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Now Really Confused

On May 1st, the news media announced that only 75 policemen would be laid off. According to the Mayor, the stimulus money would be used to keep the remaining 75 policemen, instead of purchasing police equipment .
On May 2nd, our dear Mayor announced "that if City Council did not accept his budget, by May 31, then he had no option to layoff more officers on June 1st. Some members of City Council want to see the Mayor and the unions set down and negotiate contracts, which end December 31st, before asking citizens to dig deeper within their pockets.


Senior Medical Sales Representative for Meda Pharmaceuticals and Toledo resident Ty Daniels, an independent, will announce his campaign for Toledo At-Large City Council this Monday, May 4th at noon at Manhattan’s Restaurant, a locally-owned and thriving downtown Toledo business located at 1516 Adams St.
When asked about why he wants to be a Toledo City Councilman, the candidate answers, that, “This City is in trouble. Essentially, City Government has its priorities out of order. I am running to return reason and order to City Government.”
Mr. Daniels has five reasons for running:

WSPD Reports On New Police Procedures

New procedures will be in place for Field Operations Officers with the layoffs after today. The elimination of the Theft Unit, Auto Theft Unit, Check Unit, and Reduction in Burglary Unit make these changes necessary.
Number 6 on the list is particularly troubling since most people who have been a victim of burglary are distraught already. It reads "Tell victims the report will be on file. DO NOT tell victims that a detective will call them or promise any follow-up that you cannot personally deliver. In most cases, there will be NO follow-up."

No Confidence Vote On Finkbeiner To Be Taken? WSPD Breaks Story

Working behind the scenes a Toledo city councilperson is gathering enough support to call for a vote of "no confidence" in Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner. In order for a special meeting to take place for the vote the councilperson would need 7 members to agree, or for council Pres. Sobczak to call for the meeting. WSPD broke this story at 3p and will have details throughout the afternoon on it's progress.

Raising Fears, Raising Taxes: Let's raise hell

I posted this at, the other day> I've not ventured into the Swamp much lately, so I decided to try this blog feature and cross--post here.

When Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday was criticized for witholding the run-down of Police Department layoffs, he explained, “The last thing that I think that anybody responsible should do in the city of Toledo is raise the fears of our citizens.”

So, why was fear the first thing that he, Toledo City Council, and the Toledo Blade turned to when the 3/4% income tax was up for renewal in 2008?

From a Feb 25, 2008 Toledo Blade newstory:


Two Views On Taxes-Jefferson Vs. Craig

Thomas Jefferson-To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.

Mike Craig-We've already been taxed for our fire department, and now we're using more tax money to make it better. Well that's the way it goes, and I hope we keep on doing that.

Police vs Trash Cans

First of all, it was adding a shower to the Mayor's office, bad idea. Then it was going behind city council's back and purchasing Erie Street Market ; followed by visions of all the money that would roll in once the Civic Center was completed. Again, another bad idea which failed. Next, it was forcing a recycling plan on the genral public by adding yet another fee for trash pickup'; with those who did not recycle paying the most. This too failed, and the recycling cost the city money.

Could Dave Schulz be correct in the recall petition claim?

Could Dave Schulz be correct in the recall petition claim? If so, he will have joined Toledo's leaders in reducing the deficit....but in a totally unique fashion.

Blatant Media Alert!!!! Both Fisher And Martinez On With Fred Tuesdsay Morning

This will make donwert's head explode.....Darlene Fisher will be my guest on Tuesday morning to kick off her reelection campaign at 7:30. Then at 8:30 Adam Martinez makes a return visit to discuss his plan for putting firefighters on the street. Should be fun.

Arson Fires

Someone is reading the swampbubbles posts:

I find it interesting that certain issue were left out of the story. I think this will get bigger if its investgated properly.

