Republicans against States' Rights and for More Laws and Spending!

Yup, here it is, a Republican bill that makes the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BIGGER in order to piss all over STATES' RIGHTS and spend more money on another losing war.

Republican hypocrisy at its finest. Disregard states' rights, disregard the will of the people, forget libertarianism, regulate the market. Welcome to the GOP, Hypocrisy Central.

LETS NOT FORGET,Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe ..Why

The U.S. plan had called for interceptors in Poland and Romania, complemented by deployed U.S. naval ships outfitted in the Mediterranean. Hagel said the first three phases would be fully implemented, but the fourth, the deployment of a large interceptor warhead, would not go forward.

At a meeting last March in South Korea, Obama told then-Russia President Dmitri Medvedev in remarks picked up by a live microphone that he would have “more flexibility” on the missile shield issue following an election victory.



Wondered how long it would take the board troll to circumvent your rules against porn & filth. Didn't take long.

For lurkers/readers - quick explanation... the board troll created a new "moniker" to hide behind, found a topic (MG) that would initially/temporarily ingratiate him (or, more accurately, ingratiate his new "moniker") with the board owner, and proceeded to post more porn, as links, that obviously can't be seen at first. I hope several others have flagged this one.

Meghan Gallagher Allegedly Abuses Fellow BOE Employee...Again

My sources in the BOE tell me that once again Ms Gallagher has lost the plot, and shown her total lack of respect towards her underlings. Ms. Gallagher allegedly verbally and physically abused a fellow colleague today. My sources also tell me that the BOE board members were so incensed with Ms Gallagher's behavior, that they had the yet unnamed employee file a incident report with the police and prosecutor.

Elaina Steinfurth death--a story of police incompetence and the underbelly of society


God bless little Elaina. As a vulnerable child, the very people she relied upon to take care of her didn't pull through; and in death, neither did the law enforcement professionals.

There were two categories of places where Elaina could have been: a public space (e.g. a park, in or near a body of water, etc.) or a private space (e.g. a house, a garage, etc.). Volunteers combed acres of public space, but only government officials had the ability to obtain the permits necessary to search private spaces. An important question is how often and when did the TPD search the personal spaces of Elaina's mother and her boyfriend?

Even more disturbing was the spotlight put on the neighborhood where Elaina's mother lived. The deteriorating homes paralleled the residents' behavior. What kind of people start a rumble at the possible site of the solemn discovery of a little girl's body? We've seen the videos of these dysfunctional people who didn't have enough self-control and respect to behave like rational human beings. In a word--losers.

The sad truth is that the majority of these types of tragedies happen in neighborhoods like Elaina's and Ariel Castro's.

Michael Coon's court history

It looks like Mr. Coon has been a frequent visitor of the court system, sort of like Jon Stainbrook, but unlike Jon, most of these he is a defendant.
County civil and criminal:
G-4801-LN-199806773-000 COON MICHAEL
G-4801-LN-200104192-000 COON MICHAEL
G-4801-LN-200104740-000 COON MICHAEL
G-4801-LN-200105037-000 COON MICHAEL
G-4801-LN-199707638-000 COON MICHAEL E
G-4801-LN-200002539-000 COON MICHAEL E
G-4801-CI-200002935-000 COON MICHAEL E
G-4801-CI-200202048-000 COON MICHAEL E
G-4801-CI-200203996-000 COON MICHAEL E
G-4801-LN-200302227-000 COON MICHAEL E

Let us pray this warning is incorrect

It has been posted at several sites recently:

In his interview yesterday with Judy Woodruff & Gwen Ifill, BO - TWICE - that I heard, quietly slipped in thinly veiled (let's call them) "rationalizations" for striking Syria being that chem-weps could be aimed at "us" (meaning the U.S.), and also "directed" at us (meaning the U.S.).

It's difficult not to draw several conclusions.

Society needs to leave some white male judges and some white male teachers behind!

WHITE MALE SUPREMACY AND THE GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK GONE WILD: Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana, sentenced a 54 year old white male school teacher to serve 30 days in jail for raping a 14 year old female child, who later committed suicide. Time served will also be taken off of the 30 day sentence. The judge’s rationale is that the 14 year old child was, “a troubled youth, older than her chronological age.” He also stated, "Obviously, a 14-year-old can't consent. I think that people have in mind that this was some violent, forcible, horrible rape," Baugh said Tuesday.

