Ex-city councilman will battle Wozniak for commission seat

Jan Scotland, an insurance agent who once held an appointed seat on Toledo City Council, said he plans to seek the Republican endorsement to run for Lucas County commissioner against Democratic incumbent Tina Skeldon Wozniak.

Troy Neff Show: If it happens in Tiffin it ends up in The Blade- Updated

Troy interviews Seneca County commissioner Ben Nutter about Doug Collar’s idea to save the historic, 1884 courthouse, which is set for demolition.

Updated - Ben Nutter and the courthouse makes The Blade again.

Ben Nutter Interview 06/27/08

Designers add trees, ivy, bushes to facade of new Toledo arena

Final drawings for the arena under construction in downtown, to be unveiled today by the Lucas County commissioners, show a green side - literally.

The designs include not only environmentally friendly construction with efficient heating and cooling systems, but also a lobby packed with trees and bushes as well as an ivy-covered glass "Green Wall" greeting visitors at its south entrance.

Fred's Friday Frenzy On 1370 WSPD

Friday morning an exclusive interview with James Hartung, President Toledo/Lucas County Port Authority on the intermodal facility and his vision for Toledo Express. No one else has had the line up of experts on this topic that WSPD has had and if you need to catch up there are podcasts at

Ben “The Pit Bull” Konop gets all fired up on the Troy Neff Show

On a fairly slow news day, Ben “the pit bull” Konop joins the show for his weekly interview. Ben starts to get a little fired up when talking about Matt Sapara’s $180,000.00 salary and the good ol' boy network that makes up the LCIC board.

Ben "The Pit Bull" Konop


This week on the Toledo View...
Interviews with:

Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor

Vallie Bowman-English, Clerk of Toledo Courts

Ben Konop, Lucas County Commisioner

Read the hot editorial's on the Citizens View...



And on the Anonymous View...



Metro area ripe for shift into global trade portal

Local officials and developers have preached the same sermon for years: The Toledo area is ideally situated to become a major freight distribution center for the northeastern United States and southern Canada.

#1 Morning Talk Show 1370 WSPD To Host Martinko

Thursday morning I will be speaking with Richard Martinko P.E. on the topic of an Intermodal facility in our region. Mr. Martinko was at the meeting earlier this week with the Port Authority, WSPD, WTOL, and developer Brian McMahon where the need for this type of facility was discussed.

Commissioner Konop Proposes Openness and Transparency Reform for County Government

In via e-mail (better late than never):
Commissioner Konop Proposes Openness and Transparency Reform for County Government

Resolution would force disclosure of campaign contributions for those receiving government contracts

Intermodal Update And Some Answers

I had the pleasure of speaking this morning with a number of people actively involved in the intermodal project that is a vision for Toledo Express. I went back and pulled some of handbanana's questions because he seemed a little unsure of how all this would work and confused about the process.

Troy Neff Show: Another Show Full of Interviews You Can't Miss

Yet again the newsmakers make the Troy Neff Show the most in depth, informative, and fair morning talk show on the airwaves.
First up Jennifer Johnson, the Manager of Real Estate for the City of Toledo, gives Troy the inside scoop on the Erie Street Market Tetra Tech deal.
Then Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken gives his thoughts on the LCIC and the Dog Warden.

Troy Neff Show: Monday with Frank and the Review of Toledo

Troy Neff Show: Monday with Frank and the Review of Toledo.

Frank Szollosi is usually on every Friday for his segment Review of Toledo. Due to circumstances the interview had to be pushed back to today. Frank gives his take on Tetra Tech Inc and the Erie Street Market.

Frank Szollosi

Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD Is Hooked On Posting

Intelligent interview with candidate for mayor of Toledo. Keith Wilkowski says he wants to be mayor of the city of Toledo. Yes it's early at 18 months but don't expect tv spots or constant press conferences just yet. Wilkowski wants to build an organization and funds for the expected run. Listen to the interview on the podcast page at later today.

Fred LeFebvre of WSPD With Brian Mcmahon On Intermodal Facility

This morning on the most listened to talk show in Northwest Ohio Brian McMahon laid out the reasons an intermodal facility for this area is critical. Thousancs of jobs and millions of dollars await this area if the constant bickering between city-county-township can be set aside.

#1 Morning Talk Show On WSPD To Host Brian McMahon

Thursday morning Brian McMahon of Danberry Realty will be my guest to discuss recent developements the WSPD News Department has uncovered regarding property near Toledo Express. For the last two years at least I have suggested as have others that we should look at an intermodal facility at the airport.

#1 Morning Talk Show Gets Results Again


Can You Serve Two Masters?

Can you really be in charge of finding the head of an organization that you are also trying to destroy?

Sapara and Robinson Respond To Konop Attacks

Matt Sapara and Rob Robinson of the LCIC will appear with a radio host to be named later, Wednesday on the Morning News on 1370 WSPD at 7:30a. They will respond to charges and innuendo brought by commissioner Ben Konop at Tuesday's meeting. Expect questions that are direct and to the point.

How do you feel about Ben Konop's position on the LCIC?

I like it - it should be shut down
61% (46 votes)
I don't like it - he does not know what he is talking about
17% (13 votes)
I agree that there are problems but would not go all the way like him and say shut it down
12% (9 votes)
It should be left alone
4% (3 votes)
I don't know or don't care
7% (5 votes)
Total votes: 76

How Effective Can Konop Be Now

Following todays commissioners meeting and the announcement by Oregon mayor Marge Brown that she will run against Konop when he is up for re-election, how effective can Konop be as a commissioner? What experience did he bring to county government when elected in the first place?

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