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Public school students' data available to anybody

Public districts must provide lists but parents can say no, schools insist


If your children are in a public school, their names, addresses, phone numbers, and grade levels are all on a list.

And unless you say so, anybody

Interesting story on school funding

Report: school funding allocation not equitable
By Scott McKimmy
Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

A study by the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions demonstrates inequities in the allocation of educational funding among school districts throughout the state.

Some Things That Make You Go Hmm,,,,,,

One of the things that made me go hmmm, was with the TFT having been outed by the election of Jack Ford and Lisa Sobecki, how does that bode for TAAP, the principal's union?

Cool the TPS rhetoric

Today's Blade Editorial:

While Mr. Ford and Ms. Sobecki were endorsed by the Toledo Federation of Teachers, we heard nothing during the campaign to indicate that either is in the TFT's pocket. The Blade wouldn't have endorsed them if we had.

Should COSI Become a School for Math and Science?

From 3 for change, to 3 for Children, now 3 for TFT?

A pair of their new colleagues charged that Tuesday's election of Jack Ford and Lisa Sobecki will further strengthen the grip of the Toledo Federation of Teachers union over the school system.

Mr. Ford and Ms. Sobecki easily won two seats on the board - defeating five other candidates.

Both of them received support from the Toledo Federation of Teachers, as did current board President Steven Steel when he ran in 2005.

Toledo Public School Board Winners and Losers.

The people have once again spoken and the two seats on the TPS school board will be occupied by Jack Ford and Lisa January, 2008.

"Support Our Troops Rally" to be held at UT

There will be a "Support Our Troops Rally" on November 13 from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm on the back steps of the University of Toledo Student Union (Student Union Auditorium if bad weather). Speakers include State Rep. Mark Wagoner, Ohio Vets for Freedom, several campus veterans, and many more.

Proposal For School Board

To all current and future TPS board members:

I believe that it is necessary for the TPS Board of Education to implement the idea of creating two non-voting seats on the school board for two students selected from the district to serve as student advisors.

TPS $1.1 million grant

According to 13 ABC News -

The Ford Plan 2002

As I was cleaning some files out yesterday, I came across The Ford Plan 2002. In part 2 of his plan, he has a goals and vision section. Included is a section titled Education. Here is The Ford Plan 2002.

It was Steel

I saw on the WTOL 6PM news it is the board president Steel in the diciplined teacher data base...doesn't this set a bad example?

Catlin and Myers endorsed by Toledo Journal

The Urban Coalition obtained a copy of the Toledo Journal

Chris Myers receives the Toledo Journal endorsement

I wish to thank the Toledo Journal for their endorsement. This piggybacks on the broad base of support I have received from labor to the business community and Realtors.

My current endorsements:

Toledo Board of Realtors
Toledo Chamber of Commerce
Lucas County African-American Republican Club
Roofers Union Local 134
Teamsters Local 20
The Toledo Journal

Toledo Board of Education - voter resources

Election day is fast approaching. In order to help voters make an informed choice, we have collected on-line resources to help you sort through the candidates for the Toledo Board of Education. You can view the information at TPSINFO.COM - Check under items of interest at the top of the page. Remember to vote November 6th!

TPS students are dropping out of school at an alarming rate

TPS students are dropping out of school at an alarming rate. That is according to a study from the Ohio Department of Education. These schools are being called "dropout factories" because at least forty percent of students at these schools don't make it to their senior year.

TPS Board Report

You can download the audio file at:

My technology failed me. My Newton battery died and I had to take notes on paper, go figure. I want to thank Twila Paige for bringing my recorder to the meeting and getting it started. I knew I would not be able to make it until around 7 or so, so she allowed you to hear the whole meeting.

Board of Elections Need Volunteers and TPS Students Need Money, Experience and .

and an introduction to the democratic process. At the TPS board meeting tonight an issue was raised concerning the Lucas County Board of Education needing Poll workers and attempting to fill some of those positions with TPS students.


According to a story in the Toledo Blade:

Four students were arrested yesterday after they were accused of detonating a chemical bomb in the basement of the field house at Libbey High School in South Toledo, authorities said

Invatation to School Board and Council Cndidates

This is an open invatation to Candidates to submit a 150 word or less summation of their Goals and Abilities to my email. I will post it to my Blog(s) If nothing else, it will give you more exposure.

Tic Toc..goes the election clock.

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