This one is for you FRED!

This one is for you Fredtheentertainer. Wow! Young white people rioting? Who ever heard of that? Like Chicken Little said, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

black on black crime v white on white crime

TRUTH: Black on black murders are horrific and all black people are held accountable for this phenomena. White on white murders are also horrific but all white people are not tattooed with the label of vicious criminals. In the Toledo area alone there have been sensational white on white crimes. 1.The grandmother who killed her three grandchildren because she didn't want to give the children back to their parents. 2.The mother that killed herself and her 10 year old son. 3. The missing 18 month old. 4. The mom in Swanton who shot her 15 year old on Monday.



Thank god there are brave enough people in this Country who are willing to serve on a jury and make decisions based on the trial and not on the Al Sharpton idiot hysteria.

The N word versus Cracker.

This is one of the best articles that I have read in a long time. Lets see how well Swampbubblers understand what Columnist Parker is saying.

The N word versus Cracker.

This is one of the best articles that I have read in a long time. Lets see how well Swampbubblers understand what Columnist Parker is saying.

Fleeing Crimminal Run Over By Victim He tried To Rob.

After a crime victim causes the crimminal to flee should she have the right to murder him.

Corruption in Toledo? Nah.

I don't normally go to lib blogs like this, but they're attacking one of their own. Get the popcorn!

"The latest scandal to break involve 7 of her top political advisers (who also happen to work in her Auditor’s Office). They were all given huge raises totaling $131,147.73 out of the county budget. And most of these were right after these advisers worked on her 2010 election. Coincidence... I don’t think so. That’s an average raise of over $18,000! A politician who is using her elected office as a way to dole out cushy jobs to her political staff is not someone we can afford to promote to the Mayor’s office.


You miserable heathen lying liberal scum who have made ME, the center of your UNIVERSE , simply have to have lead a most boring, incomplete , dissolute, and a worthless unproductive Life !!!

It is greatly flattering to no end I must admit !!!

UPDATE : Ohio Law-concerning defamation & libel:clearly states that posting & dispersing Public Information, on the web of a strangers information in a maliceous manner is clearly Defamation.

By using a NAMED PERSON, in the dissemination of that information simply makes the plaintiffs case much easier.

HOLY TOLEDO !!! Local Gimmerats & Al Queada-fellow travelers in HATING AMERICA !!!

QUESTION-what does Mohamwad Zaki Amawi, Marwin Othman El-Hindi, Warsem Mazloum, Hor Akl, Amira Akl, and Tarek Elkafrawi, Marcia Kapturd, Peter Gerken, asshole Gimmerat posters here ( you know who you are ) , SantaObbamma, Kermit Gosnell, Max Baucus, Dennis Burk, Jay Rockefeller, Henry Chao, that Mohammadden sawed off psycho who pens America hating/ Christian hating/ Free Market hating for the yellowragblade, and millions of other pus filled bacteria have in absolute , 100% verifiable ,commonality ?


China, spies on our military, news rooms, banks,government agencies, individuals , and etc.

And, so does Obbammey -the mooch class voting morons Mammy ?!

And, the fellow traveling American Hating Liberal cowards, do not mind at all ?!

Richard M. Nixon-did none of this illegal spying and yet was accused of it.
Obozo-the coke fiend, dog eater, heathen sissy from Chimpago, does all of this spying and, liberals are unfazed as the muted dunces they all are ?!

Hitler-Ooops, Stalin-Oooops, Mao-Oooops, Obbammey's IRS-goes after America's Vicar of Christ

OBOZO, the dog eating, coke fiend,fatherless spawn- sinister, wicked, and thoroughly evil dictates & demands to the IRS, " go after the Reverend Billy Graham "?!

America's , Vicar of Christ, is targeted for IRS persecution ala how Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Chavez, Pol-Pot,et al-did with their way of payback, all to rid their hideous devil inspired agenda from going full speed ahead !!!!

The Mohammadden, Chicongo Way "president", is as wicked as any terrorist who has murdered real American's, in COLD BLOOD !!!

And, Liberal heathen scum do not care ?!

CNN Plays Race Card-No Surprise Here

CNNs' Left wing reporter Erin Burnett was discussing bombing suspects and referred to them as young, and White. The official she was interviewing immediately told her racial identity could NOT be determined by the pics. She replied " errrrrr---right ".
The liberals want these suspected killers to be White so bad they can taste it!

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