Queen Athaliah - liar liar pants on fire

I mean, seriously, is there ANYTHING that she doesn't lie about? She obviously went in there prepared to do an Oscar-winning performance. But the histrionics and lying are going to follow her into her presidential bid. Safe prediction: She will NEVER be president.

And thank you Rand Paul for questions and comments much of the public has had.



More crooked michigan democrats

There are three things you can count on--death, taxes, and crooked Michigan Democrats.

The federal public corruption trial of former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kirkpatrick, continues. Among the evidence that has been presented during the trial is a text message sent from co-defendant, Bobby Ferguson, to Kilpatrick complaining about a contractor who wasn't cooperating with their extortion demands. The text message read:

“Walbridge is not playing ball, black man. These white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control.”

The two later extorted $5 million from that "white folk." (Thank god that blacks can't be accused of racism.)

The amount of money extorted from contractors who wanted to do work in Detroit is difficult to fathom. The trial has revealed scenarios where $90,000 was delivered to Kilpatrick--hidden in a vacuum cleaner; and one of Kilpatrick's female fundraisers delivered thousands of extorted dollars that were stuffed into her bra.

And now Federal prosecutors have filed a fraud charge against Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway. The charges relate to a scandal involving the sale of a Detroit-area home and suspicious steps taken to conceal property in Florida. She is a Democrat who was elected in 2008.

What will Hillary look like after her cosmetic surgery?

So you are being forced to testify about Benghazi and somehow you have to make the lies you told not seem like--well--lies. Your testimony will be viewed by millions of Americans, and you intend on running for President in 2016. You're not so worried about lying again--you and your husband are pros at that--but you look like a woman who's been put through the wringer and your pant suits just don't fit the way they used to.

That's the dilemma that Hillary Clinton was in and she came up with just the right solution--cosmetic surgery. A tuck here, some suction there--and even you can look like a human being--kinda.

Of course, you can't say that you are making some physical "improvements,"--that would seem vain. So you make-up a story about stomach flu and being weak and falling and getting a concussion and....

Tonight it's been announced that Clinton is being treated for a blood clot. That's one of the serious side-effects of any surgery.

Is The President More Important Than Millions of Schoolchildren?

I looked into miss watson's eyes and saw Toledo's future


democrat party is now the party of the weathly

The other day I heard someone reference where the wealth exists in this country. So I decided to do a little research on the subject and it led me to the Forbes article “America’s Richest Counties.” I looked at the top ten richest U.S. counties and crossed-referenced them with their states’ Boards of Elections to see how they voted in the 2012 presidential election.

What do you know—the wealthy in this country are not Republicans. Of the 10 richest U.S. counties, 7 of them voted for Obama.

Further review also shows that 5 of those richest Obama-voting counties are suburbs of Washington, D.C.! You know what that means—our tax dollars are either directly or indirectly making people rich. And to add insult to injury, another of the richest counties that voted for Obama, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, gets its wealth from federal government spending at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Another point worth noting is that the 3 richest counties that voted for Romney were in states (New Jersey and Colorado) that went to Obama.

In most of the richest counties, the median annual household income is over $100,000, which means that half of the households make more than that!

Michael Massie on the Obamas

Just went to a search engine to re-read & print out the M. Massie article on the Obamas, and lo and behold, the article has been hacked and the text "whited out", so that it cannot be read on-line. Interesting - so tried to re-read it here - nope, the entire article is now un-readable.

So, since I want at least part of the article to be "readable" here -- here is a re-post of the article (or the main part of it) from another website:

(you have to cursor down past the website header to get to the article).


In addition to the info in this link - as we all now know, Morsi Monster has granted himself dictator powers - at the same time as he holds out both hands for billions in American taxpayer dollars. And Mubarak is in jail for - what again?

Concentrate on Benghazi

The real truth is that rank and file Republicans - real conservatives - couldn't care less if the wealthy (making over $250,000) have to go back to pre-bush tax rates. WE DON'T CARE. McConnell & Boehner care only because 1) They are RINOS to begin with & 2) they are trying to please wealthy campaign donors - not us, the little people, who are the bulk of the Republican Party.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi - this is the only way to neutralize the liar in chief. He is hiding the truth about Benghazi (along with just about everything else affecting U.S. citizens).

