How Did This Guy Get Released Early?

That former city worker who got his fifteenth DUI (while in a city truck) got released after only serving five months of a two year sentence:

Here is the article about him being sentenced to two years:

There are a few things I don't understand. First, given that he has had a "significant history of contact with the courts," according to the judge, how did he manage to get released so early?

Muslim Suspect arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting...(real terrorism)

Suspect arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting
Story Highlights
NEW: Investigators suspect "political and religious motives"

Man, 24, charged with murder, 15 counts of engaging in a terrorist act

Police: Man in black SUV drove by and fired on soldiers standing outside

Three weapons found in man's SUV, police say

(CNN) -- An Arkansas man was arrested Monday in connection with a shooting at a Little Rock military recruiting center that killed one soldier and wounded another, authorities said.

Toledo police arrests down, are they planned or lack of manpower?

An inspection of court records will find that police arrests are down, sometimes down by over 50%. Is this a work slowdown by police or a reflection of the lack of manpower?

Neighborhood foot patrol tonight. The last several Wed. nites, we have been hit

by alot of graffiti and break ins. The guardian angels will welcome anyone who wants to walk the Highland Park area tonight. Meet at the angels hq, the old fire house, Broadway at Orchard sts, 7 pm. This walk schedule just came about today

Question? Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that three juveniles are being held in connection with the last attack on a woman on Mulberry in North Toledo. According to the story, an 88 year old woman, who lives doors down from the woman who was murdered, was attacked in her home. She was beatten about the head, by someone unknown, and then her car keys were taken. However when the car alarm went off, the person fled.

Has anyone heard any information pertaining to the arrest of the juveniles?

Toledo Police Officers Allegedly Beat Up 14-Year-Old Teenager Trevor Casey

The original video:

Welcome to the Wild West

Just like living in the old west. According to recent news media, two men were shot in the alley behind the Lion's Den early on Weds, morning. (5/13/ 09). One man was shot in the hip and the other in the hand. Both victims were taken to St. Vincent's hospital. The suspect is known, however the police are unable to locate him at this time.

Our Next Group Of Elected Officials Must Have Family Values

With the layoff of dozens of police officers the families in Toledo will have to step up their roles to guide our children and reinforce positive family values. We cannot afford to have our next group of elected government officials make a mockey of Toledo's social and financial relevance. At present, Toledo's government is an object of humorous andtidotes at bars and cocktails parties across the nation. The rest of the nation doesn't take Toledo seriously, and therefore, they are not serious about living here or investing here.

Breaking News, Downtown Shooting

Breaking News:

Today, sometime around 12:30 pm, a homeless man was shot approximately three times out-sideof the Greyhound Bus Station located in downtown Toledo. One witness was able to get a license number from the vehicle. The man was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent Hospital.
According to reports the Toledo Police are looking for a maroon SUV and a black Dodge Durango, however this information is not confirmed by the dispatchers citing department policy that went into effect sometime last week.

Story at

Red light Camera meet-up

If you're interested in signing this petition and learning more about this issue, there will be a meeting at Delaney's Lounge on 309 W. Alexis (small strip plaza, next to Marco's Pizza) Thursday May 14th at 7 p.m. For more information go to:


The Recent Layoffs Of Police, And 3 Murders In 5 Days...It Is Necessary

Toledo, OH - Independent City Council At-Large Candidate, Stephen Ward, proposes a safety and security plan for the city of Toledo.

Highland Heights meeting to address crime

The Highland Heights Neighborhood Association will meet at 6:30pm Thursday, May 14, at the Toledo Heights branch library to assign citizen task forces to curb crime and graffiti. This meeting will focus not on sharing crime experiences but on assigning responsibility for graffiti erasure, foot patrols, phone trees, etc. Other agenda items include garden projects, park and neighborhood updates. For more information, see or call Mary at the library: 419-259-5220.

Blatant Media Alert- Ty Daniels With Fred Wednesday On WSPD

The latest candidate for council at large seat, Ty Daniels, will join me on Wednesday morning. I will pepper him with right wing extremist questions while telling you about my favorite restaurants (star diner, carrabba's) where to buy flowers ( and filling you in with traffic, weather, and the mayor's latest idea for Southwyk- horses.
Plus the latest on the dead horse that is the Erie Street Market. We are now being sued by the local unions, and it appears the mayor may have struck another secret deal with Rob Croak and Moussa Salhouk to run the ESM.

Finkbeiner Uses Friend's Suicide To Bolster His Crime Theory

The mayor today used the suicide of a man he referred to as a "very good friend" to prove his point that fewer police don't contribute to crime. He actually said that we won't hear this man's mother complain that there were no Toledo Police patrolling the park where her son decided to kill himself. The mayor of course didn't mention the fact that that the man shot himself in Side Cut MetroPark which is in Maumee and wouldn't have Toledo police patrolling anyway.

150 down... we own this town?

A friend told me today that she heard there had been a group of teens hanging out down in Highland Park wearing T-shirts with "150 down We own this Town. I was just wondering if anyone here had actually seen anyone wearing a shirt like that and if they had did it upset them as a real threat or did they just take it as teens being teens?

WSPD Reports On New Police Procedures

New procedures will be in place for Field Operations Officers with the layoffs after today. The elimination of the Theft Unit, Auto Theft Unit, Check Unit, and Reduction in Burglary Unit make these changes necessary.
Number 6 on the list is particularly troubling since most people who have been a victim of burglary are distraught already. It reads "Tell victims the report will be on file. DO NOT tell victims that a detective will call them or promise any follow-up that you cannot personally deliver. In most cases, there will be NO follow-up."

Carty kills deal between city and TPPA

TPPA and Carty's administrators has apparently been reject by Hizzoner himself. Guess he really wants all or nothing. Get ready Toledo, your increase in crime starts this weekend....

"Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has rejected a tentative agreement reached between the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association and his own administrators, Chief of Staff Robert Reinbolt said Wednesday night."

Telb indicted

Could Sheriff Telb, a Democrat, soon join the many former Sherriff office employees behind bars?


Longtime Lucas County Sheriff James Telb and a top commander and two former deputies were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on charges related to the 2004 death of an inmate at the jail.

Blatant Media Alert-TPPA Head Wagner With Fred On Friday Morning

According to the Mayor in a letter sent to employees the other day the city is in dire straits. We are losing millions of dollars each week that we don't solve our budget crisis. The Mayor says the unions must give concessions. So why the hell did the city walk away from the bargaining table today?

4p-7:30p The Dead Zone-Council Meeting Tuesday Afternoon

For three and one half hours we sat and listened to the council, the administration, and finally the public weigh in one the mayor's seven proposals for balancing the budget. Not suprisingly most of the talk centered around the "exigent circumstances" cited by Bob Reinbolt as a reason for voiding the union's contracts.

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