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Is Sylvania schools using district resources to promote the levy? The answer is yes. The question should be to what extent?

Update 5/9: These activities also violate school policies

Staff members shall not campaign on school property during school time in behalf of any political issue or candidate for local, State, or National office.


Update 5/2: Sylvania Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Reiger sent the following: No, we do not encourage district email accts be used for levy recruitment. We clarified with our Admin Team & staff members that personal email accts are to used. Also, you are correct that the levy website shouldn't be linked to the district website. Thank you for pointing this out. We have removed the levy website link. We'll do better with this moving forward.

The Sylvania Schools district would like the residents of Sylvania to pass the 3.8 mil operating levy on May 6. So much so that employees of the district are using district resources to promote their new levy. This can be proven by a set of emails from one school and resources from another, but one has to wonder how much more effort they are doing throughout the district on district time.

First a primer:
ORC 3315.07 dictates that “no board of education shall use public funds to support or oppose the passage of a school levy or bond issue or to compensate any school district employee for time spent on any activity intended to influence the outcome of a school levy or bond.”

more insanity from dc

And this teaches exactly what? Just another of the many reasons to dismantle the DOE.

Is he saying some children are INCAPABLE of behaving?

What's the big silence about Issue 24, the TPS levy?

If ignorance is bliss, zeyadcharles is one happy guy!

I'm not prone to highlighting the intellectual shortcomings of people--that is unless the person makes a point of posting spiteful comments about others.

In response to my comment that Earl Murry tries to pretend that he's a lawyer, Zeyadcharles wrote:

"In addition to being an educator, Earl Murray (sic) has a degree in Law. Your post is typical of how people are uninformed or purposely leave out information to discredit people."

According to UT's listing of Murry's credentials (link listed later):

Earl Murry, 1987, professor emeritus
B.S., M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University

So, as I stated, Murry does not have a law degree.


Tim Wise, an author and speaker on the issue of racism and white privilege will be speaking at Woodward High School September 12, 2013 at 7PM. The community should join in the conversation to address the issues surrounding Race in America.

Society Needs To Leave Some Detroit Teachers Behind

Check this one out! Detroit sugar babies increasing income. Oh well.....

Society needs to leave some white male judges and some white male teachers behind!

WHITE MALE SUPREMACY AND THE GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK GONE WILD: Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana, sentenced a 54 year old white male school teacher to serve 30 days in jail for raping a 14 year old female child, who later committed suicide. Time served will also be taken off of the 30 day sentence. The judge’s rationale is that the 14 year old child was, “a troubled youth, older than her chronological age.” He also stated, "Obviously, a 14-year-old can't consent. I think that people have in mind that this was some violent, forcible, horrible rape," Baugh said Tuesday.

Virginia Mom Wants To Ban Literature About Real Events About Slavery In The U.S.

A Virginia mom wants books with information about the horrors of slavery banned from her 18 year old's high school curriculum. Just think, us Euro's can get the history we want to support our entitlement is do what the Nazis did, get rid of the books.

TPS superintendent interview is a must-listen

TPS Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant was interviewed this morning on WSPD by Fred LeFebvre.

After listening to the interview, I have one message for anyone who lives in, works in, owns a business in and/or lives near Toledo--be afraid, be very afraid.

Once you get past Durant's speech impediment and his propensity to say "in regards to" every 20 seconds (not to mention the difficulty he has with subject/verb agreement--e,g. "There need to be..."), the context of his ideas are scary.

He indicates that TPS needs to provide a "Cradle to career" experience for Toledo children and that poor-performing students represent a "Community issue that's going to take a community solution." What?! How about parents accepting the responsibility to motivate their children to value education and respect teachers? It's as if he's come to the decision that TPS parents can't be expected to carry through on even the most basic parental duties.

society needs to leave some school kids behind

Congratulations Galt and users of Swampbubbles! - This story was the topic of conversation on the Roger Hedgecock Show on 8/27 brought up by Roger himself - Roger fills in for Rush Limbaugh at times and has an evening radio show in San Diego, CA. Thank you all for making the site great.

I recently attended a seminar that included a significant number of retired public school teachers. They shared some stories about their teaching experiences that made you realize that there is a certain percentage of the U.S. population who are, frankly, beyond help and hope. Here are a couple of stories:

One retired female teacher who had taught for 30 years in Detroit Public Schools (God bless her!) talked about the time she had chastised a male high school student for continually not paying attention in class. The student walked up and urinated on her desk. He was suspended, but back in class after a week.

A retired TPS junior high school teacher said that she was responsible for coordinating the substitute teachers assigned to her building. She would meet with the subs in the morning; and if they were females (especially young), she would give them the following advice: "In the course of a day, it's very likely that a male student will ask you to be in his sex video. The best thing to do is not to react to that statement." Also, she would warn all of the substitutes that students using the f-word is not considered an issue because--as she had been told by many parents over the years--"That's acceptable in our community."

US Students Have NOT Been "Dumbed Down"!

US students have NOT been "dumbed down", contrary to some assertions. Rather, they have been "stupified" down! See a test eighth graders in a Kentucky school had to pass, in the year 1912. I have four years of undergraduate school, and two years of graduate school. I'm ASHAMED at how poorly I scored on this test. And yet, SOME schools require only being to read at a third grade level, and how to put a rubber on a banana as meritorious enough for a high school diploma. Folks, we are doomed as a nation---UTTERLY DOOMED!