Blatant Media Alert-TPPA Head Wagner With Fred On Friday Morning

According to the Mayor in a letter sent to employees the other day the city is in dire straits. We are losing millions of dollars each week that we don't solve our budget crisis. The Mayor says the unions must give concessions. So why the hell did the city walk away from the bargaining table today?


So cutting trees down and planting newer more decorative trees wasn't enough. Today I pull into my drive and find that the Forestry division is PLANTING TREES ON MY STREET AT ALMOST EVERY HOUSE !!! WTF !!!! I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon listening to the administration whine about lack of money for police, firefighters, and essential services and this is how my money is being spent. THIS IS F**KING INSANE !!!

More Problems for Toledo

After reading the Mayor's Balanced Budget Propsal, I hope that Toledo's City Council has enough sense to veto it entirely. For those who do not have all the facts of the proposal here is what I have found out. Part of Carty's Proposed Budget

Cost Reductions
1. 10% across the board pay cut
2. Suspend PERS for 20009 (Public Employee's Retirement System)
3.Police layoffs (from 75 to 40)
4. Fire Overtime (suggested that Fire Dept Overtime be reduced)
5 10% cut and suspend PERS for 2009 for courts and judges

Exigent Schmexigent- AFSCME Counsel Lays It Out For Toledo

General Counsel for AFSCME Local 8 Ohio made it very clear where Toledo is headed if council passes the mayor's proposal to negate union contracts. Citing case law and defining "exigent circumstances" it's clear Bob Reinbolt and Finkbeiner have no clue what they are talking about.
I will have more than just the little sound bites tv can provide Wednesday morning on the show. Council's next step is very clear if you listen to what Mr. Grayson says.

4p-7:30p The Dead Zone-Council Meeting Tuesday Afternoon

For three and one half hours we sat and listened to the council, the administration, and finally the public weigh in one the mayor's seven proposals for balancing the budget. Not suprisingly most of the talk centered around the "exigent circumstances" cited by Bob Reinbolt as a reason for voiding the union's contracts.

Fires Fires Fires!!!!

Has anyone noticed all the Arson fires through out the city? Every night a vacant house goes up in flames. I find this just a little curious, especially at a time when safety forces could be reduced. I would be curious to know if last year at this time how many vacant house fires there have been. Very interesting........

Council Playing It Close To Vest On Contract Proposal

Rather than rely on TV soundbites I spoke with more than half the council members today about Tuesday's meetings. All said they either were undecided, or unwilling to go on record with their vote until it actually comes before council. My sense in speaking with each of them is that none favors the contract proposal the mayor wants, but will wait to see if something happens before they have to vote on it that will change the situation.
Only one said he actually is urging his fellow councilpeople to vote against it, even though he himself said he was undecided.. Kind of odd I think.

BLATANT MEDIA ALERT! Wagner Confirms More Cops To Retire On WSPD

Dan Wagner of the TPPA says more officers will be leaving before Monday and many will wait to see what council does on Tuesday. Wagner says possibly 30-40 by Tuesday. He also regrets the support given to Finkbeiner when the mayor was running for reelection,but defends the choice based on Finkbeiner's opponent at the time, Ford.
Full interview is now podcast in case you missed it at

Uh-Oh Someone Made A Boo-Boo Of $1.2 Million

According to NBC 24 Larry Dillin missed the mayor's March 30th deadline for his portion of the Marina District money. Jason Webber told 24 that Dillin had not delivered the check. According to the update e mailed to me by NBC 24 Dave Amstutz now says that Dillin's "exclusive" option is lost, but he may still have an "interest".
So at this point there is no private money involved, just your tax dollars at work.

Toledo Flooding Hearing

There will be a public hearing in Toledo City Council chambers, One Government Center downtown (Jackson and Erie), Wednesday, April 1st at 4 p.m.

The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the flooding that has been occurring in the city. I have heard from many of you regarding flooding. This will be an opportunity to hear directly from the engineers who, like you, are interested in mitigating the flooding. Since this is a public committee meeting, your testimony is welcomed.

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