The Toledo Free Press Endorses Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell.

There is a world of difference between leading through intimidation and leading through inspiration. Mike Bell is the best of a great field of candidates because he understands that difference.

Bell literally put his life on the line for Toledo, and he has parlayed the respect and experience he earned into a career that took him to Columbus as the state’s fire marshal. He is a proven leader with experience at the top of city government, and no one else has that the inside view.



On the Sept. 15 ballot, voters will choose six of 23 candidates for Toledo City Council. The top 12 vote getters will move on to November’s ballot. If Issue 2 passes, that number will be reduced to six moving on to November’s ballot.

Some candidates declare a party; some do not. Toledo’s municipal elections are non-partisan; on the ballot, there will be no party affiliation noted.

Bell, Wilkowski Enter The "Lair Of Rush Limbaugh" On Thursday

Mayoral candidates Mike Bell and Keith Wilkowski will be on with me in the morning for final interviews before the primary on next Tuesday. The "lair" line comes from young Ben Konop who on his first scary visit to WSPD uttered those immortal words.

Blue Dogs + PhRMA + White House = bad health care plan

This is why they're called "Blue Cross" Democrats:

"When Max Baucus circulated his draft plan earlier this week, the PDF documentation page (image) indicates that the "author" was ex-Wellpoint VP Liz Fowler. Fowler was hired in February as Senior Counsel to the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and famously boasted that "the reason that I have a lot of friends is ’cause I got to give away money.” (cont.)

To The Right Of Attila The Hun, Collins And Moody On WSPD Wednesday

On Wednesday morning Mike Collins and Jim Moody join me for interviews about thier runs for Mayor. They had some tough words for each other in the Toledo Free Press debate earlier and we'll talk about that and some of the new things both are saying now that the election is just a week away.

Up to $3800 fine for not having health insurance

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A top senator is calling for fines of up to $3,800 on families who fail to get medical insurance after a health care overhaul goes into effect.


Right Wing Propogandist Talks With Joe McNamara-Neither Explodes

Joe McNamara joined me on the show today to push for the passage of Issue 1, a proposal the mayor originally supported.


Toledo City Council elected not to increase the fee Toledoans pay for refuse collection by a vote of 6-5. Councilmen Joe McNamara, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel voted to increase the fee. Councilmen Tom Waniewski, Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Michael Ashford, Michael Craig, and Betty Shultz voted against the increase. Councilman Frank Solloszi was absent.

Racist Left Wing Media Reports False Story to Push Agenda/Propaganda


Daily Gut
by Greg Gutfeld

Right Wing Propogandist Hosts YMCA Friday Morning On WSPD 7am

Friday morning I host the two heads of the YMCA/JCC for an hour long interview about the South YMCA. Robert Alexander, Pres. CEO, and Paul Schlatter head of the Board of Directors will be on to give us the final update on "the deal" and the future of the South Y location. Did the constant barrage of negative coverage hurt fundraising? What happens after three years? Is what Alexander makes important to the story?
Should be fun.

Ben Konop Receiving Threats - IS WSPD Involved?

Armed deputy guards are providing security for Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop. According to an article in the Toledo Blade as well as being reported by WTOL News, WSPD radio host Brian Wilson broadcasted Konop's personal cell phone number over the air.

In addition, a man approached Konop inside Government Center, and he had a knife in his waist band.

You can read more and view the interview with Brian Wilson here:

Right Wing Propogandist Needs Accurate Figures

I know wolfman and others will be able to help me out here. Somewhere in this huge stack of papers I've lost the one that shows how much taxpayer money went to Chrysler before they decided to go bankrupt. I was curious because of this story in the Detroit Free Press today

Kaptur is Pro Life?

Did the Plain Dealer print an incorrect statement or is Marcy Kaptur pro-life? I thought I read some place Kaptur is pro-choice.
Toledo Democrat Marcy Kaptur, who also opposes abortion, doesn't think the bill will lead to taxpayer-funded abortions because of the Hyde Amendment, language attached each year to a funding bill for the Department of Health and Human Services which blocks government funding of abortions.

Ben Konop Dropping Out Of Mayoral Race?

I just seen on 13ABC News tonight that Ben Konop will be having a press conference tomorrow morning at 11 AM at Government Center, to announce a major campaign announcement.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

Is Ben Konop dropping out of the race?

Would you Vote for A NO Means NO Law ? On Taxes or a Tax Levy ?

Yes, if voted down could not be ANY levy for 2 years.
77% (27 votes)
23% (8 votes)
Total votes: 35

Marcy Just Plain SUCKS !

Marcy just plain sucks. She will look you in the face and just tell you what you want to hear. And still just do what she wants to do. No matter how we feel about it. I thought they were to represent us. Not just vote the way they want. It's all just a big pile XXXX - admin edit.

Where is Marcy - why won't she meet with her constituents?

I am not paid by any insurance company or part of any right wing group. I am a private citizen
that does not government health care, VA and Medicare is a joke. Almost $.70 cents of every dollar to finance these bureaucracies is spent on administration only $.30 is spent
on actual medical care. Since Marcy Kaptur won't meet with her constituents on this and other issues while she is on her month long vacation we will have a protest at both her houses.

Remember everyone, in 2010 election we can get rid of these tyrants and show them the doore before they do any more harm.

I Voted.

I just got back from Voting. I Voted NO. No on the Oregon Property TAX Levy! I just wish that there was a HELL-NO button!


Not ANOTHER TAX LEVY ? YES! Another Tax lavy in Oregon. Make the local Govt. get on the state to fix it as thay promised! Until we make them, they wont. They will always take the easy way out. And add to the property taxs. NO MORE. Levy after Levy. VOTE NO!

Cash For Clunkers

According to Chuck Shumer the Cash For Clunkers program is a "success". Here's raw video of what a huge success it is. These cars will be destroyed because the govt. says they need to go.
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