harry reid asks why we should help kids with cancer


I liked Ike

I was thinking that recently. A president who wasn't on tv 24/7 haranguing us with communist stupidity. A president who understood the constitutional limits on his office. A president who didn't hate Christians. A president who didn't stick his nose into every area of Americans' lives.

So this is just a part of a recent article by Al Martin [you'll have to google him... too tired to do tutorials today]...

But Martin's observations are precisely why those who understand the goofiness going on in D.C. - ARE NOT cringing in a corner, trembling with fear of a "govt shutdown".



As I watch as C-SPAN covers the Senate votes on cloture (approved) and the House budget (that doesn't include funding for Obamacare), what I see is a bunch of primarily old white guys who are laughing, slapping each other on the backs, and acting like they don't have a care in the world. Actually, they don't. They've exempted themselves from--as a Democrat senator described it--the "train wreck" that is Obamacare. They'll get great pensions, the future possibility to make tons of money as speech makers and/or lobbyists, and have the power that comes with being an elite member of the political class.

It also reminds me that indeed, the poor and minorities are still enslaved--this time they willingly participate by voting for white politicians who treat them as if they are incompetent losers who need their "protection." I guess you get what you ask for.

Obama lied--children died

Way back when Obamacare was just a glint in Nancy Pelosi's eyes, anyone who had two brain cells to rub together predicted that people who didn't depend on the government for their coverage would get far better health care than those who did. Well, reality has just set in for Missourians. Here's a quote from an article that appeared in the Washington Examiner:

Patient advocates say the exclusion of one of Missouri’s top hospital systems from policies offered by the region’s biggest insurer under the Affordable Care Act could hinder treatment for some patients and force others to switch doctors.

The network for the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield plans, which will be sold through Missouri’s “Obamacare” marketplace, does not include BJC HealthCare and its 13 hospitals — among them Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the area’s premier academic medical center, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


Military men & women on military bases being unarmed:

But the mainstream media covers for Obama at every juncture. There is almost NO discussion on either network or cable TV about the foolishness of unarmed military people ON military bases. The stupidest moron in the "great unwashed" knows this policy is insane.

Re Syria and what's really going on

Every once in a while Paul Craig Roberts hits one out of the ballpark. This summary of his differs greatly from the "bleahbitty bleahbitty bleah" coming out of the mainstream media about Syria... (THE REBELS DID IT, YOU BUNCH OF LYING MORONS)...


Just asking. Because:

This article is loaded with information that will never dribble out via the mainstream media. For instance, the "petro dollar ponzi scheme". How many Americans even "get" this?

Dear Lord, please help this happen

Marcy Kaptur--what a gem! She gave us Obamacare. Remember how she was part of the Stupak group that held off voting in favor of Obamacare until they got that really valuable Obama Executive Order barring federal funding of abortion--yeah, that really worked out. At least Bart Stupak had the decency not to run for re-election after that--but not our Marcy. Being devoid of a scruples gene sure comes in handy.

Kaptur loves her some "middleclass"--which she defines as union workers. As for the rest of us, Kaptur isn't that interested.

With the backing of union workers and minorities (who vote for her because she has a "D" after her name), there's no chance Kaptur will ever be defeated by a Republican.

However, I hold out hope for her not making it through a primary. I think there's one certain way Kaptur could lose in the Democrat primary--if she were opposed by a Black man or woman from the Cleveland area. Ooooooh--I now know how Chris Matthews feels when he listens to Obama!


This is too funny. The IRS Employee UNION (those people who wanted Obamacare) that represents the IRS (those people who collect the Obamacare tax) WANTS OUT OF OBAMACARE.

From the Forbes Magazine website:

IRS Employees Union Is 'Very Concerned' About Being Required To Enroll In Obamacare's Health Insurance Exchanges
by Avik Roy, Contributor

Majority of Americans agree with Snowden's actions

What really caught my eye was that this is a Quinnipiac poll. These particular pollsters almost always lean either "left" or in a direction that approves of anything BO thinks up.
If Quin... is not trying to manipulate the truth on this - well, figure it out.


We are constantly being conned by con-men & con-women -- and we pay their salaries out of our own pockets so that they can con us some more:

We need to stay out of Syria

We need to stay out of Syria. it's a civil war. It's most likely the so-called "rebels" who used chemical weapons, if anyone did. This will quickly become another Vietnam - another proxy war with Russia on one side and us on the other. To what end? Well, besides the fact that BO appears at all times to be obeying his globalist masters, who tell him what he will and won't do....

Your tax dollars at work. GM building an assembly plant IN RUSSIA.

To find out what the rest of the world thinks about America and the Obama Regime, it is always a good idea to check foreign newspapers. I found this tidbit on the English version of Pravda. (That is the Russian state owned newspaper).

Want the story the "mainstream" American media isn't printing?
Here's one that made me laugh. LOOKS LIKE ROMNEY WAS RIGHT.

GM to assemble Opel Corsa in Belarus

13.06.2013 | Source: Pravda.Ru

Oh So That's how dumbbell Dick Durbin got elected...


Busy little beaverette, isn't she?

You have to separate the sheep from the goats

This is an article from a liberal site. Found it when doing a fast scan of what had to offer today [which, for the un-initiated, is a sort of reader's digest of articles from numerous sources & representing various viewpoints]. Sometimes the best thing at rense is the daily cartoon/photo. Today I thought the best thing was this article:

Compare and contrast these Congressional Hearings

I'm curious at the treatment received by different people when ordered to testify at a Congressional hearing.

For instance, an IRS official who was in charge of the department that denied tax exempt status to groups with 'Patriot' or 'TEA party' in their name gets to yap about her side of the story, then tells Congress to stick it and walks out...


Why, surely, our honest hard-working reps would not pass an oppressive law, and then want to exempt themselves from it.... would they?

Ms. Kaptur, Mr. Brown, Mr. Portman - Could I and all of my family members please also be exempted? I mean, you know, in the interests of fairness and all?

Trying to "Sneak Through" is right...

This is the new internet sales tax that Congress is trying to sneak through. It will hurt small businesses, putting many of them OUT of business.

The lackey media is performing as usual - they have Harry Reid's back at all times. Leftist talking heads are rich - what do THEY care about average Americans?

"Dr. Gosnell & Obama's Heart of Stone"

Thank you Alan Keyes for saying this better than I could:

The black-hearted liberal media covering up this story - is on display for all to see, once and for all time. Personally, I don't do facebook or twitter, but understand that this topic is red hot all acros twitter. The CPUSA media is meeting up with reality, thanks to the internet.

Should The GOP Fight Obama On Gun Control.

National Poll Results: (Total Votes: 718,713) YES 91% NO 9%
Obama agencies prepping for chaos...

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