parents, create freshman wing

Read this article about Redford Schools (Redford borders the City of Detroit), and thought it sounded interesting.

I hope TPS officials are paying attention to what results this program brings in Redford - if the results look promising, perhaps they can implement something similar.

On March 4, 2008 will you vote for or against the renewal of the TPS levy which provides TPS about $16 million for operations

TPS Levy in March

The Toledo Board of Education voted this morning (Thursday - 12/20) to place a renewal levy on the ballot. The levy will be a 6.5 mill renewal for a five year term (although we understand that there was discussion about a continuing term) that was last renewed in 2003.

Our screwed up system

A 10-year-old Florida girl faces felony weapons charges after bringing a small steak knife to school to cut up her lunch, according to a report on

Plugging the drain of brain's

Toledo-area network aims to fight 'Brain Drain'

Event set up to link young adults, local groups

Since his first term as Toledo's mayor, Carty
Finkbeiner has stressed the importance of retaining recent college
graduates in the city.

Part of his effort now to combat "Brain Drain," the flight of homegrown
college graduates, is promoting the Young Professionals Initiative - a
group he spearheaded last year.


Teachers instead of principals in schools!

Does anyone know about this article in the Sojourner Truth this week?

Is this true or a big joke?

Read this:

Toledo Board of Education gets teachers' plan to run city school - updated

Last evening at the regular Toledo Board of Education meeting TFT President Fran Lawrence proposed a teacher led, teacher driven school.

Toledo Board of Education gets teachers' plan to run city school

Teacher only school in TPS? (and other thoughts)

Good idea
34% (33 votes)
Bad idea
52% (50 votes)
I don't know
14% (14 votes)
Total votes: 97

Toledo Public Schools employee charged with sexually assaulting student

A Leverette Junior High School campus protection officer was arrested this afternoon for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female student, authorities said. Harry Weatherholt, 51, whose address was unavailable, was charged with one count of sexual battery, said Toledo Sgt. Sam Harris, of the special victims unit.

Per-student spending rises in most of Ohio


Per-student spending for Toledo Public Schools, the region's largest district with nearly 29,000 students, increased over last year.

In 1997, the district averaged $6,222 per student compared to $11,320 last academic year.

The per-pupil expenditure is calculated by dividing a district's total cost by its average daily attendance.

Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise - TPS wants to help

TOLEDO -- Lots of unprotected sex is leading to a record breaking year for sexually transmitted diseases, reports News 11's Jonathan Walsh.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006 there were 1 million cases of chlamydia -- the most for any sexually transmitted disease in a single year.

Update: School board election results still reverberate around the community

Update: lots more opinions - add your opinion below.

In today's Toledo Journal - TFT victorious in board election

Now that the Toledo Federation of Teachers has strengthened its control of the local school system, it

People Probably Give More To Schools When They're Not Forced By Being Taxed...

My wife teaches at an elementary school in Temperance Michigan. They recently had an auction to raise money for the school, for things such as supplies, athletic equipment, computers and other school needs. Instead of sending kids out to sell overpriced candles or candy bars, they used their imaginations and held an auction.

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