Paula Deen cooks up a great pie!

Who would ever have thought it? Paula Deen, racist or just a good decide..

How Drudge Got His Start

Thought this article was interesting, as I didn't really know much about Drudge. Much more impressed than I was prepared to be:

Didn't know he broke the story about that boob "Billy Boy" Rockefeller Clinton.


Owens Community College employees received a memo from the administration announcing a "projected budget deficit in excess of $7.5 million for the next fiscal year." The memo indicated that "30 administrative staff members are expected to not be renewed as of June 30, 2013."

This announcement parallels the University of Toledo's predicted $36 million deficit.

The Board of Trustees at these two institutions are guilty of malfeasance in not holding the employees who got the colleges into their financial messes--the high-level administrators--responsible for their actions.

Why eliminate $30,000-a-year jobs and not $300,000-a-year jobs?

Interestingly, Owens vice president of finance and administration, John Satkowski, came from UT in 2000 (where he held a similar position).

Owens and UT are institutions that receive taxpayer dollars, and we expect better guardianship of our money.

80 percent of NYC public school graduates can't read--but they eat salad for lunch!

According to a report by CBS New York, 80 pecent of NYC public school graduates had to re-learn basic skills — reading, writing and math--before they could begin college courses.

I don't know what the rate is in Ohio, but my post-high school teaching experience tells me it has to be very significant. Recently, the Ohio Board of Regents has relegated remedial classes to community colleges, but institutions like the University of Toledo, which no longer has a community college, continues to accept unprepared students; and thus, its retention rate suffers.

As taxpayers, we pay for 12 years of public education; and then we subsidize remedial college classes. Where's the burden of responsibility for these students and their parents? Here's an idea--if you didn't bother to prepare for college--you can't get in. It's a throwback to "anyone can achieve whatever they want." We forget to include the "if you put the necessary energy, preparation, and effort into it" part.

NYC public schools demographics show that when all 5 Burroughs are counted, 70 percent of the students are black or Hispanic. In the Bronx, 90 percent of the students fall into that category. Even though most of them can't read or write, thank god that Michelle Obama is focusing on having them eat vegetables for lunch.

PBS Frontline: The Education of Michelle Rhee

The Education of Michelle Rhee
Jan 8, 2013
FRONTLINE examines the legacy of one of America’s most admired & reviled school reformers. (VIDEO)

Michelle Rhee: a reformer, reformed
By Christina Hernandez Sherwood | November 29, 2012,
Quote from article:

Shooter in CT. a "Goth"?


I keep reading the shooter in CT. is a type of person commonly called a "Goth". So were the shooters in Columbine High School. These folks are easily identified by their black leather clothing, green or orange acrylic hair, with all sorts of metallic doo-dads sewn on their clothes or as parts of body piercings. Shouldn't they be monitored, even a little bit?

ut to unveil "new" strategic plan on December 17

The University of Toledo will roll out its newest strategic plan on December 17. A friend of mine, who works at UT and has seen the plan, shared some of its highlights with me. Although it will be heralded as containing fresh ideas for the future of UT, a more appropriate label would be “Been there, done that.”

An institution that pays its three top officials a total annual income of well over $1 million came up with the following tired ideas for its strategic plan:

Re-establish University College—That’s the college that President Jacobs demolished a few years back. Apparently, it was a bad idea four years ago—but now—not so much.

Title change for non-tenured faculty—Full-time, non-tenured faculty will go from being called “Lecturers” to “Professors of Practice.” Most importantly—these faculty will now be given 3- to 5-year renewable contracts. (Translation: Jacobs can more easily terminate faculty in the non-science areas in favor of hiring more medical faculty.) Window dressing—for sure.

Divide the College of Education, Health Science and Human Service into several colleges—Remember when the colleges of Education and Health and Human Services were separate entities? Then they were combined? Now they will be separated again—this time into three colleges. I’d like to have the stationery printing contract for UT!

Enhance student internships and co-ops—Remember when Vik Kapoor did away with UT’s Office of Professional Experience Programs? Yep, like University College, the importance of experiential learning is back.

The most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States

That quote is included in this brief wikipedia bio of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the founders of NARAL and a former abortion doctor. And yes, Dr. Nathanson, who stopped doing abortions on MORAL grounds, and later became a Christian - did believe that the pro-life stance is morally superior to the kill-the-bablies-at-will stance.


Obama continued on his college campus tour today speaking at BGSU. It's a safe crowd for a liberal ("If you're 20 and not liberal, you have no heart. If you're 40 and not conservative, you have no brain." Winston Churchill). One of the mantras he espouses to the college kids is that he is going to find a way to pay off their student loans.

So Obama is proposing that you and I will be paying not once, not twice, but three times toward a student's college education. How's that?

First, if you pay taxes in Ohio, you are already subsidizing the students who attend a state-funded school (e.g. UT, BGSU, OSU, etc.). Let's review how that money is being used to operate a university by looking at the salaries of some UT administrators:

Jeffrey Gold, Chancellor $462,457
Lloyd Jacobs, President $392,700
Scott Scarborough, Provost $389,000
Larry Burns, Vice President for External Affairs $212,395
Chuck Lehnert, Vice President of Administration $225,000
David Dabney, Chief Financial Officer $215,540

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