Arizona gun shop refuses to sell to Obama voters

An Arizona gun shop has posted a sign on its door that warns customers that if you voted for Obama "turn around and leave." The owner states that anyone who voted for Obama has proven they aren't responsible enough to own a gun.

This is where anti-Obama citizens can exact their power--they are the business owners and--in most states--they have the ability to refuse service to customers. Is it possible to precisely enforce this, no. But in this case, the message is at least as strong as the potential for action. The gun shop owner holds all of the cards here--admit you voted for Obama and he can use his power not to sell to you. Don't admit that you voted for Obama and buy something--money in the owner's pocket.

The owner also took out a full-page ad expressing his sentiment in the local newspaper.

Republicans will never win the presidency again--but it doesn't matter

I was examining the Lucas County 2012 Presidential election voting results--and they are amazing. Not only did Obama, who has overseen the longest streak of consecutive months of high unemployment in U.S. history, receive 64% of the total votes in the County--95 precincts had 80+% of the votes going to Obama.

It made me think of the fact that my spouse and I spent about $2,000 on contributions to Conservative candidates and worked countless hours volunteering for various campaigns. I don't feel like it was a waste of time and money--rather it was a learning experience. What I learned is that there is no reversing the opinion of someone who feels that successful people are a threat to them, and that the Democrats have perfected the art of capitalizing on that emotion.

So, why not let the liberals run the federal government and we conservatives can do what the union leaders accuse us of--making and spending lots of money. Why do we play down the fact that we are smart, ambitious, hard working, and successful? I'm done with that. We can manage circles around liberals and shouldn't be ashamed if that results in perks.

Our future will be to own, operate, and/or manage the businesses, which if we so deem, we'll hire the liberals who think that raising our taxes is the "patriotic" thing to do. They'll control the government, but we'll control any hope they have of breaking free of government oversight.

Did Prez watch Benghazi attack in real time?

This certainly appears to be the story (or question if you will) that the mainstream media is spiking (studiously ignoring) big time.

Oh, and if you want don't want your computer screen to freeze up, don't google this question (did he watch the attack as it took place), bing it. I've been trying for 2 days, and finally got the above link to open up.


I know this was posted by another poster (below) - but didn't see a link or backup, so wondered if this was possible, and whether it could be blamed on Kasich.


Gives me no pleasure to see people's food samps reduced. People are in real need.

What was it that guy standing in the water after Katrina in New Orleans said? Oh, yeah... "Where George Bush?"


Is the Recorder's office part time?

Will Phil Copeland be able to continue his work at the Local union hall? Hopefully he shows up for the Recorder's position more than he did for city council...

Jeep might be sending jobs to China, BUT GM DEFINIELY IS

$1.1 BILLION of U.S. taxpayer money to BUILD A GM PLANT IN CHINA.

"GM Receives Regulatory Approval for 300,000-Unit Plant in China's Hubei Province"
Published: 2/13/2012

"GM's passenger vehicle production joint venture in China has won approval for a new 300,000-unit, USD1.1-billion plant in Central China."

Marchionne is also a phoney baloney


I culled the following "comment" from the Blade article "Rock1" posted under Galt's post [several items below this] about Fiat/Chrysler and Marchionne's plans for future Jeep production in China":

"Eric your not reading what the CEO wrote, He said they will not move any EXISTING production to China, but they will take the money that we the tax payers gave Chrysler for a bail-out & build a NEW plant in China & use China-Men on the production line......Now to me that's moving future production "

Democrats and Voter Fraud

As a former poll worker, I never understood why utility bills were accepted as ID, anyway. Not in this day and age with so many undocumented residents, who have learned how to bleed our health care safety nets dry.

Obama Phone Lady Parody

why obama won't win ohio

As a so-called “battleground state,” Ohio is receiving a lot of attention in the presidential race. There is one important indication that regardless of what the polls show—Obama won’t win Ohio.

The real key to Obama’s inability to carry Ohio is found in the November 2011 statewide election.

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