Should the Toledo Blade Continue To Print In "Today's Log" Dogs Killed and Dogs Adopted at the Lucas Co Dog Pound

Would You Vote For Someone Other Than Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon Wozniak Based Solely On Their Refusal To Fire the Dog Warden

Gerken and the Dog Warden Controversy

Today, Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon Wozniak denied Ben Konop's motion to remove Tom Skeldon as dog warden. (not sure if Tina had a conflict of interest there).

One could say this vote was predictable. Putting aside Tina's possible conflict of interest, we should take a look at the other commissioner's past statements.


Join Us For The Facts

In the Annex at the Omni 2567 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, Oh
Sat. Oct. 17th 8pm-11pm

Isenberg concerned about "greater good?"

On WGTE, Carty and Sandy Isenberg discussed politics and whatnot on "Deadline Now."

It's amazing that this woman has any respect in the community to be asked to appear on the show, and why would Carty agree to appear on a program with this crook?

Ben Konop's aunt and direct connection to the "good ole boys network" then said that back in the day she and others on council used to have a certain "camaraderie" and were in it for the "greater good."

Good Lord! Did the gretaer good include a roof on her house?

Hey Ben

Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

Right Wing Propogandist Hosts YMCA Friday Morning On WSPD 7am

Friday morning I host the two heads of the YMCA/JCC for an hour long interview about the South YMCA. Robert Alexander, Pres. CEO, and Paul Schlatter head of the Board of Directors will be on to give us the final update on "the deal" and the future of the South Y location. Did the constant barrage of negative coverage hurt fundraising? What happens after three years? Is what Alexander makes important to the story?
Should be fun.

Are threats to Ben Konop a Hoax?

Yes - he is just trying to get sympathy after his embarrasing flag video
87% (79 votes)
No - Someone wants to cause him bodily harm
13% (12 votes)
Total votes: 91

Konop blames Gerken for being "aggressive" on push for Township patrol charges - says he is undecided

Tonight at the Children of Liberty sponsored candidate forum, the issue was raised about Ben's stance on the township patrols. Ben said he was undecided on the issue but did blame Gerken for pushing the issue. He said that Gerken was aggressive and in my opinion pretty much left the impression it was his idea. Ben Konop himself said he was "undecided" and "still researching" the issue. Don Z of WSPD recorded Ben's presentation and Q and A and hopefully they will include this part in the video.

I Voted.

I just got back from Voting. I Voted NO. No on the Oregon Property TAX Levy! I just wish that there was a HELL-NO button!

Young Ben enjoys free publicity of ABC13's "Toledo beer summit"

lol? Good work wasting three minutes of my life ABC 13.

Konop's Wikipedia page protected from the truth

Lucas County Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Ben Konop, who by running for mayor is warning us he is a liar, has his Wikipedia page protected from any truth. With his embarrassing video all over the internet, CNN, Comedy Central, and MSNBC, one would hope that a quick visit to Konop's Wiki page would provide some insight. The man has demonstrated a lack of character by breaking pledges. ( )

However, the Controversies page has been removed more than once by user "BKonop." The man is a LC Commissioner, running for Mayor, and is editing his Wikipedia page - talk about qualified.

Konop Heckler Viedo Makes front page of

A friend just emailed me that the Konop heckler video has made it's way to the front page of MSN. It's on the left hand side as the featured video highlight as of 2 minutes ago.

Ben Konop heckled at press conference

If you did not see this, check it out. Ben Konop was heckled at his press conference over the weekend. What do you think about what the heckler was saying? I thought it was Tom Morrisey at first :) Thats fair...

For the low down, please see:

Update 7/31 - Konop makes MSN

Flash video:

Ben to renig on his "Ethic's Pledge" with his "mayoral run".

3 Lucas County agency chiefs get raises despite economic crisis

Some in Lucas County, with fresh new levies passed last year, have bumped up their salary.
The Commissioners are angry.
As Lucas County prepares to slash staff and freeze wages, the leaders of three agencies that assist many of the county's most at-risk residents are enjoying pay raises.

Dog Warden Advisory Panel

Eleven people have been named to the newly formed Dog Warden Advisory Panel, The Blade calls for a new dog warden and it appears that Ben Konop may have stepped into a small animal trap when he chose to question and possibly criticize the actions of dog killer 'Baby Doc' Skeldon and the Lucas county Tonton Macoute. Don't be too quick to chew your leg off, Ben. I think you'll find some help from the voters in Lucas county on this one.

Skeldon Strikes Again!

Skeldon's jack booted thugs have killed another dog, this time using a tranquilizer rifle. It seems that when five of the thugs couldn't catch the little dog, one of the thugs shot it while it was on the owner's front porch. But not to worry, because according to Tom Skeldon, the dog was loose near a school [so] his deputies took extra precautions to keep people safe.

Nothing found on county hard drives

Tiffin Advertiser Tribune is reporting that after 20k was spent investigating the hard drives of Seneca County Commisioner's computers, nothing was found.
Attorneys for the county said the search brought forth no evidence the former Seneca County Board of Commissioners conducted any improper meetings, and do not support The Blade's allegation against the board it discussed matters relating to the demolition of the 1884 courthouse outside of public meetings.

Lucas County Buy Local Campaign

The County has a new website design. It's very nice, easy to use, pleasant to look at, and created not in Lucas County but elsewhere. That can't be right can it? Why it seems like only 3 years ago Ben Konop was telling us "Communities across the country are realizing that small business is big business. They're preserving their distinctive identity and promoting strong local living economies. How? By working to keep money in their community. It matters.

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